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Founded by J. Daniel "Danno" Nell in January of 2000. Envision Entertainment is the collaberative efforts of many people since May 1999. All whom believe that quality entertainment can be made that is truly family friendly.

Although we support all styles of film making, we have made it our commitment to create Feature Length Films that are not only uplifting to the human spirit and support family values, but are void of excessive violence, strong language, and nudity.

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We are proud to have our first production be "Twelve Hours at a Train Station". A Romantic/Comedy that is set in and around a Train Station in Salt Lake City, Utah on Easter Eve. This movie is geared towards men and women ages 16 to 60 years old (toward the same audience as Sleepless in Seattle and You've got Mail".

Connor Jackobsen (AKA ShakespeareInSLC) is a 32 year old dot-com CEO who has just arrived home to find that Courtney Williams (AKA SeattleGirl07734), his long distance internet friend, is arriving in town from Seattle at 5:30A.M. on Easter Eve.

The problem is Courtney doesn't really live in Seattle. She lives in Boston and is Arriving at 5:30 P.M. Easter Eve. Because neither person has ever seen the other nor do they even know the others real name. These two people are going to have to find each other without the modern convienence of a computer, and they only have 12 hours.

Written and Directed By J. Daniel Nell, who's other writing credits include "The Road Providence" and "The Last Great Army", aka "The Strippling Warriors".

To see pictures of shooting locations for this film, click here.


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