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Producers Pages

The Producers area has been created to give Envision Entertainment and it's producers the ability to share confidential information.

A note from Danno

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Envision Entertainment. We are striving to create quality productions that will inspire and uplift the human spirit.

I know that the undertakings I have taken on, are beyond my current abilities alone. But as I strive each day to bring the people to this project that I know will benifit, I see these productions becoming a reality, a successful reality.

If you are here, it is because I am working hard night and day to bring the people together that will make these productions a reality. I know that with the best  stories, the producers, the best crews, and the best talent possible, we together will make movie history.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us here at Envision Entertainment. My door is always open.

Danno Nell
Tel: (801)965-1497


Current Projects

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"Twelve hours at a Train Station"

We are proud to have our first production be "Twelve Hours at a Train Station". A Romantic/Comedy that is set in and around a Train Station in Salt Lake City, Utah on Easter Eve. This movie is geared towards men and women ages 16 to 60 years old (toward the same audience as "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've got Mail".

Connor Jackobsen (AKA ShakespeareInSLC) is a 32 years old dot-com CEO who has just arrived home to find that Courtney Williams (AKA SeattleGirl07734), his long distance internet friend, is arriving in town from Seattle at 5:30A.M. on Easter Eve.

The problem is Courtney doesn't really live in Seattle. She lives in Boston and is Arriving at 5:30 P.M. Easter Eve. Because neither one has ever seen the other, nor do they even know the other's real name. These two people are going to have to find each other without the modern convenience of a computer, and they only have 12 hours.

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"The Road Providence"

An inspiring story of two people, who have totally devoted their lives to making this world a better place, being brought together by a horrible accident. Causing each to take a deep look at themselves and the world around them. Can they, through this tragedy, find life, love, and true happiness?

Dr. James Daniels is a Pediatric emergency room physician, who turned to "saving the world" after his parents died when he was a teenager, losing himself in the process.

Rebecca "Becky" Johnson, a 3rd grade elementary school teacher, loves her life, would do anything for her "kids", is comfortable with the relationship she is in. Until one night, on her way to receive a prestigious teacher award, she makes the mistake of running a stop sign.

Both lives are changed forever, neither will ever have the life they thought they loved, but each will have the other if only they look.

This Screenplay was written by J. Daniel Nell and is currently in development, awaiting production funds.

This film is expected to cost around $5 million to produce.

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"The Last Great Army"

Originally filmed in June of 1999, this production was produced by Dreamland Productions Inc., who, due to internal problems, were unable to complete this production.

This story takes place in ancient Central America, around the years 30B.C.. A fictional story based on the events recorded in the Book of Mormon this story follows a young man through events that will not only change his life, but the lives of tens of thousands of others.

Gid, our main character, must lead two thousand sons of a great people to war in order to maintain a covenant which their fathers made years before.  Gid must not only face his past, but must also leave his new wife behind, possibly never to return.

Written and Directed by J. Daniel Nell, all rights have been purchased by Envision Entertainment.

This production is currently in development. Due to the original length, this script is currently being  re-written by Mr. Nell to bring the length from an approximated film length of 3 hours 20 minutes, to under 130 minutes.

This project will be filmed in 35 mm on location in the tropical Hawaiian Islands in 2001.

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