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"The Last Great Army",
AKA "The Stripling Warriors"
                                          ACT ONE
               FADE IN:
               - ESTABLISHING -
               From just above the modern day city of Guatemala, we swiftly 
               move over the city, as giant glass buildings, and car filled 
               streets quickly pass below.  As we move south across the 
               city, we begin to move from a densely populated area to the 
               jungle that surrounds the city.
               As the jungle flows like a giant green river below:
                                     GID (V.O.)
                         Twenty-Five Hundred Years ago in the 
                         first year of the reign of Zedekiah, 
                         the King of Judah, my ancestors came 
                         to this continent after fleeing 
                         Jeruselem, the city they called home.
                         Guided by faith, our forefathers 
                         journeyed to this continent, leaving 
                         behind all those that would be taken 
                         away into babylon.
                         They brought with them the records 
                         of old.  Written by great men such 
                         as Moses and Isiah.
                         Just as these men kept records, we 
                         too were commanded to keep a record 
                         of our people.
                         the story I am about to tell you, is 
                         found in the records our people kept, 
                         it is a story of faith, and of vertue.
                         It is the story of the Last Great 
                         Army who fought with the power of 
                         God, to protect the Liberty of our 
                         a people who would eventually be 
                         destroyed by the sword, only to be 
                         remembered in the great records of 
                         our people.
                         a record kept for the sake of all 
                         man kind.
               From just above the canopy of the jungle forest, we swiftly 
               move over modern day Central America.  Only the top of the 
               jungle canopy is seen as it passes swiftly below.
               After several miles of dense jungle forest, we reach a 
               clearing and a great Ancient City is revealed.
               The camera continues to move swiftly through the ancient 
                                                           TRANSITION INTO:
               - ESTABLISHING -
               An ancient city which has been mostly covered by the dense 
               jungle.  Many buildings are completely hidden from view, 
               while other have still peer out from the past.
               Like ghosts from the past, we begin to see this city as it 
               once was, the people who lived here, the people who are dying 
               here, as a great slaughter ensues.
               The camera continues to move throughout the city as we are 
               now completely into the period, 90 B.C..  We see the barbaric 
               Lamanite Army slaughtering hundreds of innocent Lamanite 
               Smoke fills the air as the smaller buildings burn to the 
               ground, people run, and Lamanite Soldiers continue their 
               We see some men fighting, but it is obvious that this people 
               was caught off guard and was not ready to battle an army.
               ANGLE ON
               High atop a great stone temple, several Lamanites have found 
               what could only be the ruler of this land.  The Lamanite 
               soldiers bring this man to the edge of a platform.
               ANGLE ON
               a barbaric club with shards of volcanic glass around the 
               edges, which is being lifted into the air.
               ANGLE HOLDS
               as the club slashes down out of cameras view.
               MASTER ANGLE
               All of the soldiers walk down the steep stairs of the temple 
               to the bottom where their horses wait.
               Once the men have climbed atop their horses, we follow them 
               as they leave the city.  Falling in behind many soldiers 
               join them as the ride out of the city.
               ANGLE ON
               TAMAL, a young Lamanite boy who sits in terror over his 
               murdered parents.  He is covered in soot and has a gapping 
               wound on the right side of his face that extends from his 
               temple down over his cheek bone.  The cut barely misses his 
               Tamal watches as the men ride off, until they disappear into 
               a clouds of smoke that fills the city street.
               Once the men are out of site, Tamal composes himself, taking 
               a deep breath and then wiping the tears and secretions from 
               his face.  By doing so, he wipes blood, tears, and soot across 
               his face.  It is not until then, that he realizes he is 
               Tamal notices the blood that covers his forearm and examines 
               it to determine the source.  Not seeing it right away, his 
               focus changes to his parents who lye dead on the ground in 
               front of him.
               Tamal focuses on a gold neckband, covered in blood, that is 
               around his fathers neck.  Gently, Tamal removes it, holding 
               it with both hands, he uses his thumb to wipe away a thumbs 
               width of blood, to reveal the shiny gold underneath.  His 
               face turns from sadness to anger.
               With that Tamal stands and looks off in the direction the 
               soldiers rode and places the adult size jewelry around his 
               neck, blood and all.
                                                           TRANSITION INTO:
               - ESTABLISHING -
               The great city of Ishmael fills the landscape of this dense 
               tropical region.
               Gigantic stone structures fill this unfortified city.  Outside 
               the main capitol of the city, we see thousands of tents and 
               many thousands of Lamanite people who are gathered all around.
               These tents belong to the people of the Land of Nephi who 
               have gathered in and around the city for a celebration this 
               - ESTABLISHING -
               A giant courtyard inside the great city of Ishmael.  Hundreds, 
               if not thousands of people are at the market, buying, selling, 
               and trading all things indigenous to 77 B.C. central america.  
               A Great Temple sits at the North end of the Courtyard.
               ANGLE ON
               GID, a young Anti-Nephi-Lehie boy, about 8, is intensely 
               watching a young girl spin pottery.  The young girl smiles 
               at Gid, who is entranced in the process.
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER (O.S.)
                              (beat, slight sternness)
                         Gideon, let us go now!!
               Gid is obviously entranced in some hypnotic movement of the 
               pottery, or maybe it's the young girl spinning it.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER (O.S.)
                              (With no room for 
               GID reacts immediately to his fathers call, as he runs to 
               catch up with his family.  Gid grabs hold of his fathers 
               ANGLE PULLS OUT
               To show Gid and his family, holding hands, while walking 
               through a giant market in the middle of the City of Ishmael.  
               Gid can't help but turn to look at the young girl, who in 
               turn looks back at him, smiling.
               Gid's little Sister, SARIAH (6 yrs old), interrupts the moment 
               by slapping him in the arm.
                                     YOUNG SARIAH
               Gid, caught off guard, immediately chases after sariah and a 
               game of tag ensues as they both weave in and out through the 
               BACK TO SCENE
               Where MESHA and AMULON now walk alone hand in hand.
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER
                         Why does he not listen to me anymore?
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         I will speak with him.
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER
                         I do not want you to have to speak 
                         with him.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Mesha, our son loves you very much, 
                         but now he is reaching the age of 
                         manhood and trying to spread his 
                         He is only caught up in his 
                              (beat, emphasizing)
                         and I will speak with him.
               She does not want to hear that her boy is growing up.  She 
               wants things to stay the way they have been.
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER
                         I do know that you are right,
                         I just want my son to stay a child 
                         in his own eyes.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Well, I can not make Gid stay a child,
                         But if it is children you desire in 
                         our presence, then let us have many 
                         many more.
               Mesha's face turns to joy
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER
                         Do you speak the truth to me now?  
                         Or are you playing upon my desires?
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                              (questioning her 
                         Have I not always spoken the words 
                         of truth to you?
                         Let it be no secret, I to would love 
                         to have many more children to fill 
                         our home, and I am not becoming any 
               She is totally caught off guard, and jump like a giddy school 
               girl into his arms.
               As they embrace with joy.  A moment passes as they celebrate 
               the new choice.
                                     GATE GUARD (O.S.)
                         clear the way....
               Both immediately look over, as do all persons in the area.
               ANGLE ON
               A large gated opening in the middle of small wall which 
               encircles the courtyard.  The GATE GUARD stands on the top 
               of the wall as a lookout, along with several other men who 
               stand atop the wall.
               Although this city is not fortified by great walls, this 
               small wall is the entrance into the city from other lands.
                                     GATE GUARD
                         Clear the way!!
               Led by AMMON, a very distinguished man who is dressed well 
               but travels lightly, a large group of men on horseback come 
               riding though the entrance.
                                     MESHA - GID'S MOTHER
                         Who is that?
                                     AMORON - GID'S GRANDFATHER (O.S.)
                              (deep calming voice)
                         They are the sons of Mosiah and their 
                         It has been many seasons since they 
                         have been in Ishmael.
               Both Mesha and Amulon turn to find AMORON - GID'S GRANDFATHER 
               standing in front of a market booth looking at a fine tool 
               made of hardened copper.
               Amoron is a very dignified looking man, who commands presence.  
               He is dressed very beautifly.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Surely they come for the Feast and 
                         celebration this night?
                                     AMORON - GID'S GRANDFATHER
                         I do not know, other than a messenger 
                         arrived early this morning asking 
                         for audience with King Lamoni.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Is there need to worry Father?
               Amoron looks at his son, it is obvious that he knows not why 
               Ammon and his brethren have come.
                                     AMORON - GID'S GRANDFATHER
                         This night is a great time for our 
                         people.  I can see no better time 
                         for them to come to Ishmael.
               All stand solemnly watching as the men dismount their horses 
               and head up into the great building.
               CAMERA PANS
               up to reveal the outside of the Kings conference room, which 
               overlooks the market and the Temple.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               King Lamoni (39 yrs old), ruler of the Land of Ishmael, and 
               his younger brother, King Nephi-Lehi (24 Yrs old), the ruler 
               of all the Land of Nephi, both sit together at the base of 
               the throne, or in other words, neither sit on the throne but 
               are in a more casual atmosphere.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         I trust your travel was well?
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         Of course brother, although it proved 
                         to be longer than I had remembered.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Yes it does take longer when traveling 
                         with full guard,
                         unlike the times you used to ride 
                         here alone, against fathers wishes.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         That only happened once Brother,
                         the other times he never knew I had 
               Both laugh at what could only be an inside joke.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Oh, brother it is good have you here.  
                         I only wish father had lived to see 
                         this day.
               The moment turns solemn
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         He would of had much joy seeing his 
                         people come together in the 
                         righteousness they now own.
                         Although I do not know if he could 
                         bear to see the numbers who still 
                         deny the truth.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         If father had not become ill, I 
                         believe he would have gone and not 
                         returned home until all his people 
                         had come together under one fold.
               Again both brother laugh
               Suddenly the delight between brothers is broken!
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I see that not much has changed.
               ANGLE ON
               TAMAL, who we recognize because of the scar and unique golden 
               neckband that he now wears, stands behind the Kings, just 
               inside a small doorway which is obviously used only by the 
               He arrogantly stands looking around the chambers, as if he 
               had not been here in a while.  Then looks down at the two 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (smiling and somewhat 
                         Except for the young Nephi-Lehi who 
                         now wears the crown of this land.
               Both Kings immediately stand because of the greatness of 
               their surprise.
               Tamal stands there with a smile upon his face.  Waiting for 
               a response.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         And I see that you have not forgotten 
                         your way around my palace.
               The tension in the room is beginning to build.  Here it 
               becomes clear that these men were once friends, but are now 
               not sure where the relationship lies.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                                     KING LAMONI
                         To whom do I owe this honor, having 
                         my oldest friend and absent Chief 
                         Counselor return to me?
               Tamal takes the steps in strides and he lands on level ground 
               with the Kings.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         You have me to thank for my safe 
                         return, for it is I who has caused 
                         this reunion of old friends.
               King Lamoni's countenance changes from distant to loving and 
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Then let old friends embrace and 
                         rejoice as only we can this day.
               Both men embrace in a barbaric hug then King Lamoni places 
               his hands on Tamal's shoulders looking his old friend over.
                                     KING LAMONI
                              (looking Tamal over)
                         You have not changed in the slightest 
                         my friend,
                         and how I have missed your presence 
                         at my side.
                         I have spent much time pondering 
                         what I had done to drive you from 
                         this place.
                              (beat, solomnly)
                         and Father asked of you frequently 
                         before he died.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         My friend, I do not wish to dwell on 
                         the events of the past, for now is 
                         the only time which we can effect.
                         and for that reason, Now is the time 
                         I have chosen to return to my old 
                         friend who is the King of this people.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         My friend, you speak the truth in 
                         your words.
               Walking over to a table on the nearby wall
                                     KING LAMONI
                         So let us rejoice in this day, and 
                         welcome our brother Tamal back to 
                         his home and his position as the 
                         Kings Chief Counselor for the people.
               King Lamoni grabs a pitcher of wine and begins to pour it 
               into a very fine golden goblet.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (laughing at the King)
                         Is that why you believe I have come 
                         here this day?
               He immediately stops pouring.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Why else would thou return here under 
                         a flag of friendship?
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Are we not the oldest of friends, 
                         can we not suspend the flattery?
               Tamal is still very confident with himself and the situation, 
               although he says he wants to stop the flattery, he just 
               increases the loads.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I have come this day because of the 
                         great unrest that this people suffer.
                         I have come to put this people again 
                         at peace.  Something two Kings have 
                         been unable to do.
               King Lamoni is a little taken back by that statement and 
               retorts accordingly.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         I assure you my friend, that those 
                         who desire peace are here this day 
                         in the Lands of Ishmael,
                         and any who have not come to this 
                         place are most assuredly not striving 
                         for peace.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         It is those that are here this day 
                         that cause the distensions among our 
               Lamoni looks to his brother.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Please do enlighten us.
               Tamal does not like being mocked as he becomes a little 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         If the sons of Mosiah had been 
                         executed the day they came to this 
                         land, as I had counseled, we would 
                         have remained a peaceful people.
                         If your Father had not fallen into 
                         the same trap as you we would still 
                         be at peace.
                         So do tell me your interpretation of 
                         peace my friend,
                         Is that what your armies intend to 
                         create, peace?
               Tamal looks over, as do the Kings, to find AMMON and his 
               Brothers, ARRON, OMNER, HIMNI standing in the entrance to 
               the conference room.  They are all aware that Tamal has dug 
               himself a pretty big hole.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (again becoming 
                              dreadfully sly)
                         The people of this land desire to 
                         have the peace that was theirs before 
                         you came here.
                         If the truth causes a people to loose 
                         their peace,
                         then I say peace was never theirs to 
                         begin with.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         And I say if truth causes a people 
                         to loose peace, then that truth is 
                         nothing but trickery brought about 
                         by lies and false Gods.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Why have you come here?
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I desire to stop bloodshed,
                         and you have the power to stop it.
                         You have the power to stop bloodshed,
                         For it is your armies that threaten 
                         this righteous people.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I am but a messenger,
                              (to Lamoni)
                         I only came because I thought you 
                         might listen to me, before you and 
                         your people make a decision they 
                         will be unable to LIVE with.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Are you part of those who might take 
                         up arms against your own people?
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (Smiling to King Lamoni 
                              & Nephi-Lehi)
                         It does not have to come to that my 
                              (pointing to Ammon)
                         simply remove them from this land, 
                         stop their foolish teachings, and 
                         your people will go home peacefully.
                         And I would even join you as your 
                         chief councilman again.
                         Had you and your brethren chosen to 
                         maintain peace, your first reaction 
                         would not have been to start a civil 
               Tamal is very angered by the situation, but swallows his 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (to King lamoni)
                         Consider saving your people, I will 
                         be camped half a day south of Ishmael, 
                         I will remain their until first 
                         mornings light.
                         After that time, there will be nothing 
                         I can do.
               The realization of Tamal's visit has now become clear to 
               King Lamoni.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         My old friend, my people have been 
                         saved.  You need not wait for a change 
                         of heart on my part.
                         However, you have much travel ahead 
                         of you, I pray that you will consider 
                         saving yourself.
               Tamal storms out of the council room through the Sons of 
               King Lamoni watches Tamal leave, then looks over at Ammon.  
               Sorrow fills his countenance as he turns and places the 
               pitcher of wine and the cup down on the table.
               Ammon and his brethren approach the Kings.  Stopping several 
               feet before King Lamoni,
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Ammon my brother, Welcome.
               He lowers his head slightly.(showing his respect).  Then 
               looks at Ammon who stands ready to embrace his faithful 
                         It is good to see you my friend.
               All of the men address each other and embrace in friendship.  
               Ammon, Arron, Omner, Himni, Muloki, and Ammah are among the 
               ten men.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         We received your messenger earlier 
                         this day, and have prepared 
                         accommodation for you,
                         how long do you desire to grace us 
                         with your presence.
                         Our desire to be among God's truest 
                         people is great, however, we know 
                         not the length of our presence.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         Then let us make the most of this 
                         momentous occasion,
                         By having all of the Son's of Mosiah 
                         and their brethren here beside all 
                         the faithful Lamanite who have 
                         gathered for the Lords purpose,
                         I see a great reason to rejoice.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         My brother speaks the truth as we 
                         can not deny the tremendous blessings 
                         of this day.
                         It is a marvelous site indeed, seeing 
                         the way we have been blessed by coming 
                         down to this land.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Ammon, I fear the joy in you words 
                         is overcome by the grave soberness 
                         of your eyes.
               Ammon takes a moment to gather his thoughts.
                         Your perception is great my friend,
                         and although I do not desire to cease 
                         the atmosphere here, I bring grave 
                         concerns this day.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Then brother, please let us give 
                         attention to the words you bring us,
                              (motioning to sit on 
                              the steps)
                         please continue.
               All of the men are seated.
                         The man you once respected as your 
                         Chief Councilman, spoke a partial 
                         We have witnessed the Amalekites and 
                         Amulonites stirring up the remainder 
                         of your people,
                         those who have not been converted to 
                         the Lord, now prepare to overthrow 
                         your place as kings and place a new 
                         in your stead.
                         We know without error that they gather 
                         in a place less than two days from 
               King Lamoni stands up and begins to walk towards the wall 
               opposite of where he stood to pour a drink.  This wall has a 
               doorway and windows that lead to a platform which over looks 
               the city, or most directly the giant courtyard.  Off to the 
               left the Temple is also clearly seen
               Ammon watches King lamoni.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                              (toward Ammon)
                         When will they come upon us?
                         We did come as soon as we knew the 
                         circumstances.  However, I fear that 
                         they are already on the march.
               King Nephi-Lehi looks worriedly at Lamoni, who stands their 
               in deep thought.
               Ammon sees that Lamoni ponders the situation at hand, and 
               knows that he is unsure of what to do, so He stands and  
               offers his advice.
                         You must begin preparation to defend 
                         Even at half march they will be here 
                         in two mornings light.
               Lamoni understands Ammon's concern.  But he to has concerns 
               in this situation.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Ammon my brother, there is not one 
                         soul among all this people that has 
                         been converted to the Lord, that 
                         would take up arms against their 
                         We were once as them, until you came 
                         upon our people, we were unable to 
                         see our wicked ways.
                         So how is it that now we should blame 
                         them for believing the things we 
                         once also believed.
                         Taking the actions that we once took.
               ARRON stands up and approaches Lamoni
                         Brothers, you lead a great and 
                         righteous people.  And I have been 
                         honored to walk at your side as a 
                         servant of God.  But we will not 
                         stand by and watch you and your people 
                         be slain by the sword of your own 
                         brethren.  I know only that,
                              (with power)
                         You must defend yourselves.
               ANGLE ON
               Nephi-Lehi stepping forward towards Ammon.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         This people has spent many nights on 
                         their knees praying to God for 
                         forgiveness of their wicked ways.  
                         It is only now after years of 
                         repentance that they feel like a 
                         righteous people.
                         We must not be tempted by the 
                         not even now.
               As a moment goes by, Ammon examines the facts at hand, then 
               replies.  He still believes they can walk upright before God 
               in defending themselves.
                         I have witnessed that God has truly 
                         converted this people,
                         I know that this people has become 
                         airs to gift of the atonement and 
                         your souls have been washed clean.
                         So raise your swords in righteousness 
                         to defend your Liberty,
                         Hold fast to the knowledge of God's 
                         protection of his people, and throw 
                         down your persecutors who seek to 
                         destroy you.
                         God honors those who defend his cause.
               Lamoni walks to the doorway and proceeds outside, stopping 
               once at the edge of the platform.  Both Ammon and Nephi-Lehi 
               follow him.
                                     KING LAMONI
                              (holding out his arms 
                              to acknowledge the 
                              people of Ishmael)
                         We have gathered our righteous people 
                         together this day for one purpose,
                              (looking at Ammon)
                         to lay down our sword, even bury 
                         them deep within the earth.
                              (looking out again)
                         We will one day stand at the Judgment 
                         Bar of God and we will be able to 
                         say, "our swords shine brightly 
                         because we never did again shed the 
                         blood of any man".
               A moment passes as the power of King Lamoni's speech sinks 
               in.  Ammon softly smiles at his friend.
                         I was unaware of the power of your 
                         conversion to the Lord.  You have 
                         filled my heart with joy this day.
                              (placing his hand on 
                              Lamoni's shoulder)
                         For I know that your people will 
                         never again fall away from the 
                         truthfulness of your faith.
               Ammon's focus now changes to that of delivering this great 
               people, determined to keep them from destruction.
                         Let us leave this land and flee from 
                         our enemy.
                              (beat - turning to 
                              his brothers)
                         We will go down unto the Land of 
                         Zarahemla where the Nephites will 
                         surely welcome us.
               Nephi-Lehi looks to his brother, could it be as simple at 
               that.  But would the Nephite's welcome them?
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         If we held in our hearts that the 
                         Nephite's would welcome us.  Then it 
                         would be that you could lead our 
                         people out of the hands of our 
                         But we hold no such knowledge.
                         The Lord has truly blesses this 
                         people, The Nephite's will see as I 
                         do the righteousness among you.
                         They will seek no more to contend 
                         with war against you.
                              (after short thought)
                         If I go and inquire of the Lord, and 
                         if he says unto us, go down unto our 
                         brethren, will you go?
                                     KING LAMONI
                              (without hesitation)
                         Yes, if the Lord saith unto us go, 
                         we will go.
                              (soft smile)
                         Then my friends, prepare your people, 
                         we shall return before two mornings 
               Ammon turns and briskly leaves the room.  Ammon's brethren 
               Lamoni turns and looks out over his people.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               - ESTABLISHING -
               Gid's home sits in a dense area just outside the main city 
               of Ishmael.  It is a normal size home for this time period.  
               The home sits within 15 yards of a briskly running stream.
               Amulon and Gid are working on a large perfectly square stone, 
               (about w = 4' x d = 2' x h = 2').  Amulon draws detailed 
               graphics on the stone, while Gid smooths over recently carved 
               graphics with a small stone-working tool.  Gid works intensely 
               on a small detail.  It is obvious he knows exactly what he 
               is doing.  The graphics depict a peaceful people praying.
               Amulon's attention focuses on Gid several times, as he notices 
               how intensely Gid is working.  So much so, that he stops 
               what he is doing and leans in to get a better look.
               Gid suddenly stop and looks over at his father, who just 
               stares at him, and inquires
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Is it as you desire father?
               Amulon leans over and brushes the dust away from the area 
               Gid has been working one, then runs his hand over the detailed 
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         This is magnificent,
                         you have taken away all of the 
                         coarseness and yet still kept the 
                         shape perfectly.
                         This is wonderful work Gideon.
               Gid smiles at his father.  It is obvious that Gid respects 
               him and that these words have boosted his confidence and 
               self-esteem almost immediately.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         When this stone is complete, it will 
                         sit within the Temple, all who see 
                         it will be proud of the fine 
               Gid's perma-grin fills Amulon's heart with pride in his young 
               son.  He embraces his son then returns to sketching the smooth 
               side of the stone as Gid's excitedly returns to his work.
               A moment passes then from out of nowhere.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Father, who were those Nephite men 
                         who entered the city this day?
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         They are the Sons of Mosiah, I believe 
                         they came for the celebration this 
               Both continue to work.  But Gid still has some questions, he 
               tries to continue working, but can't concentrate.  Amulon 
               notices the struggle Gid is having
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Gideon?  You look troubled, are you 
               It is as though Gid has to gain the courage to continue.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         will you be leaving soon, to go fight 
                         a war?
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                              (very surprised)
                         No Gideon, what would make you think 
                         such a thing?
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Teomner had told me that his father 
                         had taken out a sword and packed it 
                         into a cloth, as though he were going 
                         to take it somewhere.
                         then this day you took your sword 
                         and packet it also into a cloth also 
                         as if to take it away.
               Amulon smiles and even chuckles at Gid's misunderstanding.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         This night I will take that sword 
                         with us, to the celebration, where I 
                         will place it into a tomb deep within 
                         the earth,
                         to show God that I never will again 
                         us it.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Father, why do we celebrate this?
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         I know that God will be watching us, 
                         I think that He will celebrate that 
                         we are choosing never again to shed 
                         the blood of man,
                         So I believe we have cause to also 
               ANGLE ON
               The opening to Gid's home.  The door opens and Sariah pokes 
               her head out.
                         Father, dinner is ready.
               then as suddenly as it opened the door to the hut closes.
               ANGLE BACK ON
               Gid and his father.  Gid looks at his father in anticipation.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Let us go eat.
               Gid doesn't have to be told twice...
                                                                   CUT TO:
               INT. GID'S HOME, ISHMAEL -- LATER
               Mesha brings whole cooked corn cobs to the dinner table, in 
               a fine woven basket.  After placing the corn on the table, 
               she sits with the rest of the family.  Other foods are already 
               placed on the table, such as tortillas, fruits, and 
               Gid's father looks around the table, then bows his head in 
               prayer, as does the rest of the family.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         Dear Lord our God, we in humility 
                         come before thee to thank thee for 
                         this bountiful meal.  We pray that 
                         thy blessings will be upon this feast, 
                         that it may bring us strength and 
                         We pray that thy spirit will be with 
                         us always and guide us each day.
               Gid's Father pauses for a moment.  It is obvious that this 
               isn't normal, as we see Gid look up to see what is wrong.  
               Quickly closing his eyes as his father again begins to speak.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         We humble ourselves as we go to the 
                         celebration this night, we pray that 
                         our sacrifice is accepted.
                         We also ask at this time that thou 
                         be with Gid, now that he is entering 
                         the age of manhood.
               Gid again looks up, this is unusual for a dinner blessing.
                                     AMULON - GID'S FATHER
                         And ask that we may be guided in 
                         teaching him well to honor thee.
                         We are grateful to thee and offer 
                         this  blessing and prayer to thee, 
               All of the Family honors God by also saying "AMEN".
               Gid looks at his mother to see if she is as astounded as he 
               is.  Although it is obvious that she is, she just looks at 
               Gid for a moment then begins to pass the food.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               A giant camp has been setup for thousands of Lamanite 
               soldiers.  Some fires burn, but it is mostly quiet, except 
               for one large tent.
               Tamal and two other men ride up on horses.  Dismounting and 
               going inside the tent.
               Eight barbaric looking men sit around a rather large table 
               Tamal enters, stopping just inside the tent.
                                     LAMANITE CONSPIRACY LEADER
                         TAMAL!, what word do you bring from 
               It is obvious at this point that Tamal is just a peon here.  
               These men are the leaders of the rebelion.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         The rumors are true, people have 
                         gathered from all of the Lands of 
                         Nephi, King Nephi-Lehi and Lamoni, 
                         along with the Nephites have gathered 
                                     LAMANITE CONSPIRACY LEADER
                         Do they really gather to bury their 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         The ceremony is this night.
                                     LAMANITE CONSPIRACY LEADER
                         Are they man?
                         They must know we are here.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         They believe their God will save 
                                     LAMANITE CONSPIRACY LEADER
                         Do you believe their God will save 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I believe that we will have no trouble 
                         replacing the King, or putting down 
                         the Lamanite Traitors, if we strike 
                                     LAMANITE CONSPIRACY LEADER
                         Good, then ready the men, you will 
                         leave immediately.
               Tamal bows his head and leaves the tent.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               to show a montage of shots, showing:
               The market is now full of thousands of people who are all 
               enjoying the festivities and food.
               It looks somewhat like a fair with music and dancing groups, 
               The kings are being dressed into extravagant clothing, which 
               include everything from headdresses to the final touch of a 
               beautifully designed sword, all while carrying on this 
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         Brother, have we made the right 
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Have you any doubts?
               Nephi-Lehi ponders for a moment, but answers with confidence.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         I have no doubts,
                         but should we not let our people 
                         make the choice for themselves?
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Our people are here because of the 
                         choices they have made,
                         Our people have chosen us to lead 
                         them.  Still, they are free to do as 
                         they desire.  But any choice to fight, 
                         would be at their own peril.
               Nephi-Lehi knew this, but this young Kings ability to trust 
               the choices he has made is lacking.  He want to serve his 
               people righteously and up to this point always has.
               A moment goes by while they the final touches are made to 
               their outfits.
               Lamoni realizes that his younger brother is a little insecure 
               with the responsibility.  So he does something that he 
               believes will help strengthen Nephi-lehi's faith.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Bring it among our people.
               Nephi-Lehi looks a little stunned at his brothers request, 
               as each King is handed an extravagantly decorated sword.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         See what is in their hearts.
               King Lamoni hangs the sword on his side and walks towards 
               the entrance to the balcony (Nephi-Lehi follows only after 
               he struggles with attaching his sword), where they overlook 
               the giant celebration.
               Lamoni look over at the Temple and up where he will soon 
               address his people, there we see two pillars which put off 
               giant flames that completely light the top of the temple.
               Nephi-Lehi barely looks out over the people before:
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Let us go now and address the people.
               Lamoni turns and walks back inside, while Nephi-Lehi takes 
               just another second to look over the celebration, then follows 
               his brother.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Gid and his family have just arrived to the Celebration.  
               Both Amulon and Amoron are carrying swords covered in cloths.  
               Gid looks around in amazement at the number of people 
               gathered, and all of the festivities taking place.
               As Gid takes in the site, his attention, as well as most 
               everyone else, is focused to the side of the temple where a 
               very large group of dancers begins to put on a show.
               ANGLE ON
               this group which is spread out over the distance of the face 
               of the temple and spans most of the upper portion of the 
               temple.  During the dance, the Temple slowly becomes lit up 
               by the dancers who light hundreds of torches that are placed 
               to draw the attention to the top, where the Kings will soon 
               The finally ends with something being thrown into the flames 
               of the two giant pillars, causing a giant fireball to flash  
               and the music stops.  All is quiet.
               ANGLE ON
               The top of the Temple where the Kings Guard walks out to the 
               edge of the top of the temple.
                                     KINGS GUARD
                         Beloved people of Ishmael and of the 
                         Lands of Nephi,
                              (motioning to Lamoni)
                         King Lamoni of Ishmael.
               As the Guard steps aside, King Lamoni walks out to where his 
               people can all see him.  When he appears, all of the people 
               begin to cheer exceedingly.
                                     KING LAMONI
                              (smiling, holding up 
                              hands to quiet the 
               The crowd becomes quiet once again.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         I welcome those of you, who have 
                         chosen to come this day.
                         We rejoice in knowing that so many 
                         of this great land have chosen to 
                         open your hearts and trust in the 
                         faith of your God.
                         We have prayed for wisdom in leading 
                         you, our people, righteously.  
                         Believing the reason we have come 
                         together this day, will be a testimony 
                         to God, that we as a people will 
                         never fall away.
               The people begin to cheer.
                                     KING LAMONI
                              (as the crowd quiets)
                         It is now my honor to introduce to 
                         you my brother, the King of the Lands 
                         of Nephi.
               Again the people begin to cheer, as King Lamoni steps back 
               and Nephi-Lehi steps up.
               He stands there for a moment just looking out over the crowd.  
               It is obvious that even he is amazed at the number of people, 
               too many to fit inside the market area, spilling out past 
               the small wall.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                              (motioning for silence)
                         I stand here in amazement at the 
                         number of our people that have 
                         gathered here this day,
                         A great number have traveled many 
                         days, I honor all of you who have 
                         sacrificed to be here.
                         We have gathered together this day 
                         for a great purpose.  Not only will 
                         we unit as one people, but we will 
                         show God our true hearts by placing 
                         our weapons of war,
                              (pointing to opening 
                              at base of temple)
                         deep within the earth, where they 
                         will be clean from stain forever.
               Again, the people cheer for a moment then become quiet again 
               as to listen to Nephi-Lehi.  However, He just looks out over 
               the people.  His face showing the somber reality.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                              (complete soberness)
                         It is with great regret that I now 
                         bring you this word, which was 
                         delivered from the Sons of Mosiah to 
                         us this day.
                         Our fellow brethren who do not gather 
                         here this day, have taken up arms to 
                         come here and destroy us.
                         It is our belief that our brethren 
                         will be here in two mornings light.
               King Nephi-Lehi is overcome with emotion.
                                     KING NEPHI-LEHI
                         They have chosen to strike at our 
                         weakness, and we will shall only 
                         have God to protect us.  Still, you 
                         must decide what will be best for 
                         your families...
               ANGLE ON
               Nephi-Lehi who begins to realize that many of his people are 
               moving towards the temple.  All of which are men who carry 
               weapons.  As he looks out, men are coming from as far back 
               as he can see.
               Nephi-Lehi looks back at his brother who smiles and bows his 
               head slightly as if to say "now do you see".
               ANGLE ON
               the base of the Temple where the entrance to the Tombs is.  
               Several hundred men are knelt down in prayer.  One by one 
               men begin to rise and walk towards the opening which leads 
               down under the temple.  Each man grabs a unlit tourch and 
               passes it over one of flames at the entrance, then proceeds 
               down into the tomb.
               ANGLE ON
               Amulon and Amoron who are behind the line of men covenanting.  
               As the man in front of them stands up they take his place.  
               Amulon takes out his magnificent sword and places in on the 
               ground in front of him, then begins to pray.
               ANGLE ON
               Gid and his family who watch the ceremony take place, they 
               all watch reverently.
               ANGLE ON
               The line of men coming out of the temple, each hands his 
               torch to a man entering the stairway leading down.
               ANGLE ON
               Amulon who's eyes open, as he reaches down to take up his 
               sword.  He then stands and walks to the entrance, where he 
               takes a torch and enters the stairway.
               The stairway must lead 30' underground, there it ends and a 
               doorway leads off to the left.  The doorway leads into a 
               very large stone room, decorated beyond belief.  Intricate 
               carvings of this ceramony cover the walls, along with 
               spectacular murals.
               Amulon looks around the room, which is very well lit by 
               several torches, carried by the other men in the room ahead 
               of him.  Each man places his weapon along the wall opposite 
               the entrance into the room, then leaves.
               Amulon places his sword along the wall then proceeds out of 
               the room.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Both Kings stand watching the ceremony take place.  Each 
               filled with joy.
                                     KING LAMONI
                         Now let us pray that Ammon returns 
                                                                  FADE OUT:
               FADE IN:
               The early morning fog has yet to lift from the ground as Gid 
               swings open the door of his home and briskly runs into the 
                                                                   CUT TO:
               Gid is running through the woods, ducking under fallen trees 
               and jumping over stumps.  It is obviously that he knows where 
               he is going.
                                                                   CUT TO:
               Gid comes to an abrupt stop in a small clearing.  He looks 
               carefully around, then closes his eyes and listens to the 
               sounds in the woods.
               O.S. a movement in the brush can be heard.  Gid immediately 
               opens his eyes and whips around prepared to defend himself.  
               Then from behind
                                     JACOB (O.S.)
               As Gid starts to turn around, a blur hits him, knocking him 
               to the ground.
               ANGLE ON
               JACOB has Gid pinned to the ground.  Gid struggles to get 
               free, but Jacob is clearly bigger than Gid.
                              (laughing and proud)
                         The Mighty Jacob goes undefeated!!
               With Gid still struggling to free himself
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Jacob, remove yourself from me!!!
                         You win... get OFF!!
                         Will you serve me as my...
               Then out of nowhere,
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
               TEOMNER tackles Jacob, but looses the advantage quickly to 
               Jacob's size.  It only takes a moment for Gid to get up and 
               help Teomner.
               But the struggle is really no use, even at two against one, 
               Gid and Teomner can't overpower Jacob.  The struggle ends 
               with both Gid and Teomner pinned down by Jacob.  Jacob just 
               giggles as both boys struggle to free themselves.  Once the 
               struggle stops, the mood changes.
                         Did you goto the celebration?
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Of course, where you not there?
               Jacob seems a little closed as he gets off of the other two 
                                     YOUNG GID
                              (sitting up)
                         What is wrong?
               Jacob says nothing while his back is turned, but when he 
               does turn around, tears are running down his face.
                                     YOUNG GID
                              (very concerned)
                         Jacob, what is wrong, why are you 
                         Will we all die?
               Teomner looks at Jacob in disbelief.
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         What do you mean?
                         When they come to destroy us
                         will we all die?
               Gid and Jacob look at each other.  It is obvious that neither 
               has given the thought since the ceremony.  Both walk to their 
               friend and console him.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Jacob, all of our weapons of war 
                         have been sealed away, we can not 
                         Really, will they still come to 
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         If they do, they will leave when 
                         they see we will not fight.
               In the background, towards the city, a loud horn can be heard.  
               All of the boys are startles by the sound.  Gid looks at 
                         Is that coming from the city?
               Neither of the boys replies, but just stand silent, listening 
               for another blow.
               Again the Horn drifts through the forest.  Both Gid and 
               Teomner look at each other, then run towards the city.
                              (just standing there)
                         Where are you going?
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                              (looking over his 
                         Go home Jacob, you'll be safe their.
               Both boys disapear into the forest, while Jacob just stands 
               there watching them.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Gid barrels through the door
                                     YOUNG GID
               stopping in the middle of the room, Gid looks around to find 
               the hut empty.
               Again the horn blows, but this time it is louder.  He doesn't 
               think twice before running out of the house.
               Gid run out of the door and stops, he looks a little 
               distraught.  Looking around he sees nothing, hears nothing.
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER (O.S.)
               Gid turns to see Teomner running towards him
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         My family is gone, everyone is gone.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         They must be in the city.
               Both boys run off towards the city
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Hundreds of people are in market, most of the focus is on 
               the giant flat stone that is being lifted into the air.  
               People are working frantically to set the stone in place to 
               seal the burial tomb.
               Suddenly the horn blows again.  Now we can see the men at 
               the top of the Temple who blow the horns.
               Now any people that are not working on sealing the tomb leave 
               the market area through the gate which leads our of the city.
               ANGLE ON
               Gid and Teomner who run into the market.  Both stop and look 
               around at the chaos.
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         What is happening?
                                     YOUNG GID
                         They are sealing the tomb.
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         Where is everyone else?
                                     YOUNG GID
                         It looks as though they are leaving 
                         the city.
                                     YOUNG TEOMNER
                         Should we not also leave then?
               Gid thinks for a moment, looking around as if to find the 
               answer.  His focus falls upon the people who are lifting the 
               sealing stone into place.
               With a loud thud and trembling of the earth the stone is 
               dropped perfectly into place.  Gid jumps as he is starttled 
               by the magnitude of the event.
               As quickly as the stone is in place, everyone else heads out 
               of the city.
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Let us not be the only ones left 
               Both boys join the others in leaving the city.
               ANGLE ON
               Gid and Teomner who push their way through the others who 
               file out through the small gate.
               Once through the gate we see that the people are walking 
               away from the city.  Thousands of people are gathered several 
               hundred yards from the city, all seem to be prostrate upon 
               the ground.
               Gid and Teomner move quickly though the crowd looking for 
               their families.  In doing so the boys become separated, but 
               continue to keep looking.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               The tree canopy, looking from the ground up into the sky.
               ANGLE PULLS DOWN
               Several of Ammon's Brethren are sitting on the ground around 
               a campfire.  Some lean against tree stumps, while others are 
               hunched over their knees.  The men seem to be meditating or 
               maybe just sleeping
               Their horses graze on nearby foliage.
               PAN OVER
               to show Ammon kneeling in prayer.  A great light shines down 
               towards him as he prays.  As though only one beam of light 
               is shining through the tree canopy.
               After a few moments the light pulls away, leaving Ammon's 
               surroundings normal.
               ANGLE ON
               the front of Ammon still in prayer.
               Ammon's eyes open abruptly and we see great fear in his eyes.  
               He quickly jumps up and runs towards his camp.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Gid has reached the rest of the people who are all prostate 
               on the ground.  He looks out over the thousands of people 
               for his family, but there are just so many people, he'll 
               need to walk among these people to find them.
               Suddenly the all becomes quiet.  Gid notices the change and 
               looks behind.
               ANGLE ON
               The last of the people are kneeling down.  The only other 
               child he sees is Teomner who also looks around.  Both make 
               eye contacts, but are afraid to make any noise, Gid just 
               shrugs his shoulders.
               Then Gid begins to walk towards the front of the people, 
               looking for his family.  Gid looks down at the people.  
               Everyone is here, men, women, and children.  It is eery how 
               quiet it is.  Then suddenly, Gid's attention is broken by a 
               deep thundering sound off in the distance, but it is coming 
               We see a great force of men marching line by line.  At the 
               head of this army we see several men on horseback.  All the 
               men carry weapons like: swords, spears or modified clubs.  
               Although this is a great army, they are a barbaric looking 
               ANGLE ON
               Captain Tamal, the leader of the army, who sits high atop 
               his black horse.  He comes to a stop as he looks at the great 
               city whose base is covered in fog.  The entire army comes to 
               a stop behind Tamal.
               Tamal signals his troops to spread out, which they do.  The 
               army now stretches out from right to left as far as can be 
               seen through the fog.
                         This is the city that we have come 
                         to destroy?
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         This city is to be left standing, 
                         You may have the kings to do with as 
                         you please, But the city remains 
                         How do you plan to take their amry 
                         in this?
               KORHORIAN (a skinny 'stooley' looking fellow, about 35 yr. 
               old)is speaking about the fog, and trying to belittle Tamal.  
               But Tamal does not even address Korhorian.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (to an Archer behind 
                         Go and bring me word on the readiness 
                         of their armies.
               The man puts his bow down and cowers into the fog.
                         How do they even know that we are 
                         Maybe we can take them by surprise.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Have you heard the horn?
                         Of course.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         They know we are here.
               Korhorian is somewhat surprised, how would they know in this 
                         Are you sure?
               Tamal doesn't even take the time to answer, instead he just 
               glares at him, almost as if saying, "I should kill you right 
               Suddenly the ARCHER appears from the fog.  White as a ghost,  
               he just looks up at Tamal.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         I gave you an order.
                         Yes captain, I....
                         They are directly in front of us,
                         I was running towards the city, I 
                         ran right into them.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (very surprised)
                         How many?
                         All of them I think, But captain 
                         they are all down on their knees,
                         Men, women, and even children.
                         It is a trap!
                         we must retreat.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Will our arrows reach them?
               The Archer looks horrified.
                         Yes captain, but I did not see a 
                         weapon, I do not think they are here 
                         to fight.
               Tamal ignores everything after Yes and proceeds with the 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (to the archers)
                         Fire directly ahead, as far as your 
                         arrows will carry.
               All of the archers load their weapon and draw.
                         But Captain,
                         please you must at least..
               Before the man can complete his plea, Tamal's sword end the 
               arches life.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                                                                    CUT TO:
               The sound of Tamal's order is clearly heard.  Gid now stands 
               much closer to the front his people.  He is horrified at the 
               sound of Tamal's voice.
               But again all is quiet, for the moment, then hundreds of 
               arrows pierce the veil of fog and strike all around him.
               Gid is horrified as he looks around.  Many of the arrows hit 
               their target.
               Tamal looks into the fog, listening for something.  But 
               nothing is heard.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         You missed them,
                         fire again!
               Again the men load and fire, and again their is no sound.
               Tamal is becoming very angry.
                         There is nobody out there.
               Tamal just stares ahead
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         They are out there.
                         Ready Arms!
               All men pull out their weapons.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
               MASTER ANGLE
               The barbaric army wastes no time in charging towards the 
               unknown.  A giant roar is all that can be heard.
               Tamal watches thousands of men run past him.
               Gid stands there in horror as the giant roar heads his way.  
               He immediatly looks at Teomner who seems to also be frozen 
               in his tracks, white as a ghost.
               Then suddenly the barbarians break through the fog, falling 
               upon the prostrate people.
               Gid scans the crowd, watching the horrific slaughter of his 
               people.  The men just keep coming from the fog.  Suddenly 
               his focus changes to one of the Lamanite Soldiers that ends 
               a life with every swing of the sword. The hatred and anger 
               are obvious with each stroke.
               The a man catches his eye, Gid see's his Father who is only 
               20 or so feet away, right in the line of destruction of the 
               Soldier he has been fixated on.
               ANGLE ON
               Gid, who has now turned pale white, he has just realized 
               that his father is next in line to be slain.
                                     YOUNG GID
               Gid runs towards his father.
               ANGLE ON
               Gid's Father who is still praying, and never see's the blade 
               coming.  The Lamanite makes the pass, slicing Gid's fathers 
               chest and neck open.  Then lifts the sword high above his 
               head preparing to finish the job.
               Suddenly Gid is on top of his father hunched over the lifeless 
               body.  Gid holds his hand up, looking directly into the eyes 
               of the Lamanite
                                     YOUNG GID
                         Please, please
               ANGLE ON
               the Lamanite's face turns from an evil vengeance look to a 
               lost child's face.  Slowly he lowers the sword, finally 
               releasing it to fall to the ground.
               The Lamanite turns and looks around, seeing the destruction 
               and life loss, he falls to his knees crying, begging for 
                                     LAMANITE SOLDIER #1
                         God please forgive me...
               Gid looks at the soldier for a moment in total confusion.  
               Then looks around to see that many of the Lamanite men are 
               just looking around, some are even trying to stop others.
               But men are still charging from the fog.
               ANGLE ON
               LAMANITE SOLDIER #2 who is looking out over the prostrate 
               people, then looks back towards the Lamanite Army that is 
               still pouring out from the fog.  His attention is focused on 
               one man who has hate in his eyes and is pushing his way 
               through the other men, just to get to some fresh blood.
               Lamanite soldier #2 runs to intercept this man, only finding 
               that he ends up in a fight with him, having to kill him in 
               order to stop him.
               Other men to are also trying to stop the bloodshed, some 
               have just fallen to the ground in guilt.
               ANGLE ON
               Tamal towering over Lamanite Soldier #1
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Get up you coward
               The Lamanite Soldier looks up at the Captain and then begins 
               to pray like the other Nephi-Lehi People.
               Tamal is furious and kicks the the Lamanite Soldier in the 
               face, slicing his face open.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         You cowards fight!!
               No normal sounds of battle can be heard, no clanging of metal, 
               no cries of death.. Just silence..
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Finish them all!!  Take this City, I 
                         command you..
               All the Lamanites just stand there.  Even they can see they've 
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Keep fighting!
               Tamal moves his horse into a better position and slays one 
               of the Anti Nephi Lehi People still praying, then another.
               His anger just keeps growing.  Finally it grows so large he 
               starts slaying his own soldiers for just standing there.
               The Captain yells at one of his own soldiers to kill a man 
               he stands next to.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Kill that man!
               But the soldier just shrugs his shoulders.
                                     LAMANITE SOLDIER #2
                         He's not armed, non of these people 
                         are armed.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                         Then you can take his place.
               Tamal runs him through.  The soldier stands there for a moment 
               then falls to his knees, eventually dying and falling over.
                                     CAPTIAN TAMAL
                              (yelling at all the 
                         You cowards!
                         LAMONI!, This is not the end, I will 
                         be back.
               Tamal turn and leaves the battle field, most of the men 
               follow, but many stay behind.
                                                                  FADE OUT:
               People are wandering through the thousand and five lifeless 
               bodies.  Some are looking for loved ones, while others are 
               just trying to make sense of it all.
               ANGLE ON
               a mother sobbing while holding her lifeless infant child in 
               her arms.  Next to her we see another young child lying still 
               on the ground.
               ANGLE PULL BACK
               to show two men come up to the sobbing mother.  One man leans 
               over to console the woman, the other picks up the lifeless 
               child lying on the ground.
               As the man turns the child over, we realize it is Jacob.  He 
               was killed by an arrow through the chest.
                                                                  FADE OUT:
                                      END OF ACT ONE

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The Last Great Army is currently being re-written. So the last two act are under wraps.

Please feel free to contact Danno Nell for questions regarding "The Last Great Army".