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"The Road Providence"

               FADE IN:
               INT. ER TRAUMA ROOM -- DAY
               ANGLE ON 
               A standard issue Hospital Cardiac Machine, Flat Lining, and 
               the high pitch tone that the machine makes.  A Hand reaches 
               in front of machine fumbling to turn it off without success.
               ANGLE PULLS OUT 
               to show four people in the TRAUMA room.  MATHEW, about the 
               age of 10, sits on the hospital bed.  His MOTHER stands by 
               his side holding a bloody rag on his head.  Sitting on a 
               small swivel chair at the foot of the bed is Mathews' FATHER, 
               who is still trying to turn off the machine.  Next to the 
               father stands ELIZABETH, a young girl about 7, holding her 
               ears as to block out the loud annoying noise.
               Long Cluttered hall just outside ER Trauma Room #4, the faint 
               sound of a hospital cardiac machine can be heard.  Gurneys 
               and medical equipment line the brightly lit hallways.  A 
               young mexican man mops the floor at the end of the hall, 
               while NURSE #1 walks briskly towards DR. JAMES DANIELS
               Dr. Daniels stands near the door to #4 flipping through a 
               medical chart.
                                     NURSE #1
                         Is everything okay Doctor?
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Yeah, looks like a cardiac monitor 
                         was left in the room.
                                     NURSE #1
                         Oh... and someone has been playing?
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Looks like it..... 
                              (closing chart)
                         Well, I better go break up the party.
                                     NURSE #1
                              (walking away)
                         Be gentle Doctor.
               INT. TRAUMA ROOM #4 -- CONTINUOUS
               Mathew's father is still trying to shut off the machine.  
               The frustration is building
                         Elizabeth, this is why I told you 
                         NOT to play with things.
                         ALLEN, just take her outside 
                         go and get Elizabeth a soda, we'll 
                         be fine.
               ANGLE ON 
               Trauma room door opens, Dr. Daniels enters
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Am I too late?
               BACK TO SCENE 
               James looks at the little girl and then flips the machine 
               easily off.  Elizabeth laughs
                         C'mon Elizabeth, lets go.
               Father and Daughter leave room
                         Sorry, she just started playing and 
                         it went off....
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Don't worry about it, I've done the 
                         same thing.  Except the first time I 
                         set one off... A patient was hooked 
                         up to it and well, he was convinced 
                         he was a goner.
               Dr. Daniels smiles at the boy, then looks at the chart
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Hey kiddo, what's up?
               Mathew sits quietly on gerney shyly looking up at Dr. Daniels
               directing her attention to Dr. Daniels
                         He's really scared
               Dr. Daniels smiles at the Mother then looks to Mathew
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Hi there Mathew
               James Extends his hand to shake Mathew's hand
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         I'm Dr. James Daniels, but all my 
                         friends call me Jimmy
               Mathew comes right out of his shell
                         Can I call you Jimmy?
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Of course... 
                              (Putting on latex 
                         Now Mathew...
               being immediately interrupted
                              (Very Fast/Excited)
                         Actually, you can call me Matt, only 
                         my Mom and Dad and my aunt that always 
                         pinches my cheeks call me Mathew, 
                              (thinking momentarily)
                         well, and sometimes my little sister.  
                         But she just do's it to bug me.
               A little stunned by the boys response.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Okay Matt, lets take a look at this.
               Dr. Daniels pulls the bloody rag slowly off of Matt's head.  
               Mathew looking contently without fear.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Wow, so where did you get this little 
                         scrape from?
                         Well, it was an accident, my mom hit 
                         me with a baseball bat, pretty hard 
               Mathew turns his head and winks and smiles at Dr. Daniels
                         I.... Uh.... Mathew!
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (Looking at Mother)
                         Oh, I see.... 
                              (to Mathew)
                         Well lets get this taken care of 
                         We'll deal with mom later.
               Mathew returns the wink with a giggle.
               ANGLE ON 
               Mathew's brightly colored shirt, the laughter continues into 
               next scene.
                                                               DISSOLVE TO:
               Sound of Mathew's laugh also dissolves to the class where 
               the other children laughs take over 
               ANGLE PULLS OUT
               to show a group of school children between eight and nine 
               years old, sitting on the floor.  The sound of laughter fills 
               the room, as the children react to a story being read by 
               REBECCA the teacher
                         As the cowardly beast brushed the 
                         snow from his snout, THWAP, Another 
                         cloud of snow covers his head
               Rebecca then glances at her watch and closes the book
                         So, what do ya think.  Should we 
                         finish the book tomorrow?
               A boy throws his hands in the air 
                         I think we should pro-crust-and-ape
               pausing for a moment
                         I think we should finish it now!
                         YEAH!  Me too
               Sara, the little girl in agreement looks kinda pensive
                         Miss Becky?  what does pro-custer-
                         pate mean?
                         Well Sara, to Procrastinate means, 
                         to put off till later.
               Raising her hand high, and most of her body.
                         Miss Becky?
                         Yes Sara?
                         I don't think we should procrutinase 
               Rebecca gets out of her chair
                         This looks like a good place to stop.  
                         So lets all get cleaned up.  Put 
                         your tote-trays away, and make sure 
                         your desks are straight
               All of the children chaotically jump up and start putting 
               things away, grabbing green bins from under there desks and 
               putting them in numbered slots in the wall.
                              (Yelling over children)
                         Okay, now don't forget Parent-Teachers 
                         conference is Thursday evening.
               Rebecca shows a stack of pink papers to the children
                              (Taking one off the 
                         I need you all to take one of these 
                         home to your parents..
               Rebecca puts the papers on one of the front row desks.
                         I expect to see everyone's parents 
                         here.  Remember this counts as part 
                         of your grade
               MELLISSA is a cute but obviously spoiled child.  Her parents 
               shop at the GAP no doubt.  And I don't mean the clearance 
                         Okay Miss Becky, Both my parents 
                         will be coming
               DERRICK is a short blond boy, not very out spoken, but he's 
               proud and wants to share.  
                         My Mom can't come Miss Becky, But my 
                         Dad will be here
                         That's great, how about everyone 
                         Miss Becky, what if my parents can't 
                         Well Adam, that's what this letter 
                         is for.
               Gesturing to all the children
                         That is what this paper is for.  If 
                         any of your parents can not make it 
                         Thursday, there are instructions 
                         here for them to call me, that way 
                         we can have your conference over the 
                         phone or arrange it for another time.
               Adam makes a real funny face, kinda odd, frustrated.  Rebecca  
               sees Adams frustrations.
                              (to Adam)
                         Come here Adam
               In a sweat nurturing voice
                         I'm sure your parents will be proud 
                         of you, 
                         when we talk
               With a big a smile and vibrant energy
                         Okay Miss Becky, My mom will 
                         definitely be here then
               Adam turns and runs back to finish picking up
               Rebecca stands there, with a very satisfied look.  She smiles 
               a quiet little smile.  These are the days that she lives 
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. TRAUMA ROOM 4 -- -- DAY
               Dr. Daniels is pulling off his surgical gloves, obviously 
               done with what he was doing.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Okay Matt, that will do it, and only 
                         seven stitches.
                         SEVEN!!!  You told me I wouldn't 
                         need stitches, you told me you were 
                         just going to clean it out.
               Dr. Daniels obviously sees the humor in the situation.  (While 
               talking) Dr. Daniels lifts Mathew off the Gerney and walks 
               over to the door of the room.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         That's what I was doing, just cleaning 
                         it out.  But then you started telling 
                         me about your little league game, 
                         Well, I just got so involved with 
                         it... And before I knew it, you had 
                         seven stitches.
               Mathew and his Mother walk out of trauma room #4 and into 
               the hallway.  Dr. Daniels follows. 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         And besides, I believe your now the 
                         toughest kid to walk through this 
                         the Emergency Room.
               Dr. Daniels, Mathew and his Mother all stand in the hall. 
                                     DR. DANIELS
               Excitedly Mathew turns to his mother.
                         Did you hear that mom?
                         I sure did.
               Turning to Dr. Daniels
                         Thank you Doctor, you really are a 
                         wonderful pediatrician.
               Modestly Dr. Daniels replies 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Well thank you, but it was only a 
                         few stitches
               Dr. Daniels puts his hand on Mathew's shoulder.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (to Mother)
                         And besides, you've got a great kid 
               Mathew's mom is very grateful.  She obviously  has a great 
               deal of respect for Dr. Daniels.
                         Good Looking and Humble, where were 
                         you 13 years ago?
               From around a far corner of the hall Elizabeth, Mathew's 
               sister, comes running towards them.  Mathew's father follows 
               in close pursuit.
               Dr. Daniels sees Elizabeth then looks down at Mathew 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Okay Sport, you watch that head of 
               Dr. Daniels looks and Mathew's mother with a serious face
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Be careful where your swinging that 
               Dr. Daniels looks down at Mathew and Winks.  Mathew's mother 
               grabs his hand and turn to leave.  Mathew and his family are 
               walking back down the hall, away from Dr. Daniels.  Mathew 
               turns his head and smiles at James.
               James finishes filling out the paperwork.  
                         Thanks Dr. Jimmy.
               James looks up at Mat and smiles 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Take care Matt.
               James turns around and walks the opposite direction, placing  
               Mathew's chart in a receptacle as he walks by it.  James 
               passes Room #5,6,7 before he stops at room #8.  James takes 
               the chart and flips through the pages.
               As James is looking at the chart, a NURSE come running down 
               the hall from admitting, yelling.
                                     NURSE #1
                         Doctor, we just got call from mobile, 
                         two majors coming in.
               James puts the chart back and hurriedly follows the nurse.
               James and a Nurse #1 enter a very large admitting area.  
               Most of the walls are lined with waiting room chairs.  Except 
               for where a large counter along the far wall.  Directly across 
               from the counter are automatic double doors.  Above the doors 
               in large red letters - EMERGENCY ROOM ENTRANCE - AMBULANCE 
               ONLY -
               James and the Nurse entered from a hall that joins the room 
               kitty corner from both the counter and the ER Doors.
               Just after James enters the Admitting area, two POLICE 
               OFFICERS briskly enter through the electric doors.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (to Officer #1)
                         What's coming in?
                                     OFFICER #1
                         We just came from a gang war up on 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         27th is 20 min from here
                                     OFFICER #1
                         I know, they took 10 or so to 
                                     OFFICER #2
                         And twice that many to St. Marks 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         So what are they bringing here?
               Officers looking dumbfounded and unresponsive.  James turns 
               to the nurses sitting behind the counter.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (Nurses behind counter)
                         What's coming in?
                                     NURSE #2
                              (hand over phone)
                         I'm one the line now.
               The Nurse focuses her attention back to the phone
                                     NURSE #2
                              (Into phone)
                         Okay, what are there conditions? 
                              (to Dr. Daniels)
                         Looks like only two.
               pausing to listen to the phone
                                     NURSE #1
                              (to Dr. Daniels)
                         One has a neck injury and...
               pausing again to listen
                                     NURSE #1
                         and the second has a gunshot wound 
                         in the epigastric area.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (To Nurse #2, speaking 
                              very fast)
                         Get two trauma rooms ready, notify 
                         Dr. Fredrickson of the situation and 
                         call surgical, let them know we need 
                         someone down here...STAT
                                     NURSE #1
                         There here!
               An ambulance can be seen pulling up through the doors.  Dr. 
               Daniels and Nurse #1 run through the E.R. doors
               Ambulance has pulled up to ER doors.  The Passenger EMT jumps 
               out of the ambulance and runs to the rear door and opens it.  
               Dr. Daniels and the Nurse assist in pulling the Gang member 
                                     EMT #1
                              (to Dr. Daniels)
                         This guy is wacko.  he's got  what 
                         looks like a gun shot wound to the 
                         epigastric area.  but were not sure, 
                         he's been fighting us the entire 
               The 1st Gang member is a 17 year old caucasian male.  He is 
               strapped down to the gurney, which is in a semi-upright 
               position.  Both of his wrists are hand-cuffed to the railings.  
               He's screaming and yelling at the EMT and the POLICE OFFICER 
               #3 in the back of the Ambulance.
                                     EMT #1
                         We gave him --500cc's of some med to 
                         knock him out--, But as you can see 
                         it's not working to well 
                                     1ST GANG MEMBER
                              (to the police officer)
                         I'll Fucken kill you.  You better 
                         Fucking let me go, you can't keep 
                              (Pause, struggling)
                         You better keep me tied up or I'll 
                         Kill you... and your Fucking Families!
               Dr. Daniels tries to calm the kid down by asking him 
               questions.  Dr. Daniels pulls some gloves out of his med 
               coat pocket and puts them on.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Hey settle down, What's your name.
                                     1ST GANG MEMBER
                              (Yelling at Dr. daniels)
                         Fuck You Asshole.  Don't touch me... 
                         I don't need your help!
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (SERIOUS STARE)
                         I'll make a deal with ya.
                                     1ST GANG MEMBER
                         Fuck You!
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (Calming voice)
                         I know, you already made that clear.  
                         Here's the deal.  You settle down,  
                         let us see if we can't save your 
                         life here.  Because if you don't get 
                         medical attention you WILL die.
               The 1st gang member listens, strangely he seems to admire or 
               possibly even respect Dr. Daniels.  Although we are not clear 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Or.. we can let this fine gentleman
                              (referring to EMT)
                         put you back in and take you for a 
                         joyride for an hour or so, until you 
                         settle down or passout from the 
                         pain...Or possibly DIE!
                         Your choice.
               A moment goes by, staring into each others eyes.. Who will 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (turning away)
                         Fine your choice.
                                     1ST GANG MEMBER
                              (pants down)
               The strange connection is made between the two, the kind of 
               connection that alters people lives, turns sinners into 
               saints.  Or maybe its just the medication taking effect
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Good.  So what is your name?
                                     1ST GANG MEMBER
                         Richy.. my name is Richy Davis
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Okay Richy Davis.. 
               As Dr. Daniels is examining the Richy a second ambulance can 
               be seen pulling in behind the first.  James turns to look at 
               the ambulance.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         The Nurse is going to take you inside.  
                         I'll be right behind her.  Remember 
                         our deal? 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (Serious to nurse)
                         Get this guy to trauma room #1
                                     NURSE #1
                         The room isn't ready yet
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Then just get him inside then.... 
                         And call up to surgery and see if we 
                         got a surgeon available yet
               Running to the next ambulance, James rips off the bloody 
               gloves and  reaches into his pocket and grabs another pair.  
               The EMT team has already got 2nd Gang Member out of the 
                                     EMT #2
                              (to Dr. daniels)
                         This guys in bad shape, It looks 
                         like someone used him for target 
                         practice.  He's Wasted and incoherent.
               Putting on the gloves 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         What are we looking at?
               This Gang Member is of Mexican decent.  He got himself loaded 
               up on crank just before the fight.  He's totally incoherent.  
               He has an I.V. running into his right arm, his chest and 
               left arm are totally covered in blood.  We can't even tell 
               what color his close were.  The EMTs' have bandaged his neck 
               wound and several other small places on this body.  This 
               gurney is also in a semi-upright position.
                                     EMT #2
                         Well for starters, I think the largest 
                         wound is in the neck area, it's 
                         amazing they didn't hit the charaded 
                         artery.  He's been stable for about 
                         5 minutes. We started an I.V. and 
                         gave him 200 cc's of --DRUG--. His 
                         B.P. is --95/120-- and his pulse is 
                Looking around for a nurse and not seeing one.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (to EMT #2)
                         Help me get this guy inside.
               ANGLE ON 
               Nurse #1, NURSE #4, a FEMALE DOCTOR and POLICE OFFICER #3 
               all stand around Richy's gurney.  The gurney is at the end 
               of the Admitting area near the hall which leads to the trauma 
               rooms.  Police Officers #1 and #2 are standing at the 
               admitting counter just watching the events that follow.
               MASTER ANGLE
               Dr. Daniel and the Emt's enter from outside, through the 
               double doors. 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (To nurse at desk)
                         Where are my Trauma rooms?
               Nurse #1 leaves Richy's side and joins Dr. Daniels. 
                                     NURSE AT DESK
                         There not ready yet Doctor
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         How bout my surgeons
                                     NURSE ON PHONE
                         I've got one coming down now
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         It better be a vascular
                                     NURSE ON PHONE
                              (Sarcastically agreeing)
                         Any other miracles I can get you 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Just get me those rooms.
               ANGLE ON 
               Richy and the team working on him.  Richy is just lying there.  
               He has and oxygen mask over his face and he is casually 
               looking around spotting the rival gang member.  The drugs 
               have obviously kicked in, because he glares but does little 
               The Female Doctor is standing on his left side, while a MALE 
               NURSE and Police Officer #3 are to his right.  The Male Nurse 
               is trying to replace an I.V. line that has pulled out.  The 
               Doctor is examining the wound in his stomach.  Police Officer 
               #3 just watches.
                                     FEMALE DOCTOR
                              (To Nurse)
                         Hurry up with that line
                                     MALE NURSE
                         I can't find a decent vane Doctor, 
                         there ALL blown.  They seemed to 
                         have found the only one left on this 
                                     FEMALE DOCTOR
                              (Holding her hand out)
                         Give it to me!
               The Doctor turns Richy's handcuffed arm over finding multiple 
               track lines in the arm.
               ANGLE ON 
               .45 holstered on Police Officer #3 side.
               PULL BACK
               to show Richy Eyeing the .45, which could be just within 
               reach, if not for the Hand-cuffs around his wrists. 
                                     FEMALE DOCTOR
                              (in reference to 
                              Miguel's arm)
                         No wonder.  Looks like he's had some 
                              (to police officer)
                         Take this off please
                              (talking about 
                         I need this off now!
               The officer disagrees with her plan
                                     OFFICER #2
                              (Shaking head)
                         I can't do that, he's too dangerous
                                     FEMALE DOCTOR
                              (Barking orders)
                         You can and you will, I need to get 
                         this I.V. in
               Reluctantly the officer reacts, reaching for his keys and 
               taking the Cuff off his left arm.
                                     FEMALE DOCTOR
                              (to officer)
                         Thank You.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Dr. Daniels and Nurse #1 are working on 2nd Gang Member who 
               is still totally incoherent.  Dr. Daniels is trying to clean 
               up the gash on the Gang members neck.  Gang Member opens his 
               eyes and looks at Dr. Daniels.
                                     NURSE #1
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (looking at nurse)
               The nurse looks down at the gang member then back at the 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (to gang member)
                         Hey there, I'm Dr. Daniels, your at 
                         County General Hospital.  Were trying 
                         to close some of these holes you've 
               The gang member stares blankly at Dr. Daniels then turns his 
               head and looks at the Nurse.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               P.O.V. 2ND GANG MEMBER -- CONTINUOUS
               Looking at Nurse #1, Everything is blurry, sounds are slow 
               and distorted.  Nurse #1 is saying something?  But it is 
               He turns and looks back at Dr. Daniels
                                                              MASTER ANGLE:
               Dr. Daniels is still trying to get any response from 2nd 
               Gang Member.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Can you tell me your name? 
                                     NURSE AT DESK (O.S.)
                         Doctors, the rooms are ready.  Your 
                         vascular surgeon is in room #1.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (looking back at desk)
                         Its about time
               ANGLE ON 
               2nd Gang Members bloody hand, he holds a knife that has gone 
               unnoticed by everyone to this point.  It is being gripped 
               tightly, and tucked with the blade back  under his arm.
               Master Angle:
               The gang member doesn't realize what is happening.  He has 
               no idea that he is being helped.  He looks around fearfully.  
               Then out of self defense or complete disregard for life,  he 
               raises the knife into the air and strikes the nurse in the 
               throat, only scratching her.  Then turns the knife on Dr. 
               Daniels stabbing him in the upper left chest.
               Dr. Daniels stumbles back falling against a wall, still 
               standing though.  The Two officers dumbfounded, look at the 
               Doctor, realizing what has just happened remove there 9mm 
               from there holsters and cover the now unarmed gang member 
               who just sits there.
               Dr. daniels looks down at the very bloody knife which 
               protrudes from his left shoulder area and then notices the 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (Moving forward, hand 
                                     NURSE AT DESK
                         Oh My God!
               BAM!  A shot flies past the Gang member and embeds itself in 
               the wall just behind.  Both Officers turn to see Richy holding 
               a smoking .45, pointed at the rival gang member.
               The Female Doctor and Male Nurse can be seen diving for cover 
               on the ground behind.  While the Office #3 is leaning down 
               grabbing an ankle holstered .22 from under his pant leg.
               Dr. daniels looking very flush, jumps forward with both hands 
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (to Richy)
                         It's not worth it!!
               Bam!!  The second bullet hits its mark.  lodging itself in 
               the chest of the rival gang member.
               BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  Both 
               Officers empty there clips into the now very dead Miguel.  
               The single officer now sits on his ass holding his ankle 
               with both hands.  He just couldn't get that damn gun out!
                                                                    CUT TO:
               P.O.V. DR. DANIELS -- CONTINUOUS
               He looks at the rival gang member, then up at the two 
               officers.  EVERYTHING is getting blurry, He looks over to 
               Miguel.  The Female Nurse rushes towards him.
                                            ALL GOES UNCLEAR, LOUD RINGING:
               INT. CLASSROOM -- DAY
               The sound of a school bell RINGS LOUDLY.  Kids shuffle out 
               of the classroom.  Becky is cleaning off the chalk board 
               that is on the front wall of the room.  Class is empty now 
               except one tiny little girl named KATHY, who stands in front 
               of the teachers desk that is just behind Becky.
                         Ms. Becky?
                                     MS. BECKY
                              (Turning around)
                         Kathy!  What are you still doing 
                         He can't make it on parent teacher 
                              (looking at her feet)
                         He works at night 
                         And he never goes any where before 
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Can he call me?
                         We don't have a phone, he doesn't 
                         like people calling us.
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Wonder if I dropped by your house, 
                         Thursday after Parent Teacher 
                         I should be done by 7:30
                              (Big Smile)
                         But he goes to work at eight O'Clock
                                     MS. BECKY
                              (Trying very hard)
                         Well, I'm sure I can get there in 
                         That would be great!  I'll tell him 
                         your coming.
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Make sure you let him know it will 
                         take about 15 minutes.
                              (Running out of 
                         Oh Thank You Ms. Becky, 
                         Thank You!
               Rebecca Stands there with a very gratified look.
               Follows Kathy running out of the room.  As she reaches the 
               door we see MR. WILCOX leaning up against the door frame.
                              (To Mr. Wilcox)
                         Excuse me Mr. Wilcox.
                                     MR. WILCOX
                              (To Becky)
                         Bye Becky.
                         See ya later Mr. Wilcox!
                                     MS. BECKY (O.S.)
                              (very friendly)
                         Well hello, Mr. Wilcox.
               MASTER ANGLE 
                                     MR. WILCOX
                              (Walking towards)
                         Hi Miss Becky.
                                     MS. BECKY
                         That's Ms. to you
                         I don't see a ring on this finger!
                                     MR. WILCOX
                         I thought for sure a woman like you 
                         would be married by now.
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Ya Ya Ya Ya, 
                         Tell my boyfriend!
                                     MR. WILCOX
                              (Moving in)
                         You know?  I though we had a date 
                         Thursday night?
               Mr. Wilcox embraces Ms. Becky.  They now stand loosely holding 
               each other 
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Oh Man!
                         Why didn't you say something?
                                     MR. WILCOX
                         You saw the look on her face.
                                     MS. BECKY
                              (Torn between thoughts)
                         I know
                         But I can't not show up either
                         I'll just have to be late for dinner!
                                     MR. WILCOX
                              (Sarcastically, serious)
                         Sure, That's no problem.... 250 people 
                         waiting on the guest of honor, No 
                                     MS. BECKY
                              (Kinda Frazzled)
                         MARK!  I can make it by 9:15 or so, 
                         You'll just have to stall
                         besides, the award is for teacher of 
                         the year, and that's what I'm trying 
                         to be for my students
                         besides, It'll make a good opening 
                         So I guess this means we won't be 
                         going together?
                                     MS. BECKY
                         I'm sorry baby, I'll have to get 
                         dressed before I leave the school.
                              (Upset, but 
                         Okay, but were going home together, 
                         and you better call me if your gonna 
                         be any later.
                                     MS. BECKY
                         Of course....
                They gently kiss
                                     MS. BECKY
                         C'mon, lets go, I've got a lot of 
                         papers to grade tonight
               Holding hands, Mark and Rebecca walk out of the room.  Rebecca 
               grabs her black leather briefcase bag off the desk.
                         Your not gonna fall asleep on the 
                         couch again are ya?
               Exiting the room 
                                     REBECCA (O.S.)
                         Actually, I think I'll bring the 
                         papers to bed tonight
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. REBECCAS' BEDROOM -- NIGHT
               It is very important that this scene not be about control or 
               jealousy on Marks part.  This scene is to give some 
               understanding and importance to Rebecca teaching career.  
               Remember she believes she makes a difference.  But also this 
               scene must show that Rebecca has the need to not need anyone 
               else.  She has had to work her entire adult life to get to 
               this point, she's never had help, she's only had hurt.
               Rebecca sits in bed grading school papers.  While Mark has 
               just gotten out of the shower.
                              (to herself)
                         Billy, Billy, Billy,
                         c'mon you know this stuff
                                     MARK (O.S.)
                         So why is it after four years you 
                         finally ask me to move in?
                         Because you agreed to do the dishes
               Mark enters the room.  In a bath robe and a towel over his 
               shoulder.  His hair is still wet
                         You're a regular Robin Williams
                         Was it because I proposed?
                         Honey, what are you talking about?  
                         You've lived here for over two months.
                         I know, but we've known each other 
                         since college, and we have been 
                         sleeping together for two years now
                         We have not been sleeping together 
                         two years
                         two years on my birthday. 
                         I'll never forget that birthday.
                         Still your birthday is over two weeks 
                         My point being, all this time I've 
                         had to drive from my house to here.  
                         Why did you finally ask me to move 
               Mark stares at  her, but she is not totally focused on Mark.  
               As her body language shows.
                         Why is that?  Why have we only lived 
                         together for two months?
               Rebecca focuses her attention on Mark.  She doesn't want to 
               talk about something so trivial.  She just wants to get all 
               the papers graded.
                         I've always known that I was going 
                         to be a teacher.  Ever since I had 
                         Elizabeths fourth grade class.
                         I think it was because I knew that I 
                         could impact others, make a difference 
                         in the world.  Even if it was just 
                         one person at a time.
                         Teaching has always been a dream for 
                         me.  My mom told me to follow my 
                         dreams with all my heart, never let 
                         another stand in the way. 
                         So that's the reason, I know it sounds 
                         trivial but that's it
               Rebecca goes back to grading papers.  Mark has always know 
               teaching was the most important thing to her, but he was 
               totally lost on that one.
                         So you were afraid that I would come 
                         between you and teaching?
                         Honey, you don't understand, I needed 
                         to reach this point in my life.  
                         Where everything is secure.  I've 
                         got my own class with 32 beautiful 
                         children.  I live in a wonderful 
                         So you wanted to feel comfortable?
                         No, I needed to be comfortable,not 
                         just  with my teaching career, but 
                         with myself.  I needed this before I 
                         could commit to anything else, 
                         including you.  I'm just glad you 
                         stuck around.
               Rebecca pushes the papers off the bed and moves towards Mark 
                         You can't get rid of me that easily
               As they embrace in a kiss we
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Where two nurses sit behind the desk talking, while a DR. 
               WILLIAM MANCHESTER stands in front filling out what looks 
               like a mountain of paperwork.  Dr. Manchester is a large 
               black man, everything about him screams James Earl Jones.
               The hustle and bustle of the last time we saw the E.R. is 
               gone.  Everything has returned back to normal.  Well, as 
               normal as an E.R.gets.
                              (to Maria)
                         And  this is my last week of night 
                              (Stamping papers)
                         I don't know what I'll do with all 
                         my free time
               Just as the telephone at the counter rings
                              (to Nancy)
                         Oh, Dear, I'm sure you will find 
                         things to do
                              (Into phone)
                         University Emergency Admitting, this 
                         is Maria, how can I help you?
               Maria fades out of the scene, focus is now on Nancy and Dr. 
                         Dr. Manchester?
                         How is Doctor Daniels doing?
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         He's doing really well...
                         He's taking a couple weeks off and 
                         getting some rest...
                         I'm glad, he's needed it for awhile
                                     DR. DANIELS
                              (still elsewhere)
                         Ya, well...Try telling him that.
                         So, how's JOHN DOE?  Has he come to?
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Not yet
                         How bout the blood tests?  Any word 
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                              (Now focused on 
                         You know I can't discuss that.
                         I know, but...  
                         I'm just worried about...
                         that could of been any of us.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         I know, but its still James choice 
                         who he shares that information with.
                         Your right, maybe I'll give him a 
                         call later
                         Or speak of the devil...
               Nancys' eyes widen as she looks over Dr. Manchester's 
               shoulder.  James has just come through the automatic doors.
               He is wearing a jack that covers the sling that holds his 
               left arm.  Still James looks surprisingly well.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         James, what in the HELL are you doing 
                         I told you to go home and stay there!
                         I know, I know, but I go  CRAZY just 
                         moping around there.
                         this is the first time in ten years 
                         I haven't been focusing on my work.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Then I guess this accident is a 
                         blessing huh?
               A cocky smile come to James face while he listens
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Now get outta here, goto the park
                         walk around Temple Square, take I 
                         drive, I don't care just get outta 
                         here.. NOW!!
               James  knew this was the reaction he was going to get... But 
               still he had to try.  He's going crazy not having something 
               to do.
                              (to his friend)
                         Okay William
                              (shaking his head)
                         Doctors Orders eh? 
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         GET OUTTA HERE.... 
                         I'll see you in two weeks!
               With a grin to his friend, James walks away
                         Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
                                     NANCY (O.S.)
                         Hi and bye Doctor
               Hearing Nancy, james continues to walk, but turns around to 
                         Nancy... call me when your off, I'll 
                         take you up on that rain check
                              (taken back)
                         Oh..Okay Doctor
               James EXITS.  and the focus is now back on Nancy and Maria
                         Sooo?  he decided to finally take 
                         you up on the rain check huh?
                         And how long has it been since you 
                         gave him that rain check?
                         six...nine months?
                              (on cloud nine)
                         A year....
                         Well better now than never
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Older sophisticated lady (MRS. ELIZABETH ANDERSON) in her 
               early 50's, walks down the hall.  Her high heals tap against 
               the hard floor with every step.  Mrs. Anderson enters a room 
               that is clearly marked Staff Only.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. STAFF ROOM -- CONTINUOUS
               Rebecca stands in front of a small wall mirror.  She is 
               jumping up and down struggling to gain entry into a beautiful 
               black evening dress.
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         That's a beautiful dress Rebecca
               ANGLE SHOWS
               Rebecca looking at Mrs. Anderson through the mirror 
                              (Startled by Mrs. 
                         Mrs. Anderson!  I didn't think you 
                         were still here.
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         I usually lock up after the parents 
                         Sometimes I just hang around to talk 
                         to some of my old students
                              (into mirror)
                         You know Mrs. Anderson, Your the 
                         reason I became a teacher.
                         You were always my favorite teacher.  
                         And you always treated the kids like 
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         I've always found that when I treat 
                         a my students like adults, they act 
                         like adults
               Rebecca admires and respects Mrs. Anderson more than any 
               other person.  She listens to her and takes it in. 
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         Do you know what the only complaint 
                         I've had over the years is?
                              (Shaking head NO)
               Mrs. Anderson walks over to Rebecca and does up the back of 
               her dress.
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                              (Zipping up dress)
                         I can't get any of my prior student 
                         to call me Elizabeth, even the ones 
                         who's kids I see everyday.
                              (Laughing lovingly)
                         That's because we all hold you in 
                         such high regards, 
                              (turning around)
                         I've tried, You know I've tried, but 
                         you will always be Mrs. Anderson to 
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         You know, 18 years ago I received 
                         the same award you'll be getting 
                         I didn't deserve it half as much as 
                         you do.
                         Thank You...
                         Your going to be there aren't you?
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         Of course my dear, I wouldn't miss 
               Rebecca looks absolutely stunning.  She starts shoving all 
               of her things into a shoulder bag.
                              (Looking at watch)
                         Well if I don't get outta here I'm 
                         not going to make it either.
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                         You've got plenty of time, don't 
                         rush yourself
                         I know, but I have to go see Kathy 
                         Littles' Father first.
                                     MRS. ANDERSON
                              (Truly proud)
                         My child, your one of a kind, 
                         HURRY UP!  I'll see you there.
                              (Hurrying off)
                         Thank You Mrs. Anderson....a Elizabeth
               Mrs. Anderson stands there alone with the look a parent has 
               when his or her child accomplishes greatness.  Because Rebecca 
               will always be one of her children.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Rebecca runs down the hall towards the doors at the end, 
               which lead outside.  The camera stays in position as Rebecca 
               get farther away and finally exits to
               The rain is pouring down as Rebecca runs down the sidewalk 
               towards her vehicle, a '95 pearl white Honda Accord.  Throws 
               her shoulder bag on top of the vehicle and fumbles for the 
               keys.  She opens the vehicle, throwing her bag onto the 
               passengers seat.
               Rebecca starts the car and speeds off down the road.
                                                                   CUT TO: 
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- EVENING
               Looking through a rain covered windshield we see a wet road 
               lit only by the headlights from this car.  A soft classical 
               ensemble plays on the radio.
               Windshield wipers quietly wipe away the rain.  Almost dancing 
               to the rhythm of the music playing.  Everything is okay.  
               RING.... RING.....
               James(Dr.  Daniels) having his left arm in a sling, struggles 
               to answer the phone.  Trying all sorts of things: Steering 
               with his forehead, his knees, not steering at all
                              (into the phone)
                         This better be important
               James shakes his head, and with his knees on the steering 
               wheel, he places the phone back in its cradle.  He's got 
               this one handed phone thing down!
                                                                    CUT TO:
               We are looking through a similar window, wipers dancing, 
               same music is playing on the radio.
               Rebecca holds a small piece of paper in her hand while she 
               drives.  She looks at her watch and its 7:55 p.m.
                              (looking at watch)
                         Damit!  Marks going to kill me.
               Rebecca looks at the small piece of paper which reads:       
               Kathy's:  7:45p.m. #27 W. Mapletown Road.  Then looks out 
               the window, trying to see and address.
               Rebecca wipes the condensation off the window and looks again.  
               However the street is very poorly lit and she can't see any 
               Rebecca turns down the radio as if that's the problem then 
               looks again.  Just then she spots #330 as she flies by at 40 
                         He's gonna die
               She picks up her Emergency Cell Phone and dials Marks cell 
               number 555-5274 then presses send.
                              (placing the phone to 
                              her ear)
               O.S. we hear the phone RING....RING....
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- MOMENTS LATER
               RING....  James gets one of those "Its one of those days" 
               kinda looks
                              (Singing with music)
                         I'm not gonna answer it, I'm just 
                         not gonna answer it, It's not gonna 
                                                                    CUT TO:
                              (singing with music)
                         Answer it, please...please just answer 
               Rebecca hangs up the phone and re-dials.
               As the phone once again RINGS, she glances at a street sign.  
               But she is going to fast and can't make it out.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Rebeccas car comes to an abrupt stop on the side of the road.  
               Rebecca wipes off the condensation off the inside of the 
               window and frantically looks through it trying to see any 
               sign of an address.  She looks like a fish in a fish bowl 
               looking out.
               Rebecca opens her door and steps out still looking for an 
               address, realizing that she is directly in front of Kathy's 
               house, she gives a sigh of relief.
               Rebecca grabs her bag from the car, and notices a man leaving  
               the house.  She runs over to intercept the very large, but 
               handsome man.
                              (To Mr. Martin)
                         Mr. Martin?
                                     MR. MARTIN
                              (pleasant smile)
                         you must be Kathys teacher?  I didn't 
                         think you were gonna make it
                              (Shaking hand)
                         I'm so sorry I'm late
                                     MR. MARTIN
                         lets step inside out of the rain, 
                         Kathys been looking forward to seeing 
               Mr. Martin leads Rebecca into the house
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- MOMENTS LATER
               The phone is still ringing, and James is still not answering 
               it.  In fact he turns up the radio instead
                         I'm not going to answer it, I'm just 
                         not gonna answer it
               The phone STOPS ringing, and a BIG satisfied grin comes across 
               James face.
               The phone RINGS once again.  A very serious but funny look 
               comes across his face.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               EXT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- CONTINUOUS
               The vehicle swerves to the side of the road.  Tires come to 
               a grinding halt on the gravel.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- CONTINUOUS
               James abruptly undoes his seat belt, and grabs the phone.  
               This causes obvious pain.
                              (Into Phone)
                         What the hell is so Freek'n Important?
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                              (Sweet loving voice)
                         Hi Sweetie, How you feeling?
                         Damit Sarah , I would have been fine 
                         if you hadn't called
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                              (Offended, or?)
                         Fine, call me when your feeling better 
                              (feeling stupid)
                         Sarah, I didn't mean it like 
                         that...It's just,
                         I about ran off the road trying to 
                         answer the dam phone.
               A moment of silence.  Sarah is going to make him beg.
                         Sarah... I'm Sorry
               Sarah has had her fun now
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         So, how ya doing?  that scratch heal 
                         Scratch, what do you mean scratch?
               We realize at this point that Sarah LOVES yanking James chain.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Well...can't be any worse than one 
                         of your patients.  You cut them open 
                         all the time
                         Yeah, but they need it and most of 
                         the time don't feel it, and I sure 
                         as hell don't need this!
               At this point Sarah is laughing hysterically, it sounds like 
               she is hyperventilating
                         I'm glad your enjoying yourself
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                              (trying not to laugh)
                         Well anyhow Dr. Pincushion, now that 
                         you have all this time off.  I EXPECT 
                         to come see me.
                         SEE YOU?  I see you every day!
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Ya and that's all you ever do is SEE 
                              (beat-James rolls his 
                         You come home, you say hi, then you 
                         goto bed.  When was the last time we 
                         had dinner together?
                         That's what I thought, So now that 
                         your off for two weeks, I expect you 
                         to spend some time with me.
               James knows she right.  He loves his work, but that's BESIDES 
               the point!
                         How do you know how long I'll be 
                         off?  Are you checking up on me?
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                              (how dare he)
                         HEY, someone has to take care of 
                         And that means SPYING on me?
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                              (very fast speaking)
                         SPYING!!  I think not
                         worried is more like it.  And someone 
                         has to look out for my BIG brother, 
                         and until that changes I'LL BE RIGHT 
               A few moments of silence to give James time to think about 
               what was just said, and  Sarah time to gloat.
                              (taking charge)
                         SO, I'm making dinner.  It will be 
                         done about 8:30, and I expect you to 
                         be here.
                         FINE, but only if your making moms 
                         pizza specialty.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Anything else?
                              (taking advantage)
                         And you have to let me win at a game 
                         of Monopoly.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Anything else?
                         Well, No.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         GREAT, see you shortly then..
                              (false control)
                         FINE, I might be late though.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         And why is that?
                         I'm going to go pick up a bottle of 
                         De Chargre'
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Make it Le Tungrene and I'll forgive 
                         OH, good idea... See you shortly.
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Bye Sweety.
               James is thinking that things are finally looking up, this 
               vacation is probably for the best.  James hangs up the phone 
               and then pull away. 
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Rebecca and Mr. Martin are walking out the front door.  Both 
               seeming very comfortable.  The rain is still pouring down.  
               And it is obvious that both are in a hurry.
                                     MR. MARTIN
                              (shaking hands)
                         Thank you Ms. Becky, it has been a 
                         true pleasure.
                              (hurrying to car)
                         Well the pleasure is having Becky in 
                         my class.
                                     MR. MARTIN
                              (raised voice)
                         I look forward to the next Conference, 
                         and I promise I'll make it next time.
                              (to Kathy)
                         Bye Kathy, see you tomorrow.
               Kathy stands just inside the house behind a closed screen 
               door.  Her grandmother stands beside her.
                         Bye Ms. Becky, good-night.
                              (getting in car)
                         Good-Night Becky
                         Good-Night Mr. Martin
                                     MR. MARTIN
                              (getting in Truck)
               Rebecca closes her door and starts the vehicle up.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Music is still playing on the radio.  Rebecca looks at her 
               watch, Its 8:12p.m.
                              (to herself)
                         Sure I can make it six miles in three 
                                                                    CUT TO:
               James is standing in a checkout line holding two bottles of 
               wine and waiting for the customer in front of him to complete 
               the sale.  James rocks back on his heals then forward to his 
               toes.  Back and forth, Back and forth....
                              (To customer)
                         Thank You, come again.
               The customer nods his head, grabs his bag of alcohol and 
               leave the store.
                              (To James)
                         How ya doing tonight sir?
                         I'm doing really good thanks.
               The cashier scans two bottles of wine and puts them in a 
               plain bag
                         Glad to hear that
                         looks like the total is $47.58.
               James reaches in his front pants pocket and grabs a $50, 
               placing it on the counter.
                         Keep the change
               James grabs the bag and walks towards the door.  The cashier 
               looks at the Fifty and stutters a moment
                              (to James)
                         Wait, Wait
                         I can't..
                         Give it to the next guy then
               James walks out the door.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               James rushes across the parking lot to his vehicle which is 
               backed into a parking stall.  The rain seems to be falling 
               even harder now.  James opens the door and jumps into his 
               vehicle.  We here the phone RINGING!!
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- CONTINUOUS
               James sets the bag onto the passengers set and picks up the 
                              (into phone)
               James starts the car and puts it onto gear 
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Hey Sweetie!
                         Sarah... what a surprise.. How long 
                         was the phone ringing?
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         Just a few minutes.  Hey listen can 
                         you get me a six pack while your at 
                         the store?
                         You have impeccable timing, you know 
                                     SARAH (O.S.)
                         I know, see ya shortly dear
               CLICK, a dial tone.  James pulls the phone from his ear and 
               stares at the phone for several seconds then raises his eye 
               brows and shakes his head in total disbelief.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               EXT. DARK ROAD -- MOMENTS LATER
               ANGLE ON 
               Quiet wet road, silence fills the air.  Just about the time 
               we wonder why we are here..  In the distance a vehicle can 
               be heard, then the reflection of the headlights can be seen 
               on the road.  Soon, the vehicle passes by where only the 
               sound of wet tire against the road is heard.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Rebecca is still trying to get a hold of Mark.  She dials 
               again and gets the same old message:
                                     MARK (O.S.)
                         Hello, this is Mark, I'm not available 
                         so leave a message
                              (into phone)
                         Mark my love, I told you I would 
                         call if I was going to be later than 
                         expected.  Well, It's
                              (beat, she looks at 
                              her watch)
                         Um..8:16 and I'm just a couple of 
                         minutes away, I know you don't want 
                         to hear any excuses but this rain 
                         hasn't helped.  See you soon, bye
               Rebecca goes to turn off the phone, but accidentally drops 
               it in her lap.  She looks down, then looks up at the road.  
               She reaches down grabbing the phone and holds it up, glancing 
               at it then turns it off.
               Rebecca puts the phone back in its cradle between the seats.  
               When rebecca looks up, we can tell that something is wrong 
               with her.  Her eyes get wider.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- NIGHT 8:14
               We hear the same music that was playing in Rebeccas vehicle 
               just seconds ago.  A BEAT goes by and the PHONE RINGS once 
                              (to himself)
               Shaking his head, James gets a look of menace on his face.
               James puts his knees on the wheel and grabs the telephone 
               cord  RIPPING it out of the phone.
               RI.... The phone goes quiet.
                         HA!!  HA!!  HA!!  HA!!  HA!!
               As James is laughing, the sound of Skidding wet tires catches 
               his attention.  James looks to his right and sees Rebeccas 
               car sliding out of control towards him.
               James has no time to react.  The two vehicle collide. 
               The Honda Accords drivers front side collides with the BMW 
               passengers front, sending the Accord rolling several times 
               before coming to a standstill against a street light.  Behind 
               the car is a very large oak tree, with its branches shielding 
               the car from rain 
               CAMERA ANGLE
               changes several times.  Everything is in slow motion.  
               Vehicles collide with great impact, very loud..  Then SILENCE 
               as the vehicles come to a standstill.
                                                               DISSOLVE TO:
               ROBERT(Mr.  Wilcox) stand at a podium in  front of a large 
               group of teaching professionals.  Atop the podium is a large 
               plaque.  Robert taps on the microphone atop the podium, a 
               loud THUMP THUMP and FEEDBACK can be heard throughout the 
                              (into mic)
                         WOW...First I would like to thank 
                         you all for coming here tonight.  We 
                         all know what a honor it is to receive 
                         an award that represents teaching at 
                         its best.
                              (holding up)
                         I think this plaque represents 
                         perfection and excellence.  In this 
                         instance it shows one persons  belief 
                         in the impact of her teaching.
                              (putting down plaque)
                         I've never known anyone who goes out 
                         of there way like Ms. Rebecca Downs 
                         has been know to do.
                         As a matter of fact, tonight is a 
                         good example.  I'm sure you all know 
                         that parent teacher conferences where 
                         tonight.  And although she is 
                         receiving this award, she went out 
                         of her way to visit a parent that 
                         was unable to make it to the school.
                         Now she didn't go to  this students 
                         house because she thought it was 
                         necessary to meet with this particular 
                         parent, she went there because she 
                         believes it is important to meet 
                         with EVERY parent!
               Entire hall fills with the sound of applause.  One by one 
               Robert's piers stand in agreement.  Robert's got that much 
               out, now what... Where is she?
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Rebeccas' honda accord lays on it's side facing south, pinning 
               the passengers side door against the cold ground.  The entire 
               car has been crushed or mangled in some way.  All the windows 
               are smashed or broken out.
               James BMW faces north, its passengers side front fender has 
               been ripped off.  The hood has been peeled like a sardine 
               can lid.  Glass and plastic cover the road between the two 
               STILL CAM 
               moves to James car.  James sits in his car, only because the 
               seat belt holds him there.  His window is broken out, while 
               the windshield is smashed  due to the impact.  The SOUND of 
               RAIN is the only noise. 
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- NIGHT
               Upon closer examination we can see that James' head is gushing 
               blood above his left eyebrow.  James has been still until 
               now, he is starting to come to.  He lifts his head up and 
               looks around.  James wipes the blood from his forehead and 
               eye.  But that doesn't do any good.  James looks in the rear 
               view mirror, leaning over to check his wound out.  As he 
               turns his head, he cringes with pain, grabbing his left 
               shoulder.  James looks at the stab wound that has ripped 
               open, blood  has soaked through his shirt and now drips from 
               his elbow.
               Its obvious that James is still shaken up.  He has yet to 
               notice the other vehicle let alone look for it.
               James reaches behind him and grabs a dress shirt that hangs 
               from a hook in the back seat.  He uses the shirt to wipe 
               away the blood from his face and then presses the bloody rag 
               against the wound. 
               James pauses for a moment then out of nowhere looks over at 
               the overturned Honda.  James immediately throws the rag out 
               the window and tries to open the door.  He reaches over and 
               unlocks the door and tries again, but it has been jammed 
               closed due to the accident.
               James is not thinking clearly, he tries to muscle the door 
               open with his shoulder.  Leaving an imprint of blood on the 
                              (Screaming in pain)
                         OH GOD!!
               Blood begins to once again run down his face.  Out of instinct 
               he wipes the blood from his brow.
               James reaches across to the passengers door, but it too is 
               jammed shut.  Frustrated, James grabs hold of the steering 
               wheel, positions his body to kick the drivers door.  James 
               successfully opens the door after several strong blows to 
               the inside of the door.
               EXT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- NIGHT
               James painfully pulls himself out of the vehicle and stumbles 
               through the rain to Rebeccas vehicle.  James shields his 
               face from the pouring rain, as he makes his way.
                         Hello, Everyone okay in there
               Yelling, James stumbles around to the front on the vehicle.  
               Inside James sees a Rebecca huddled up on top of the 
               passengers door.  The windshield is pretty smashed, and 
               partially  hanging  outside the frame.  James immediately 
               grabs the hanging flap and pulls, but it just  binds up and 
               will no longer give.  James walks around the vehicle and 
               sees no other entry point.  James comes back to the windshield 
               and kicks it furiously several times then pulls again until 
               it comes all the way out.
               Rebecca is still lying on top of the door, with her feet 
               tucked behind her body.  Rebeccas head is now lying on the 
               wet pavement and her face is starting to turn black and blue.
                              (Realizing her 
                         Where ever you where going couldn't 
                         have been this important
               James reaches under Rebeccas arm  and pulls her out.  James 
               manages to get her under the leaves of the tree, where the 
               ground is mostly dry.
               James begins to look Rebecca over.  Checking her pulse.
                         C'mon Babe, why's your pulse so slow?
               Placing his head on her chest, James realizes that she is 
               not breathing.  Using his teeth and right hand, he rips the 
               front of her dress open from the  top down to her stomach, 
               leaving only a black lace bra to cover her.
                         Sorry but this is necessary.
               James places his ear against her bare chest again.  He listens 
               for several seconds then opens her mouth and looks inside.  
               Shaking his head James jumps up and hobbles back to his 
               INT. '97 PEARL WHITE BMW 325I -- NIGHT
               James reaches in the front door with his right hand  and 
               unlocks the drivers rear door.  He then opens the rear door 
               and grabs his medical bag.
               EXT. '95 PEARL WHITE HONDA ACCORD -- -- NIGHT
               James makes his way back to Rebecca.  Kneeling next to her 
               upper body.  James feels the front of her neck with his 
               fingers.  He then reaches into his medical bag and finds a 
               new packaged syringe.  He uses his mouth to rip open the 
               package and pulls out the sterile syringe.  He then bites 
               the plunger and  pulls it out of the tube, then does the 
               same with the needle.
               James reaches inside the bag and pulls out a scouple.  He 
               tries to use just one hand to  cut the needle end of the 
               syringe off, but there is just no way. 
               James looks down and sees his bloody left hand.  Without 
               much choice he painfully wipes it off on his pants.  He then 
               places the syringe in the still bloody hand and cuts the 
               small end off  to make a tube.  He places the tube between 
               his teeth.
               Holding the tube in his teeth, he uses the scouple to perform 
               a tracheotomy on Rebecca.  Once the cut is complete, James 
               watches a drop of blood land on Rebeccas chest.  James leans 
               back then grabs the tube from his mouth. 
               The tube has a bead of blood running down the side.  James 
               places the tube on Rebeccas chest and fumbles through the 
               He then focuses his attention back to the tube.  He picks up 
               the tube and wipes it off on Rebeccas dress.  Looking at it 
               carefully, he places the unsanitized tube into the hole in 
               Rebeccas neck.
               James then reaches inside his bag and grabs his stethoscope 
               and listens to her chest.  James wipes off his brow again, 
               this time with his forearm, while his other arm still drips 
               with blood.  James is loosing alot of blood.
                         C'mon now, I know you didn't like 
                         that, but it will do the job, so 
                         lets go.
               James listens for several seconds.. Then he blows into the 
               tube once, then listens.  almost immediately a  slight hiss 
               can be heard...
                         Good girl, now lets see what else is 
                         going on here.
               James leans over her and inspects the very large cut along 
               her forehead.  He reaches down and rips a piece of cloth 
               from her dress and presses against the wound.
               After a few second James pull the cloth away and the blood 
               gushes out of the open wound.  James quickly replaces the 
                         Hang in there kiddo.
               James gets up and runs to his vehicle.  James has caught his 
               second wind.  About half way to the car he stumbles and falls 
               to the ground. 
               Staggering to his feel he gets back to his vehicle and from 
               out of the back seat he pulls a full trash bag.  James tosses 
               the bag on the ground, then sits down on the front seat and 
               grabs his cellular phone.  Dialing 911, he realizes that its 
               been ripped out of the base by a mad man.
                         SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, Smart move 
                         James Michael Anderson, Smart move..
               James gets out of the vehicle, grabs the trash bag and runs 
               back to Rebecca.  He rips open the bag with his teeth and 
               clothes fall to ground next to Rebecca.
                         Lets get you warmed up, I don't know 
                         how long it will be before someone 
                         find us.
               James spreads the clothing over her, placing a bundle under 
               her feel.  James then sits next to her and uses one of the 
               socks to wipe her face off.  After a moment the Sock is soaked 
               through with blood.  James grabs a cotton shirt and places 
               it over the wound.
                         Don't worry, I these are the clean 
                         I think.... 
               James holds the shirt in place for a moment then looks down 
               stretching his neck, he notices the blood  dripping from his 
               elbow.  James grabs a pair of short and places them under 
               the shoulder strap of the sling.
               James turns his focus almost immediately back to Rebecca, 
               holding his hand on the shirt over her head.
                              (looking over her)
                         Sorry about the dress, if anyone 
                         asks I'll tell them how beautiful 
                         you looked in it
                         Your gonna be okay, I promise.
                              (shaking head)
                         If I just hadn't gotten so angry I 
                         could of used my cell to call for 
                              (smiling again)
                         but someone will drive by any minute, 
                         I just know it.
               Just then the phone RINGS.  James looks up
                         My phone.
               James jumps up and runs towards his vehicle, then stops, the 
               ringing isn't coming from his car.
               INT. '95 PEARL WHITE HONDA ACCORD -- -- NIGHT
               Rebeccas phone is resting on the floorboard next to the gas 
               RING (pause) RING
               James looks into the vehicle and waits for another ring..
               James grabs the phone and presses SEND, answering the phone
                                     ROBERT (O.S.)
                         Who is this?
                         I'm sorry, there has been an accident.  
                         I need help
                              (looking around)
                         I'm at Creek Road and Highland.  
                         Will you please send the paramedics?  
               James walks back over to Rebecca 
                                     ROBERT (O.S.)
                         Is Rebecca there?  Is she alright?
                         She'll okay, but I need help here 
                         quickly, so please hurry!
                                     ROBERT (O.S.)
                         Okay.  Creek and Highland?  I'll be 
                         right there.
                         NO!  send the paramedics, tell them 
                         to send a helicopter, tell them to 
                         send LIFE FLIGHT, I'm a doctor, tell 
                         them there is a doctor here, and we 
                         need LIFE FLIGHT.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               Robert stands behind a large black curtain behind the stage. 
                         Okay.  Okay.
                                     JAMES (O.S.)
                         Thank You.
               Robert stands there in shock.  A MAN stands next to him with 
               a shot of brandy in a small plastic cup.
                         Robert?  is everything okay?
                              (In Shock)
                         No... No... Rebeccas been in an 
                         Good God!, Is she alright
                         I...I don't know.  I need to call 
                         the paramedics.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               James is sitting down next to Rebecca.  James examines himself 
               again.  His Shoulder is still pouring out blood, and his 
               face has actually stopped bleeding for the moment.
                         So, your Rebecca.  It's nice to meet 
                         you.  Although I wish it was on better 
               James looks at rebecca and realizes something is wrong.  He 
               grabs his stethoscope and listens to her chest.
                         Damit!  You gotta keep fighting.
               James begins one handed CPR.  The faster he pumps the more 
               blood that gushes from his elbow.  He listens to her chest 
               again, but her condition hasn't improved. 
                         Help is on its way Rebecca.. Just 
                         fight for a few more minutes 
               James starts CPR again, then stops and listens to her chest 
                         Hang in there, just a few more minutes
               James looks very flush.  He blinks several times.  He is 
               about to go unconscious due to the lose of blood.  James 
               stagers to his feet and takes two steps back and falls flat 
               on his butt.
               The sounds of sirens can be heard in the distance.
                         Hold on... Rebecca Hold on.
               P.O.V. JAMES -- CONTINUOUS
               Looking at Rebecca all is going blurry.  The reflection of 
               red and blue light can be seen on the ground and the Honda.
               An EMT kneels down next to James and another can be seen 
               running over to Rebecca.
                                     EMT #1
                         Doctor?  Are you okay?
                                     EMT #3
                         This girls almost gone.  Get.....
                                                                  FADE OUT:
               INT. JAMES' RECOVERY ROOM -- DAY
               James lays asleep on the hospital bed.  SARAH sits next to 
               him, reading a book.
               Sarah is a beautiful 26 year old brunet.  She sit all twisted 
               up in an end chair reading a book.  However misleading he 
               position, she is very comfortable.
               Focus On
               a young black male ORDERLY enters the room.  He carried a 
               covered tray of food.
                              (to Sarah)
                         How's our man doin?
                         Still sleeping
                         Well do want me to wake him?  or do 
                         you want the honor?
                              (Devilish smile)
                         Oh, let me.
               Sarah reaches over and slowly runs her fingernails around 
               his neck and over his face.  James lashes his head from side 
               to side trying to get away from the torture.  James eyes 
               James looks around, a bit confused, but everything comes 
               rushing back to him.
                              (Concerned, to orderly)
                         How is Rebecca?  Is she okay, did 
                         she make it?
                         Settle down she's fine, she is just 
                         a few rooms down. 
                              (to Orderly)
                         Please get me Dr. Manchester.  NOW!
                         It will be my pleasure, but first 
                         you must eat some fine home cooking.  
                         You can't stay on an IV forever.  
                         And besides I've already had a slice 
                         of the apple pie
                              (removing cover to 
                         It was delicious.  All it was missing 
                         was mama herself dishing it out.  
                         And a few of daddy's jokes and it 
                         would of been just like being home 
               James frustration is climbing
                         Ryan!  please.
                         Okay Dr. Daniels, but you better eat 
                         everything on that plate by the time 
                         I return.
                              (CHEEZY SMILE)
               Ryan turns and leaves the room.
               FOCUS ON
               Sarah grabs the apple pie and a fork from the tray and 
               proceeds to eat.  James just lets it go...
                              (mouth full)
                         So, a little late huh?
                         It's not like I planned it
                         Yeah I made Will show me the lady, 
                         I'm still not One Hundred percent 
                         How is she?
                         You saved her life.
               James stares blankly at the ceiling.
                         You sure know how to pick'em
                         Rebecca, she's really hot.
                         Even after you ran over her
                         Sarah!  I didn't run over her.
               James goes back into trance
                         I don't believe it.  How long has it 
                         been?  Seven years?  No wait its 
                         been Eight Years, Lisa Smith.
                         What are you talking about?  Just go 
                         Not on your life.  Its been Eight 
                         years since my big brother has been 
                         in love, No WAY your gonna get rid 
                         of me..
                         Don't be ridiculous, I've never even 
                         talked to her.  She's just another 
                         patient as far as I'm concerned.
                         So its a case of the Florence 
                         Sarah!  Yes I think she is beautiful.  
                         And maybe under different 
                         circumstances there might have been 
                         a small chance.  But she's never 
                         even seen me.  And....
                         That's where your wrong.
                         Wrong about what?
                         She has seen you.  About two hours 
                         What are you talking about?
                         I told you I've seen her didn't I?  
                         Well she wanted to see who it was 
                         that saver her life.
                         Really?  What did she say?
                         She said you where exactly as she 
                         imagined, she said that you so strong 
                         and handsome looking and that you 
                         where her night in shinning armor
                         I had to hold her back from taking 
                         you right here.
               HOOK line and sinker.  James has been taken for a fool once 
                         Do you do this for some sadistic 
                         I just wanted to see how genuine the 
                         feelings are
                         So did she really come in here?
                         Yeah, against Wills wishes.
               ANGLE ON
               Dr. William Manchester enters the room
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         How you doing James?
                         I'm fine, how's my patient?  Did the 
                         Trake hold?
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Paramedics didn't expect her to make 
                         it here.  It took Doctors Mathew's 
                         and Iverson six hours to stabilize 
                         Is she out of Critical?
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Oh yes, She still listed in stable 
                         condition, but other than a few 
                         stitches I think she'll be leaving 
                         She's was fighter last night.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         She came to see you know?
                         Yeah, Sarah told me
               Dr. Manchester walks around the other side of the bed.  A 
               serious look comes over his face.  He wants to talk some 
               serious shop.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         James, I need to talk with you 
                         privately.  Sarah, would you mind 
                         stepping outside for a minute?
                         Sure, I'll just go bug the Janitor.
                         Sarah, wait just a moment.
                              (to Manchester)
                         Will, what is this concerning?  I 
                         think I would like Sarah to stay 
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         I got the lab report  yesterday.
                         From the gang incident
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         and the news was not good.  The boy 
                         that stabbed you was H.I.V Positive.
               James face goes completely blank.  Sarah looks at James then 
               over at Manchester.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         I  spoke with his family, there 
                         telling me he got advanced A.I.D.S, 
                         they don't expected him to live more 
                         than a few months.
                         What does this mean?  Could he have 
                         infected you?
               James is way ahead of her on this one.  He stares at Sarah, 
               without response.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         James, I also received the report of 
                         the accident last night.
               FOCUS ON
               James face is very flush.  He is scared, he look timidly at 
                         Oh, my god.  I didn't know.  How 
                         could I have known?
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Now James, don't jump to any 
                         Know what?  What are you talking 
                         about.  JAMES!
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         The knife was covered with infected 
                         blood from the young man. 
                         There's a good chance that when I 
                         was stabbed... I contracted H.I.V.
               James struggles to get through the next part
                         Last night.... Things happened so 
                         fast, Oh my god... How could I let 
                         this happen...
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         And she needs to know.
                         I don't understand?  A.I.D.S. doesn't 
                         spread that quickly.
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         A person can be a carrier and never 
                         show a symptom.  Were not sure how 
                         fast the disease spreads, that's why 
                         we need to take precautions now.
                         I will tell her
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         The hell you will.  This is a hospital 
                         matter now, The Board of......
                         If I infected her, she needs to know 
                         from me.  I wasn't working when this 
                         happened.  My job and my place of 
                         employment are no concern in this, 
                         besides you put me on a leave of 
                         absence REMEMBER!
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         I thought you would see it my way.
               Turning to walk out
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         James, I'm sorry, we'll face this 
                         Please inform Ms. Downs today. 
                                     DR. MANCHESTER
                         Take care Sarah.
               Manchester leaves the room.
                                                                    CUT TO:
               INT. BECKY'S RECOVERY ROOM -- DAY
               Mark and Becky are in mid discussion.  Becky looks 
               surprisingly well, even with all the stitches and bandages 
               on her.  Mark is  standing next to her bed.
               Flowers and balloons crowd the nearby table.  It looks like 
               a typical hospital room.
                         So how did it go?
                         Well it' the closest I'll ever get 
                         to teacher of the year.
                         Your a great teacher, besides I'll 
                         bet everyone of your students would 
                         vote for you.
                         They'd better.
               O.S. A knock on the door
               ANGLE ON
               James pokes his head through the open door
                         Hello, may I come in?
                         Dr. Daniels, please come in.
                              (to Mark)
                         Mark, Dr. Daniels.  Dr. Daniels this 
                         is my fiancée Mark Wilcox.
                                     DR. DANIELS
                         Please call me James 
               The two men exchange handshakes
                         We spoke on the phone
                         Doctor, Thank you so much for saving 
                         the love of my life.
               James is very uneasy.  As is Rebecca.
                         How are you feeling?
                         I'm doing good all things considered
                         I was really worried about ya.  We 
                         had some struggles there for awhile
                         They told me that if had been anyone 
                         else besides you, I never would of 
                         made it.
                              (grabbing his throat)
                         Sorry about the....
                         Yeah, It's a little sore.
               James walks over to the opposite of the bed that Mark stands 
                         Miss ?, I need to speak with you 
                         privately.... about last night.
                         Is there a problem?  
                         If there is I would like Mark to 
                         This is a very private matter.  I 
                         would suggest that he step outside 
                         for just a moment.
                         Doctor Daniels please just tell me 
                         what it is
               James struggles but proceeds
                                                                  FADE OUT:
               James and Sarah are talking.  James is sitting up in his bed 
               and Sarah sits at the end of his bed.
                         When William said it, I pictured him 
                         telling me.
                         I was so scared.
                         I must of  thought about it a thousand 
                         You've probably got less of a chance 
                         than most. 
                         Is there something your not telling 
                         me?  Have you been doing something 
                         that would put you at risk.
                         No, no.... Its just that I..... I've 
                         been around.
                         I DON'T KNOW...
                         How around?
                         Well not the entire Utah Starzz.
                         Well you still have a far less 
                         significant chance of contracting 
                         H.I.V. from another woman than I do.
                         Still, I've thought about it so many 
                         times, and you don't deserve it.  
                         All you have ever want to do is help 
                         people.  Why you?
                         Why anyone? 
               CAMERA PUSHES IN ON
               Sarah hugs James.   
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