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           1   INT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CLASSROOM -- MORNING                    1   

               A standard metropolitan elementary school classroom, decorated 
               with drawings, chalkboards and children.

               ANGLE ON

               The TEACHER who walks around the class supervising reading 
               groups throughout the room.

               Each group consists of one elderly adult and several children.

               ANGEL ON

               Kyle an 11 year old boy who reads from a book. 

                         And the kite was hig....Hig-H

               Kyle's group watches as he continues to sound out the words, 
               while his MENTOR, and elderly man assists. 

                              (to everyone in the 
                         Whenever you encounter a word with 
                         the letters "G" & "H" next to each 
                              (back to Kyle)
                         They are silent
                         Try again.

               Hesitantly Kyle looks back down at the book and begins to 
               read again.

                         And the kite was hig
                         High in the sky.

               Kyle's Mentor puts his arm around Kyle.

                         Wonderfully done.

               ANGLE ON

               The Teacher who proudly watches from the side.

                                        Copyright  2002                 2.
                                     Envision Entertainment                

                              (to everyone)
                         Great job everyone, 
                         Lets get all the books put away it 
                         just about time go home.

               All the children scramble to get things put away.

           2   EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET -- LATER                              2   

               A beautiful fall day lays upon this well groomed neighborhood.

               Kyle and his FRIEND walk down the sidewalk. Following in 
               close pursuit is Derrick, Kyle's younger brother.

                         See you tomorrow?


               Kyle runs across the yard and into his house, with Derrick 
               right behind. 

           3   INT. KITCHEN IN KYLE'S HOUSE -- NIGHT                          3   

               A beautiful spacious kitchen shows the evidence of a 
               homemaker. With pots and pans in the sink and casserole dishes 
               steaming with hot food.

               MOTHER enters and opens a cupboard, pulling out clean plates 
               and glasses.

                         Honey, could you go round up the 

                                     FATHER (O.S.)
                         Where are they?

                              (looking concerned)
                         Kyle's in his bedroom, but I haven't 
                         seen Derrick since they got home.

               FATHER sticks his head inside the doorway

                         Are you sure?

               Mother drops what she is doing and rushes out of the kitchen

                                        Copyright  2002                 3.
                                     Envision Entertainment                

           4   INT. KYLE'S BEDROOM -- MOMENTS LATER                           4   

               A cleaner than normal boys bedroom.

               ANGLE OVER

               Kyle's shoulder to reveal Kyle is reading the same book he 
               was at school.

                         And the kite was hig....Hig-H

               ANGLE AROUND

               Kyle to reveal Derrick sitting next to him reading.

                         That's good, but whenever you have a 
                         word with the letters "G" & "H" next 
                         to each other,
                              (back to Kyle)
                         They are silent
                         Try again.

                         And the kite was high?

               Kyle nods in the affirmative

                                     DERRICK (CONT'D)
                         High in the sky.

               Both boys jump as the bedroom door flies open revealing Mom 
               and Dad in a panic.

                         Kyle, have you seen... 

               Realizing both boys are in the room together. They look a 
               little dumb founded.

                         Have I seen what?

               Mom and Dad look at each other in amazement. 

                         Dinner is ready.

               Mom and Dad leave the room.

                                        Copyright  2002                 4.
                                     Envision Entertainment                

               ANGLE ON

                         That was very good, why don't we 
                         read some more after dinner

               Derricks face lights up as both boys jump up and leave the 

                                                             FADE TO BLACK:

           5   FULL SHOT: BLACK BACKGROUND -- CONTINUOUS                      5   

                         "Your never to old "Young" to be a 

                                     TITLE (CONT'D)
                         "Teach a child to read" 

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