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                                         ACT ONE

               FADE IN:

           1   EXT. AUSTRALIAN WILDERNESS (1970 AD) -- DAY

               Black & White Flashback

               - ESTABLISHING -

               Typical Australian Outback.  A beautiful wooded area covered 
               in natural flora and fauna.  The area has a medium sized, 
               slow moving river running peacefully through it. 

               In a clearing near the river we find ISABELLA, a 6 year old 
               girl with long blond pigtails, playing with well worn Raggedy 
               Ann & Andy Dolls.

                                     MOTHER (O.S.)
                              (strong australian 
                         Isabella, stay away from the water.

               Isabella's MOTHER, is an attractive young women about 28 
               years old.  Because she is making sandwiches at a picnic 
               table about 30 feet away, she doesn't keep close attention 
               on Isabella.

               Also near by we see YOUNG STEVE, a 10 year old boy, and his 
               FATHER throwing a frisbee back and forth next to a white 
               pickup truck.

               As the family happily spends an autumn day out in nature, it 
               seems as if nothing could ruin it. 


               As Isabella continues to frolic around the river banks, she 
               plays out a story of tragedy with Raggedy Ann being stuck. 

                              (australian accent)
                         Andy, Andy help me, help me....
                              (moving Andy into 
                         I'll save you Raggedy Ann.

               As Isabella's game goes on, we hear the CHIRP of something 
               inside of the bush that catches her attention. 

               Pausing from her game, she momentarily looks down.  Seeing 
               nothing of interest she continues.


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 2. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     ISABELLA (CONT'D)
                         Hurry Raggedy, I'm falling

               Again Isabella's attention is caught by the CHIRP that comes 
               from under the bush.

               This time Isabella gets down on her hands and knees and looks 
               under the bush.  

                                     ISABELLA (CONT'D)
                         Oh, hi there,
                         Come on, it's okay, I'm just trying 
                         to save Raggedy Ann, she was caught 
                         in this tree.

               As she talks, the small creature begins to show itself, 
               venturing out into the open a small snout can now be seen, 
               then slowly the rest of the baby Crocodile comes into view.

                                     ISABELLA (CONT'D)
                         You sure are cute, did you come to 
                         help Raggedy Ann?

                                     MOTHER (O.S.)
                         Isabella, Lunch is ready..

               Isabella turns for a moment to look at her Mother.

                         Mom Mom, a little lizard came to 
                         help Raggedy Ann.

               ANGLE ON

               The Mother looks up with a questioning look, maybe even a 
               little worried.

                         Isabella, come away from the river 

               Isabella's Father recognizes the tension in the Mother's 
               voice and turns to see Isabella crouched down at the waters 

               Just then another baby Crocodile appears from under the bush.  
               Happily surprised Isabella cried with laughter.

                         Look Mom mom, there is another one, 
                         they've all come to help..


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 3. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Isabella, come away from the water 

               Startled Isabella turns to see the terror in her parents 
               eyes.  Jumping up, she takes a few steps then turns and 
               reaches down to grab Ann, she doesn't even have time to 
               realize what happens.

               In a split second, a 13' female Crocodile leaps from the 
               water, snapping it's powerful jaws around Isabella's fragile 
               body, instantly crushing her to death.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve, who can only watch as his parents scream in terror as 
               they run towards the Croc that drags their daughter down 
               into the murky depths of the river.

               Acting on the same maternal instinct as the Croc that took 
               her daughter, the MOTHER runs into the knee deep water and 
               begins to slam her fist into the side of the Croc's head.

                         Let go, let go of my baby!

               Immediately the Father jumps into the water, grabbing hold 
               of his little girl who is still in the jaws of the Croc.  
               Trying to keep her head above water, the struggle is futile.  
               The giant croc just continues to move back, sinking deeper 
               and deeper, taking their little girl with them.

               As the battle is slowly lost, and the parents are now chest 
               deep in muddy water, another pair of eyes can be seen poking 
               up out of the water only a few yards away.

               In shock and ill-equipped to handle the situation, the Mother 
               begins to scream at the other Croc.

                                     MOTHER (CONT'D)
                         Give me my Baby back!
                         You monsters!  I want my Baby!

               Realizing that the Croc is very slowly moving towards them, 
               the Father begins to back out of the water.  

               But the Mother doesn't back down.

                                     MOTHER (CONT'D)
                         How could you take my baby away from 


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 4. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Grabbing her arm, he tries to pull her back, but she pulls 
               away and begins slapping the water, holding her ground.

                                     MOTHER (CONT'D)
                         Come On, you monster!  Come on!

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who stands there in terror.  The though of loosing his 
               sister hasn't sunk in, but he know his Mother could also be 
               grabbed and taken under. 

                                     YOUNG STEVE
                              (australian accent)
                         MOMMY!  GET OUT OF THE WATER!

               BACK TO SCENE

               Hearing that voice, like the swift crack of a whip, she 
               realizes that there is more to live for and she begins to 
               back out of the water.

                         Take my hand!

               Reaching out, she grabs for his hand, but is still a few 
               feet away.  She looks back over her right shoulder to check 
               on the Croc which is still closing on her.  But when she 
               turns back towards the shore she sees the terror in the 
               Fathers eyes which are now entranced on something over her 
               left shoulder.

                                     FATHER (CONT'D)
                              (looking into her 
                         Grab my hand.

               P.O.V - Father

               Looking into her eyes, he holds his hand out.  With one final 
               thrust forward, their hands lock together.  As a smile of 
               relief begins to form on her face, it is almost immediately 
               taken away by terror.  Then suddenly she is ripped away and 
               flung 7 to 10 feet back into the water as she is pulled down 
               under without so much as a sound.

               BACK TO SCENE 

               Where the Father stands in total shock.  He just stares at 
               the ripples in the water where his wife stood just moments 

               For a moment he forgets about the other crocodile which is 
               still moving towards him. But it only takes a moment for his


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 5. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               "fight or flight" instinct to kick in.  He immediately looks 
               over to see the second croc still moving slowly towards him.

               P.O.V - Father 

               from this angle he can see a large white diamond patch on 
               the croc's snout, and it is obvious this croc is much larger 
               than the other two females that took his daughter and wife.

               As he watches, the croc continues to move towards him. 

               ANGEL ON

               Steve who stands there, stone cold, with frisbee in hand.  
               His entire body shakes as he goes into shock.

               BACK TO MASTER ANGLE

               Steve's Father slowly back's up as the giant 22' Saltie rises 
               up over the bank of the river and begins walking towards 
               him.  Looking over his shoulder:

                                     FATHER (CONT'D)
                         Steve get inside the truck.

               But Steve doesn't move, he doesn't even acknowledge his 

                                     FATHER (CONT'D)
                         Stevo, move your tail!

               With Steve still not moving, he assesses the situation and 
               makes a split second decision.

               Turning around he bolts towards Steve, who is now about 15 
               feet away.  Reaching Steve, he doesn't even slow down as he 
               grabs him and throws him over his shoulder.

               Reaching the truck he throws Steve into the back and then 
               tries himself to jump in.

               P.O.V - Steve

               As his Father throws his left leg over into the pickup bed, 
               his face turns to horror as he is yanked back out.  Grabbing 
               a bright red blanket in a last ditch attempt to hold onto 
               something, he and the blanket disappear out over the side of 
               the truck.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve as he lays in shock in the bed of the truck.


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 6. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Only screaming can be heard as....

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:

           2   EXT. AIRPORT RUNWAY -- DAY

               Transition from Black & White to Color. 

               Only a mirage of heat vapors can be seen as the SCREAM from 
               a moment ago is drowned out by the screeching of the rubber 
               wheels of a small plane landing on the runway.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               This 22 passenger plane has over 35 passengers sitting or 
               standing in every conceivable area.  All but two of the 
               passengers are native Africans and several people have live 
               animals which the passengers just carry on their laps.

               As the plane comes to a stop, we notice JANE DOE, a well 
               dressed 28 year old american woman, who looks less than 
               pleased in here current circumstances.  

               She holds a single solid leather backpack in her lap, and 
               like her clothing, it too looks very expensive.  Just like 
               "Sue Charlton" right out of Crocodile Dundee, from the hat 
               down to the shoes.  

               Although she has plenty of room, she is obviously very put 
               out by the situation on the plane.

                              (in swahili)
                         Welcome to Aswan.

               As the door to the plane opens, all of the people begin to 
               file out.  

               As Jane waits for the elderly woman who is sitting next to 
               her and holds a chicken, to get up, she is taken by total 
               surprise when the lady says something to her in Swahili and 
               drops the chicken in her lap.

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN ON PLANE
                              (in Swahili)
                         Take my bird while I get up!

                         No, No, I don't want your chicken.  


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 7. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                              (beat, holding the 
                              chicken away from 
                              her body)

               Jane politely tries to keep from taking the chicken, but 
               with no avail, she is stuck with the chicken until the elderly 
               woman has gotten up and into the crowded isle of the plane.  

               At which time the elderly lady grabs the chicken by the throat 
               and yanks in out of Jane's hand, and walks off the plane.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING - 

               The small 22 passenger plane sits alone in front of a 
               terminal.  The airport is everything you would expect it to 
               look like, right down to the crowd waiting to greet the 

               As Jane appears at the door of the plane, she has her 
               Serrengetti sunglasses ready and waiting.  As she places 
               them on, she scans the crowd.  With her backpack over her 
               shoulder she begins to traverse the stairs.

               When she reaches the bottom of the stairs she finds a nice 
               young Native African man holding a sign "JANE DOE".  The man 
               is dressed in a kaki uniform with "African Reserve" 
               embroidered over the left pocket.  

               Although there is no other person that could be mistaken for 
               her, he still stands patiently waiting for her to make herself 

                         I'm Jane Doe.

               The young man smiles.

                              (strong swahili accent)
                         Please come with me.

               The Driver leads her to an open air jeep which sits only a 
               half a minutes walk away.

                              (looking back at the 
                         Don't we need to go through customs?


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 8. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Do you have any fruit in your bag?


                         Then I think it will be okay.

               Jane looks dumbfounded at the young man.  Then glances again 
               over her shoulder. 

               As they reach the jeep, they both climb in.  Jane places her 
               backpack onto the rear seat.

                         How far away is the Reserve from 

                         The Reserve is about a two hour drive 
                         from here.

               With that the Young man starts up the jeep, pushes a tape 
               into the tape player and drives off.


               Jane just looks over at the Driver who sings along with the 

               AERIAL VIEW

               We follow the Jeep away from the airport, though the city, 
               out into the openness of Africa.  We see herds of animals 
               running out in the openness around the road.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who has been sleeping, now is awake and looking at her 

               END SOUND TRACK

                         Shouldn't we be there by now?

               The Driver is as happy as ever, 

                              (with another big 
                         No, we have about three hours to go.


                                        Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 9. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Jane's face shows exactly how he is feeling about this news.

                         Three hours?  You said the reserve 
                         was only two hours away, and we have 
                         been driving for at least that long.

                              (big smile)
                         Yes that is true, but we are not 
                         going to the reserve.

                         What do you mean were not going to 
                         the reserve?  I am suppose to meet 
                         with Steve ?????  this afternoon at 
                         the African reserve.

                         I am sorry, I was given specific 
                         instructions to take you to the Aswan 
                         High Damn.

               She is becoming increasingly more angry.

                         What is at the Aswan Damn?

                         Steve should still be there.


                              (no worries)
                         I am sure he will be there.

               The Driver gives her another big smile to put her at ease, 
               or maybe because he is just really happy...

                                     DRIVER (CONT'D)
                         Let me play you some really good 
                         American music.


               Meanwhile Jane is at her wits end.  She just folds her arms 
               and glares straight ahead.

               AERIAL VIEW


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 10. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               The Jeep continues down the dirt road towards Aswan High 

                                                                    CUT TO:

           5   EXT. ASWAN HIGH DAMN -- LATER

               - ESTABLISHING - 

               At the bottom of the Damn we find 12 people from the African 
               Reserve working on catching a 11 foot female Nile Croc named 

               Currently the team has the Croc top jawed and is working on 
               bringing her to a place where they can safely secure her.

               However, Sally isn't about to make this easy.  With all of 
               the rocks and debris near the shore, they are taking extra 
               care not to get her to close.  While every time they are 
               close enough to secure her, she death rolls towards unsafe 

               ANGEL ON

               The Jeep, which carries Jane, pulling up next to several 
               other Specially designed jeeps and a helicopter.

               Of course the song Born to be Wild can be heard blaring from 
               the vehicle. 

               Jane doesn't waist a moment before jumping out of the jeep 
               to get a better look.  Watching from the ridge, she has a 
               great view of the capture.

               ANGLE ON

               the Croc team which has just made it's move.  Steve is now 
               on top of Sally, holding her top jaw down,  while the rest 
               of the team pile on behind Steve.

               Now only the snout of Sally can be seen underneath the team.  
               Steve is now quickly working on securing her jaw closed and 
               placing a potato sack over her head.

               Once Sally is secure, Steve gives the okay to move her.  
               With one fluid motion, the team picks up the 11 foot Croc 
               and walk her up to one of the specially designed jeeps.

               As they approach, Jane steps back and allows them to walk 
               past.  Because she is focused on Steve and his team, she 
               doesn't realize that she has back up against one of the other 
               specially designed croc cages.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 11. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Once the team has placed Sally into the back of the Jeep, 
               the door is closed and locked.  Steve jumps up on top of 
               Sally's cage and addresses the crew.

                              (strong australian 
                         Well done!

                                     STEVE'S TEAM
                              (all cheer)

                         Now let's get these beauties to their 
                         new home.
                         Russ will take charge of the release, 
                         and I'll see you all in a few days.

               With that Steve jumps down off the cage and land directly in 
               front of Jane.

               Hearing the news that Steve is leaving, Jane doesn't hesitate 
               to initiate a conversation. 

                              (holding out her hand)
                         Steve ????? , I'm Jane Doe, I was 
                         told I would have a couple hours of 
                         your time this afternoon, is there 
                         someplace we can go to talk.

               Steve smiles at her, reaches out and shakes her hand.

                              (as friendly as could 
                         I would love to stand around and 
                         chat, but I have a plane to catch.

               Steve begins to walk towards the helicopter.

                         Wait just a minute!  
                         I was promised 2 hours of your time 
                         this afternoon.  And I expect African 
                         Reserve to keep their word.

               Nothing could dampen his day.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 12. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Well then, how bout you go back to 
                         the reserve with Russ, he can show 
                         you around until I get back, then 
                         you can have all the time you would 

                              (very frustrated)
                         And when will that be?

                         Three maybe four days at the most.

                         You have got to be kidding me?  I 
                         have a plane to catch in 14 hours.

                         I am sorry, 
                         maybe next time then.

               Steve turns to walk away,

                         This is ridiculous, your a joke.

               Steve looks back.

                         Excuse me?

                         Your a joke, your whole operation is 
                         a joke.

                         How's that Mate?

               Jane is furious and is going to strike back the only way she 
               knows how. 

                         I've been calling you for three weeks, 
                         you never returned my calls,
                         I'm promised you will meet with me, 
                         and now you won't,
                         Then I watch you wrangle a 10 foot 
                         crocodile, and it takes 12 people to 
                         do it.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 13. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                         Your a joke!

               Oh yeah, she had got him good, and now she feels somewhat in 
               control, where she think she belongs.

               But Steve isn't in any way affected by her statements. 

                         I didn't need 12 people to get Sally, 
                         I could have done it myself.

                         Oh really?  Then why did you bring 
                         12 people along?

               Steve Points to the cage which she stands inches away from.

                         For Jerry!

               As Jane turns to look, SNAP!!  Jerry's Giant jaw snaps shut 
               only inches from her.  Jerry is a GIANT 18 foot Nile Croc 
               that is having a very bad day.

               Out of shear fright, Jane jumps back and lets out a little 

               Jane stares at the crocodile for a moment, stuck in her fear, 
               until she realizes that Steve and most of the other people 
               are laughing at her.

               As she begins to compose herself, Steve turns away and heads 
               towards the helicopter. 

               Still somewhat frazzled, Jane just watches Steve take a bag 
               from one of the Jeeps and throw it into the helicopter.  As 
               he climbs inside the secondary pilots seat and starts to 
               flip switches, She comes up with a plan.  If he won't stay 
               and give her the time promised, than she is going to tag 
               along and corner him in a place he can't run.

               Now that Jane has composed herself and come up with a new 
               plan, she doesn't hesitate to walk over to the Jeep she 
               arrived in and grabs her backpack from the rear seat.  
               Throwing the backpack over her shoulder she walks over to 
               the helicopter and climbs in.

                              (yelling into Steve's 
                         We can talk on the way! 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 14. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Steve just smiles and gives her a thumbs up sign.

               Jane sits back and puts on a seat belt, as the Chopper takes 
               off.  Jane just looks out the window as they go.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               The helicopter is now at cruising altitude.  Below, the 
               beautiful country extends as far at the eyes can see.

               Jane now looks over at Steve.  Seeing that now is her chance, 
               she leans forward and begins confront him.

                              (tapping him on the 
                              shoulder, yelling)
                         Can we talk now?

               Steve turns around, and it is obvious he can't hear her over 
               the noise.

                              (pointing to his ears)
                         What?  Speak up I can't hear you

                         Can we talk now?

               Steve just shakes his head and points to his ears

                         I can't hear you.

               Then Steve just smiles and turns around.

               Jane is furious, "is he kidding"?, is all she can think.  
               Jane leans forwards again as if to tap him on the shoulder, 
               but knows when to quit.

               As Jane stews in her frustration, she leans forward again, 
               extends her arm as if to tap him on the shoulder, then 
               retracts it.  As upset as she is, she realizes that she has 
               lost this battle.  But she will not loose the war!

               With that Jane sits back and looks out the window at the 
               beautiful scenery below. 

               Jane is mesmerized by the scenery as her eyes dart around, 
               looking at all of the things to see.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 15. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who glances over his shoulder and looks at Jane, 
               watching her for a moment, he smiles as if approving of her 
               being here.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Exterior view of the Helicopter, we see Jane looking out, 
               and a better view of the African Continent below.

               We watch as the chopper begins it's decent and disappears 
               out of camera view.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING - 

               A very small rural airport, or more accurately, a small shack 
               next to runway.  Many people are in the direct vicinity, but 
               it is unclear what they are doing there.  Most of the people 
               stand under the overhang of the small building, catching 
               what little shade it has to offer.  Directly next to the 
               shack is a very old fuel tanker.

               Not to far off, MAC, a forty something native african, leans 
               against a 1984 Cessna 4 passenger aircraft awaiting the 
               helicopters arrival.  Mac is dressed in the stereo typical 
               khaki "Bush guide outfit", right down to the hat atop his 

               ANGLE ON

               the helicopter as it slowly floats to the ground.  Softly 
               landing in front of the airplane.  It immediately begins to 
               shut down, although the propellers take a while to stop.

               As Mac covers his eyes and holds on tightly to his hat, he 
               walks over to the helicopter and greets Steve.  As Steve 
               jumps down front the helicopter, he is obviously very happy 
               to see his friend.

               As the two friend embrace, Jane opens the side door and climbs 

                              (strong swahili accent)
                         Welcome my friend.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 16. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Glad to see you Mate.

               Noticing Jane:

                         Should I make room for your friend?

               Jane doesn't even let Steve answer.  She is determined to 
               corner him now!

                         That won't be necessary thank you, 
                         We'll only be a minute, then I'm 
                         going to be returning with the 

               Mac acknowledges Jane and then simply raises his eyebrows to 
               Steve as if to say, "Well then".

                         I'll be loading the plane then.

               Steve laughs.

                         Awe c'mon Mate, you won't want to 
                         miss this.

               Mac just continues to walk towards the back of the helicopter, 
               he's not going to be a part of this.  Meanwhile Jane tries 
               to figure out what exactly he meant by that statement.

                         Miss what?

                         The helicopter isn't going back,
                              (beat, walking away 
                              to help Mac)
                         It's heading to Khartoum, to pick up  
                         some snakes.

               As Steve walks away, she is left to stew in her own thoughts 
               for a moment.  However, she will take control of the situation 
               and will not be drug around like some child.

               Jane immediately goes after Steve.  Running around the back 
               side of the helicopter to face him, stopping in front of his 
               she places her hand on his chest, stopping him dead in his 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 17. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         You know, I didn't think you could 
                         possible be a bad as everyone made 
                         you out to be.
                         But I've never ever been subjected 
                         to such rudeness and inconsideration 
                         as I have the past 8 hours.
                         I'm extremely sorry to waste your 
                         time and will never forget the way 
                         you've wasted mine, I thought maybe 
                         you had a shred of kindness in your 
                         body, but I guess I was wrong.

               Like a light switch, Jane shifts from anger to control.

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                         If your not going to return me to 
                         the airport in Aswan, then I'll just 
                         have to get there myself.
                              (holding out her hand)
                         Thank you for,
                              (thinking for anything 
                              nice to say)
                         the helicopter ride, it was nice.

               With that she turns and walks towards the small shack a couple 
               hundred feet away.

                         Where are you going?

                              (turning to Steve)
                         To find a ride back to Aswan.
                              (walking away)

                         Where are you going to find a ride 
                         around here?

                              (turning and walking 
                              towards Steve as if 
                              to make a point)
                         I don't know,
                         But I'm sure someone around here 
                         will give me the consideration that 
                         you wouldn't and return me to Aswan.

               Like always, Steve isn't even fazed by her remarks.  He just 
               smiles as if she is his best friend and replies:


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 18. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Do you have a Visa for Sudan?

                         Of course not,
                              (beat, uneasy)

                         Your going to have a heck of a time 
                         getting out of Sudan without a VISA.

               Jane frantically looks around.

                         We're in Sudan?

                         Dunqulah, Sudan right in the middle 
                         of the Sahara Dessert.

               Jane throws her bag on the ground and walks 10 or 15 feet 
               away, just trying to compose herself.  Frantically she talks 
               to herself.

               In a mumble we here:

                         What am I even doing here?
                         What am I trying to accomplish?
                         I should of listened to Dr. Grahame, 
                         he warned me, but no I had to come 

               Steve watches Jane, while Mac continues to take supplies 
               from the copter to the plane, their eyes meet and Mac can't 
               help but smile.

               ANGLE ON

               Mac and Steve, as Mac stops for a moment to talk to Steve.

                                     JANE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         He brought me here, he should get me 
                         out of here too.

                         What's wrong with her, is she okay


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 19. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     JANE (O.S.)
                         I'm his responsibility now.

                         I don't know, 
                         but she is an american.

                                     JANE (O.S.)
                         I'm his problem now! 

               Mac laughs has he continues to work.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane, who has now once again come to terms with her situation 
               and knows what must be done.

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                         Okay, you brought me here, now your 
                         going to get me back.
                         So what are we going to do now?

               BACK TO SCENE

               Steve, who is still smiling, looks over at Mac who has a 
               permagrin.  Mac has just shut the cargo door to the plane 
               and is read to get going.

                         You can wait in that shack for a few 
                         days until we return,
                         Or you can get on the plane
                              (more seriously)
                         and learn something about zoology 
                         that you can't learn in a classroom.

               With that Steve heads towards the plane.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who is obviously insulted by the remark, but grabs her 
               backpack from the ground and heads towards the plane.

               As all three of them climb aboard the plane we:

                                                                    CUT TO:


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 20. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           


               - ESTABLISHING -

               Mac and Steve are sitting in the front seats of this very 
               worn cessna airplane.  At cruising altitude, Mac and Steve 
               carry on a conversation while Jane is asleep in the rear 
               seat, with her head laying on her back pack which sits against 
               the window behind Mac.

                         She seams to have some spirit?

                         That she does Mate.

                         Why is she here?

                         She's with the International 
                         Management of Wildlife,
                         They want me to help them re-locate 
                         some Saltie's near Brisbane.

                         Aren't they the people who drove you 
                         out of Australia?

                              (shaking his head)
                         Yeah Mate.

                         She's going to be sorry she came 
                         isn't she?

               Steve smiles, as does Mac when their eyes meet and he sees 
               Steve's reaction.

               Both just sit quietly at Steve pears out the window. 

                         There is the airport.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING -


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 21. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               A medium sized airport, full of busy people.  Many commercial 
               airliners are parked alongside the terminal.  Near the main 
               terminal is a football field size parking lot for private 

               It is here that we next find the Cessna, pulling into a 
               "parking stall".

               P.O.V - looking out the front of the Cessna.

                                     STEVE (O.S.)
                         Rise and shine Mate! 

               The Cessna drives down an isle of planes, turning into an 
               empty stall.  As the plane turns we see a very clean, newer 
               outback vehicle, with covered rear.

               Leaning against the vehicle we find a very YOUNG NATIVE 
               AFRICAN man, waiting patiently.  

               BACK TO SCENE 

               As the plane stops, the young man opens the cargo door and 
               begins moving the contents to the rear of the outback vehicle.

               Steve and Mac immediately jump out of the plane and assist 
               the young man to throw all of the equipment from the plane 
               into the vehicle.

               As Steve returns back to the plane to get another load of 
               equipment, he slaps his hand on the window where Jane still 
               sleeps.  Startled, Jane jumps up, a little distraught she 
               looks around, realizing that they are now again on the ground.

               As the three men continue to move the equipment from one 
               vehicle to the other, Jane climbs out of the plane.  Still 
               trying to fully wake up, she notices Mac carrying a high 
               powered rifle to the outback vehicle.

               Jane can't help but be concerned about the very large gun.  
               As she continues walking towards the outback vehicle, Mac is 
               saying goodbye to the young man, while Steve closes the cargo 
               door to the cessna.

                         Now get yourself back home quickly, 
                         there is a lot to be done before I 

               The young man simply smiles a giant grin and shakes his head.

                              (holding out his hand)
                         See ya in a few days Mate.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 22. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Steve walks up to the young man and shakes his hand, then 
               the young man runs off towards the terminals.

               Steve and Mac return to the outback vehicle and climb in.  
               Steve sits in the passengers seat of the vehicle looking 
               over at Jane who stands in front of the plane, with backpack 
               in hand.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         You're not going to stand there all 
                         day are ya?

               Jane doesn't answer, she just stares at Steve.  It is unclear 
               what is wrong.  Maybe it was the gun, or maybe she is still 
               trying to wake up?

               This is the first time we see the soft side of Jane, she has 
               let her guard down.  She in not trying to be the STRONG, IN 
               CONTROL woman.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         Well, come'on, we've got along way 
                         to go before sundown.

               Jane hesitantly walks over and climbs in the rear seat of 
               the Outback vehicle.  Once she is inside the vehicle, Mac 
               starts it up and they drive off towards the west, where the 
               sun slowly falls out of the sky.

               As they drive off, Steve leans back in his seat, pulls his 
               hat down over his eyes, and takes a nap.

               Meanwhile, Jane sits in the back seat, arms folded in deep 
               thought.  As she looks around, she notices Mac looking at 
               her in the rear view mirror.

               Mac just smiles at her, and in return she smiles back.  Again 
               this is only the second time we've seen the softer side of 

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING -

               The Outback vehicle flies along a not so well traveled dirt 
               road towards the setting sun.  The absolute beauty of the 
               land surrounds.

               As the vehicle reaches a grove of trees, they pull off the 
               dirt road and stop.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 23. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Inside the vehicle, Jane and Steve are asleep.  As Mac turns 
               off the vehicle, he nudges Steve to wake up, then climbs out 
               of the vehicle:

                         Where are we?

                         About a half day from the Rift Valley, 
                         we'll make camp here tonight.

               Mac climbs out and walks around the back.  

               Steve sits up and stretches, letting out a big sigh, he places 
               his hat back on his head and looks back at Jane, who still 
               sits motionless.

               Steve just stares at Jane, who lays peacefully.  Looking 
               away, Steve looks around for a moment then climbs out and 
               joins Mac at the back of the vehicle.


               - ESTABLISHING -

               It is now very dark on the savanna, however the full moon 
               provides enough light to work by.

               Steve and Mac are setting up camp.  A 5 man tent has already 
               been erected and they are now working on erecting a smaller 
               tent nearby.

                         She is very  beautiful.

               Steve doesn't even pause what he is doing, he knew it was 

                         Yeah Mate, that she is.

                         Are you going to help them?

                              (shaking his head, NO)
                         Even if I wanted too, I can't go 
                         back.  She should know that.

               Mac just nods his head as they continue to set up the tent.

                         So why did she come?


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 24. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               It is obvious that Steve has thought about that exact 

                              (very suspicious)
                         That's what I intend to find out.

               In the distance a pack of GOLDEN BACKED JACKAL can be heard 

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)

               Steve quits what he is doing and grabs the high powered rifle 
               from a pile of equipment in the camp.  Then proceeds to grab 
               a couple of extra bullets from bag on the ground.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who now appears from the vehicle.  She is still trying 
               to wake up.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve, who looks over at Jane, then places the extra bullets 
               in a pocket.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                              (to Mac)
                         Build a fire Mate, I'll be back soon.

               With that, Steve picks up a large gunny sack and disappears 
               into the bush.

               BACK TO SCENE

               Jane watches as Steve disappears.

                         Where is he going?

                         Dinner, are you hungry?

               Jane doesn't even hear Mac's question, she has realized that 
               Steve is going hunting.

                         Is it legal to hunt in this area?

               ANGLE ON

               Mac who begins to build a fire in the middle of camp. 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 25. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Of course not, Where in a national 
                         park here.

               Mac takes his eyes off of Jane for a moment to tend to the 
               camp fire he is building.  When he looks up, Jane is gone.

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                         Miss Jane?
                              (looking around)
                         Miss Jane?

               Mac looks off towards the direction Steve went.

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                         Miss Jane, Come back,
                         It isn't safe out there alone.

               Mac just stares into the darkness.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING - 

               Jane is walking alone through the dark bush.  She looks behind 
               her as she hears Mac yelling out to her.

                                     MAC (O.S.)
                         Miss Jane!

               But it doesn't deter her, she just keeps walking.

               Jane is very perceptive, we see that she is looking down at 
               the ground as she goes.  She is following Steve's footprints.

               As she continues to walk and time goes on, it seems to get 
               darker and darker and we hear more and more wildlife.  It is 
               obvious that she is becoming a little nervous.

               Then suddenly, she notices Steve just up ahead.  She even 
               seems a little relieved to see Steve.  Until, she notices 
               that he is crouched behind an old log, with gun in hand.  
               The gun is resting upon the log as Steve stares down the 

               Jane immediately looks to see what Steve is going to kill.  
               Off in the distance she sees the bright green reflection of 
               a Golden Backed Jackal eyes, staring right at her and Steve.   

               Then from out of nowhere, CRACK, the echo of a gun shot 
               rumbles through her body. Immediately a yelp is heard as the


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 26. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Jackal's entire body spins around, then the Jackal run's 

               Then from out of nowhere, several more Jackal's appear from 
               the deep grass.  Poking there heads up, some flee, while 
               other just look at Steve and Jane.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve, who operates the bolt action rifle, causing an empty 
               casing to eject from the gun and land only a few feet in 
               front of Jane.

               Without hesitation, Steve aims and fires another shot into 
               the pack of Jackal's.  Again, a yelp is heard and several of 
               the Jackal's flee.

               Steve fires several more shots, each one causing an animal 
               to cry out, before he grabs the gunny sack and heads towards 
               the place where the Jackal's stood only moments before.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who has just witnessed the most gruesome thing of her 
               entire life.  Pale as a ghost, Jane leans over and picks up 
               the shells that lye on the ground in front of her.  She 
               doesn't even look at the casings, she just places them in 
               her pocket and stumbles back towards camp.


               - ESTABLISHING -

               The camp is now completely set up.  The campfire is blazing, 
               old logs and rocks have been pulled up around the campfire 
               for places to sit.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who is still not looking to good, stumbles into the 
               camp.  Looking around, Jane just stands there until Mac comes 
               out of the large ten.

               Mac doesn't notice Jane at first, but when he does, he 
               realizes that there is something wrong.

                         Miss Jane, are you alright?

               Jane simply looks over at Mac without a reply.

               Mac hurries over to her.  Looking her over he sees nothing 
               physically wrong.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 27. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                         What happened?

               Jane looks down at her hand, which is closed.

               Mac also looks down, placing his hand over hers, he opens it 
               up revealing four empty casings.

               Mac is confused, he is not sure what this means.

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                              (leading her)
                         Come sit down.

               Sitting down, Jane just stares into the fire.

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                              (placing his hand on 
                              her shoulder)
                         I have some work left to do, will 
                         you be okay here?

               Jane softly looks at Mac then half heartedly nods her head.

               Concerned, Mac smiles at her then returns to what he was 

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who stares into the fire, as a small tear runs out of 
               the corner of her eye and down her right cheek.  It is obvious 
               that this day has been mentally and emotionally draining to 

               A moment goes by before Steve comes walking into camp.  Jane 
               quickly wipes the tear from her cheek before Steve notices.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who stands there with the gun over his left shoulder 
               and the bloody gunny sack hanging near the ground in his 
               left hand.

                         Hope you guys are hungry.

               Jane just glares up at Steve.  But Steve doesn't know why 
               she would be so upset at him.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)

               Just then Mac appears from the large ten again, standing 
               there curiously looking at Steve and Jane.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 28. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         How many Jackal's did you manage to 
                         steal from the savanna tonight?

               Steve is really confused.  He looks to Mac for some help, 
               but Mac just shrugs his shoulders.  

               Then, from out of nowhere, the bullet casing land on the 
               ground in front of Steve.

               Seeing the casings, Steve looks over at Jane.

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                              (motioning to the 
                              gunny sack)
                         How many Jackal's did you manage to 
                         steal from the savanna tonight?

               ANGLE ON

               Steve, who looks down at the bloody sack, then looks up at 

               For the first time, Steve isn't smiling.  In fact, he looks 
               very angry as he lashes out.

                         You like Jackal meat?

                         I've never eaten Jackal,
                         nor will I ever eat it!


               Steve turns over the gunny sack and empties the bloody 
               Wildebeest remains on to the ground at Jane's feet.  Then 
               drops the sack on the fire.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                              (to Jane)
                         If your hungry, Mac will cook this 
                         up, otherwise burn it.
                              (turning towards the 
                              large tent)
                         I'm going to sleep, 
                         we got a long way to go tomorrow,  
                         we will be leaving early in the 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 29. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Turning to Jane, Steve grabs a bullet from his pocket and 
               throws it to her.  Jane catches the bullet and watches Steve 
               disappear into his tent.

               As Jane looks at the bullet, Mac walks over and grabs the 
               hind quarter of the wildebeest and begins to cut off strips 
               of meat.  He places each strip over a stick that is already 
               supported over the fire.

               As Mac cuts the meat, he occasionally looks over at Jane.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane, who is intently looking at the bullet.  As Jane examines 
               the bullet, she notices that the tip is odd looking.  She 
               plays and pokes with the tip, then finally she places it in 
               her mouth and bites down.

                              (to herself)
                         It's rubber!

                         They won't kill ya, but they work 
                         great for scaring off Lions, 
                         and the occasional Jackal.

               Jane is now really confused.  She knows she misjudged Steve 
               and from the looks of things, she hurt his feelings too.

               Jane thinks for a moment, and takes the opportunity to speak 
               with Mac alone.

                         How long have you known him?

                         A very long time.

                         How did you meet?

               Mac continues to cut up the meat as they talk.   

                              (thinking for a moment)
                         When Steve first began working at 
                         the African Reserve, he came here to 
                         Nairobi to return an animal that had 
                         been taken by poachers.
                         Or paths met then.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 30. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Jane listens intently.

                         What kind of animal?

                              (taking a bite of 
                         A crocodile.

               Jane looks a little perplexed.


                         This is why we are here, 
                         to check on her.
                              (handing a piece of 
                              meat to her)

               Jane takes the meat, looking at it she pauses for a moment, 
               then hesitantly takes a bite.

                         What do you do, when not returning 

               Jane smiles, she is starting to open up.

                         That is what I do,
                         I help all animals of kenya, including 
                         the crocodilian.
                         Me and Steve.

               Jane is a now starting to become interested in what Mac has 
               said, as she begins to get excited about the conversation.

                                     MAC (CONT'D)
                              (standing up)
                         I think it time for rest,
                              (picking up a container 
                              of water and pouring 
                              it over the fire)
                         We have a very long day ahead of us.
                         The small tent is for you. 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 31. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               As the fire is slowly drowned out, Mac takes a stick and 
               spreads the hot coals around. Mac looks at Jane as if to 
               say, "goto bed now".

               Jane quickly takes the hint.

                              (standing up)
                         Well, good-night then.

               Jane disappears into the ten, as Mac pours the last bit of 
               water over the all but drowned fire.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          15   INT. JANE'S TENT -- MOMENTS LATER

               - ESTABLISHING -

               Jane has just closed the opening to her tent.  The smaller 
               tent is still large enough for three or four people.

               On the floor, a nice sleeping bag and very clean pillow lay 
               perfectly, while her backpack sits neatly in the corner.

               Jane is pleasantly surprised to see her accommodations.  As 
               she sits down on the sleeping bag, she takes off her shoes 
               and hat, then climbs into bed.

               As Jane closes her eyes.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               AERIAL SHOT

               - ESTABLISHING -

               ANGLE ON

               the sun as it slowly rises on the horizon.  

               As the angle pulls back we see:  

               The Outback Vehicle driving through the open plains of Kenya.  
               Just barely in the first rays of the sun, the vehicle quickly 
               moves across the wild land.

               As the angle moves down in front of the vehicle we see:

               Mac, Steve and Jane sitting behind the windshield.  Steve is 
               pointing out his window to beautiful spotted leopard high in 
               a tree, just resting on a thick branch.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 32. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           



               Steve, who is looking at the spotted leopard that looks at 
               them as they pass by.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who is amazed at the wildlife they see.  She is like 
               the kid in a candy store.  Removing her small camera from 
               the backpack, she takes a picture of the cat.  

               Once the picture has been taken, she turns and sees that 
               Steve is watching her, with a big smile on his face.

               A very nice, but somewhat uncomfortable moment passes as 
               they stare into each others eyes.  After a moment, Jane 
               quickly turns away.  

               As she analyzes the moment that just occurred, it is obvious 
               that she is torn as what to think.  She had a moment with 
               Steve, but everything else in the past 24 hours contradicts 
               what she is now feeling.

               As Jane once again stares out the window, she again struggles 
               with her feelings, although this time she fights a smile 
               instead of supporting a scowl.

                         Stop Mate!  Stop the vehicle!

               Jane and Mac are both looking at Steve for the reason they 
               have just stopped.  As they sit in silence, Steve stares out 
               the front windshield of the vehicle, listening.

                         Why are we stopped?

               Steve only holds up his hand, as if to say, "Be quiet".  
               Just as Jane is starting to cop-an-attitude, 

               Steve's head turns to face the sound,

                              (looking at MAC)
                         Go Mate Go!

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING -


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 33. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               AERIAL View 

               The outback vehicle has just again begun to move.  Veering 
               directly off the dirt road, the Outback vehicle heads off 
               into the open plains.

               As the vehicle follows a straight path through the bush, it 
               slowly approaches a heard of stampeding ELEPHANTS.

               ANGLE CUTS FROM EXT.  TO INT.

               Inside the vehicle Steve directs Mac as to where to go.

                         Go around this way, we have to get 
                         in front of them.

               Mac simply follows Steve's directions.

               As the vehicle pulls out and around the stampede, we see 
               another vehicle full of men, driving alongside a very large 
               male elephant.  Each man holds a rifle, taking turns firing 
               at the great beast.

               Mac doesn't hesitate to frantically honk the horn as they 

               It only takes a moment for someone in the poachers vehicle 
               to hear the horn, and like the cowards that they are, they 
               quickly flee.  But not without firing a couple shoots at 
               their vehicle.  Then the poachers vehicle disappears into 
               the bush.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         Get up along side him Mate. 

               As Mac begins to accelerate up to the him, he stops, waivers 
               for a moment then falls to his knees.  

               Pulling up to the creature, they begin to see the devastation 
               the poachers caused.  Full of bullet holes the beautiful 
               beast fights for his life.  Without notice, Steve jumps out 
               of the Outback Vehicle which still hasn't stopped.

               When the vehicle does stop, Mac and Jane climb out.  Both 
               stand back and watch.

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who slowly and cautiously approached the elephant.  
               The closer he becomes, the louder the wheezing becomes.  
               When Steve is close enough to touch, the Elephant falls over 
               to it's side, giving up the fight and accepting his fate.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 34. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Steve now places his hand on the beasts forehead and slowly 
               strokes it.  Looking over the giant creature, he sees the 
               number of bullets it took to take down.

               Numerous bullets have pierced the hide in the head and neck 
               area, surprisingly though, there isn't much blood.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         Look at what they've done to you.
                              (beat, screaming at 
                         You animals....

               Then Steve's focus returns to the elephant. 

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         Oh Mate, I'm so sorry, I'm so bloody 

               Steve then looks into it's eye as it takes it's last breath 
               and quietly passes on.

               Fighting the rage and sorrow, Steve places his hand over the 
               creatures eyelid and closes it.

               Placing his whole body on the elephant, Steve weeps at the 
               lose.  As he openly cries and shows his sadness,

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who also has tears running down her face.  Wiping them 
               away, she tries to keep her composure.

               BACK TO SCENE

               As Steve rolls through many emotions, he begins to become 
               very angry.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                              (to Mac)
                         Get a can!

               Mac nods to Steve and walks to the rear of the Outback vehicle 
               where he retrieves a 5 gallon (? liter) metal gas can.  
               Returning to the front with the gas can, he hands it to Steve 
               who immediately begins to pour it over the entire body of 
               the dead elephant.

               When Steve is done, Mac lights an old rag on fire and throws 
               it on top of the creature.  Causing it go up in flames.

               All of them stand there in silence as carcass burns.  Then,


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 35. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         There is nothing more we can do

               Turning, Steve walks back to the Outback Vehicle. 

               As the smoke rises up into the clear blue sky, Jane notices 
               it passing between them and the sun, causing a reddish haze.

               ANGLE ON

               the smoke that flow's past the red/orange sun.

                                     STEVE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         They'll be back to claim their prize

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who is removing gear from the outback vehicle.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                              (rifle in hand)
                         We will camp here tonight.

               Mac immediately begins to help Steve as Jane watches in 

               AREAL VIEW

               The smoke filled sky reflects the somber moment.

               ANGLE ON

               The blazing red sun as it slowly begins to touch the horizon 
               behind the smoke that drifts towards the heavens.

               As the angle pulls down, we see Steve & Mac building camp, 
               while Jane stares at the burning carcass.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               ANGLE ON

               The flames of a burning fire dance around.  As the camera 
               pulls back we begin to see this fire is not the burning 
               carcass, but is a camp fire.

               MASTER ANGLE

               - ESTABLISHING -


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 36. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Steve, Mac and Jane all site around a small campfire.  The 
               tents are set up similarly to the night before. Mac is cooking 
               food, although it is unclear what they are eating.

               As Mac serves up the food, Jane just watches Steve, who is 
               obviously still very upset at the events that have occurred.

               A few moments pass as they begin to eat.

                         Why are you here Jane Doe?

               Jane almost sinks down, hesitant to even look at Steve.  She 
               apprehensively looks up.  

                              (as if to get out of 
                              the question)

                              (head on approach)
                         Why are you here Jane Doe?

               Jane pauses for a moment, gaining courage.

                         I came to ask for your help.

                              (without emotion)
                         So your Grahame's star pupil?

               Jane looks a little surprised at the statement.


                         From what I hear he plucked you right 
                         out of school.

                         He saw my abilities to strengthen 
                         his organization and asked me to 
                         join his team.

                         Do you enjoy working out here in the 

               Jane becomes very uncomfortable with that question.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 37. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         I've never really done this kind of 
                         thing before.

                         Your a biologist and you've never 
                         been camping?

                              (slightly raising her 
                         I've been camping, I've just never 
                         been camping in Africa.

                         But you have studies animals in the 
                         wilderness before, right?

               It is obvious that Jane is completely uncomfortable.

                         I've studied many wild animals before.

                         You mean you've studied wild animals 
                         in cages.
                         but you've never seen these beautiful 
                         creatures where they belong.

               Steve has hit a nerve.

                              (standing up)
                         I don't have to live with the animals 
                         to save them.
                         I was number one in my class and 
                         have proven myself time and time 
                         So if you think I need to go 2 months 
                         without a bath to be a good biologist, 
                         your wrong!

               Steve reacts to Jane's anger with a bit of remorse.  He knows 
               it's not her that has made him so upset. 

                         I'm sorry, please sit down.

               Jane isn't sure what to do, but she sits down anyway.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 38. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Steve thinks for a moment, then tries to approach the 
               situation fairly.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                              (with much thought)
                         I don't understand why you are here, 
                         Grahame wouldn't want you to come to 
                         me for help, 
                         so, why are you here?

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who hesitantly gathers her thoughts and begins to tell 
               her story: 

                         I've always known what I wanted to 
                         do, so when I was 18 years old I 
                         left home for college.
                         Before I even graduated from Harvard, 
                         Dr. Grahame approached me with a job 
                         working for the International 
                         Management of Wildlife.  
                         and he didn't have to ask twice
                         I spent two years on a research team 
                         before I was promoted to head up a 
                         new project team in Australia.  
                         There we were assigned to oversee a 
                         giant amusement park project.  
                         It required us to develop, plan and 
                         build a 10 acre Flora & Fauna Park 
                         inside the 35 acre Family Amusement 
                         I later found out that they had never 
                         intended to build a flora & fauna 
                         park, but had to do something with 
                         the displaced fauna and the IMW came 
                         up with this solution.
                         Although originally they has suggested 
                         moving all of the fauna to the IMW's 
                         Substantial Use Farms, they soon met 
                         resistance from Government and Private 
                         that's when I took over.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 39. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         You've got it all under control.  So 
                         why are you here?

                         Well, the Fauna Park has been complete 
                         for 2 months, but we have run into 
                         problems in moving a pod of croc's.  
                         We've already had several me hurt 
                         and can't afford to have anyone else 
                         hurt or killed.
                         Everyone I talked to suggested you, 
                         that's why I'm here.

               Steve smiles as if to say, "You've got to be kidding me".

                         You've got to be kidding me, The IMW 
                         doesn't want to look bad, so your 
                         asking for my help?

                         Not exactly,
                         The IMW doesn't know I'm here.  They 
                         think I'm on vacation.
                         when I went to Grahame with the idea, 
                         he was less than open to it.

                         Yeah I can imagine.
                         Do you even know why?

               Jane pauses for a moment, she doesn't want to upset him yet 

                         I've heard the stories.

                         Which ones?

                         I heard that your family was killed 
                         by saltie's,
                         and that you spent 20 years poaching 
                         them until the IMW stepped in 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 40. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                         then you fled Australia because of 
                         fears of prosecution.

               Steve is very emotional.  He takes a moment to respond 

                         When I was 10 years old, my Father 
                         took our family into the outback.  
                         We had never been, my Father was a 
                         business man and we never did anything 
                         together until that weekend.
                         I was so happy, My Father and I were 
                         throwing a frisbee, he'd never spent 
                         that much time with me.
                         My little sister was playing with 
                         her dolls near the banks of a small 
                         tributary.  It happened so quick.  
                         But everyone saw it but her.
                         They both ran into the water, she 
                         was dead, but my Mother tried to 
                         pull her body from the croc mouth.
                         I saw the second one, but the third 
                         one came from nowhere,
                         I tried to scream, but the words 
                         barely left my mouth.
                         she didn't see the third one, It 
                         ripped her from my fathers grasp.  
                         that's when the second one, the male 
                         made it's move.
                         I've never seen anything like it.  
                         It just kept coming,
                         Dad dad managed to throw me into the 
                         back of the truck, but it pulled him 
                         out before he could climb all the 
                         way in.

               Jane is moments from tears.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         I didn't move for three days.  It 
                         was a ranger that found me.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 41. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         When he took me out of the truck, 
                         all I remember seeing was a red 
                         blanket near the edge of the river 
                         and my sisters doll lying next to 
                         I vowed that day I would find that 
                         nest of croc's and kill everyone of 
                         As soon as I was old enough I left 
                         my grandparents home and started 
                         hunting them.
                         for fifteen years I hunted, day in 
                         and day out.  I kept a record of all 
                         the croc's I killed.  Over 5500 in 
                         all, but I never found the ones that 
                         killed my family.
                         I suspect that the ranger went back 
                         and killed them.  But I don't know 
                         for sure.

               Jane has tears running down her face.

                         I don't understand, how did you get 

                         Unlike Grahame would have you believe, 
                         It wasn't because I poached croc's 
                         that he wanted me in jail.
                         In 1989 I never found a croc over 12 
                         foot,  I had killed them all.  
                         It was sometime in 1990 I realized 
                         that what I had done was wrong.  
                         Three croc's had killed three people 
                         to protect their young.
                              (beat, solemnly)
                         One man had killed thousands of 
                         crocodilian to make the world a safer 
                         But who was the one that needed to 
                         be protected?


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 42. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         I left the outback and went home. I 
                         began fighting for the preservation 
                         of the crocodilian.
                         In 1994 I learned of the IMW's plan 
                         to preserve the croc and many other 
                         endangered species with Substantial 
                         use farms.
                         It was in my eyes the largest threat 
                         to the species since I left the 

                         So your against Substantial Use?

                         Right'o, I don't believe harvesting 
                         croc's for their skin is any different 
                         from poaching them for their skin.
                         of all the croc's I killed, I never 
                         once made money off it.  I was wrong, 
                         Substantial use is sadistic.

               Jane isn't sure what to think.

                         So you fought against Dr. Grahame?

                         I was at every place he was, I fought 
                         against everything he fought for.  
                         Then one day he showed up with 
                         pictures and stories of my past.  He 
                         worked night and day to destroy my 
                         life.  So I left Australia and came 
                         to Africa.
                         And that is why I can never go back.
                         Not even to help those crocodiles. 

               Jane obviously has something up her sleeve because she doesn't 
               seem to be upset about Steve's last statement, she even seems 
               a little excited.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 43. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         Brisbane has been working to have 
                         this park build for over a decade, 
                         this is the last major hurtle they 
                         have to overcome.
                         Having this park means revenues.  I 
                         know this and they know this.
                         That is why they agreed to drop all 
                         charges against you, as long as you 
                         agree to relocate the croc's by two 
                         weeks from today.

               Steve show's no emotions, he just sits blank faced.

                                     JANE (CONT'D)
                         That means you can come and go as 
                         you please.
                         Doesn't that make you happy.

               Jane can't understand why Steve wouldn't be showing some 
               emotion that vaguely resembles happiness. 

                         Even to know that I can go back to 
                         my home country again, why would I 
                         help the IMW to put fauna into a 
                         substantial use farm?
                              (shaking his head)
                         Sorry I can't do that, I will not do 
                         anything that supports such a immoral 

               Jane is dumbfounded!

                         I designed this park, It's not a 
                         farm!  Those animals will live in 
                         their natural environment and not be 
                         cut up to be made into boots!

               Steve smiles wondering how she could be so naive.

                         Of course the animals you relocate 
                         will be left alone to live out their 
                         natural life, as much as possible in 
                         a park, but what about their 


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 44. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         The park isn't large enough, nor 
                         will it be able to house the natural 
                         predator that would normally keep 
                         the species in check.
                         So you will have to intervene, remove 
                         all of the eggs, incubate them, then 
                         let them hatch.  But what will happen 
                         to the chicks?
                         I'm sure you will place some of them 
                         in areas they can call home, but how 
                         many will end up 50 kilometers down 
                         the road at the IMW Fauna Farms?  Or 
                         have you even given that any thought?
                         Because I know Grahame has.

               Jane is again dumbfounded, she doesn't know what to say, or 
               how to retort.

                         I don't know what to say.
                         I didn't even think you cared what 
                         happened to them let alone try and 
                         protect them.
                              (shaking her head)
                         I'm just speechless......

               Steve smiles, he knows that both were under misconceptions 
               of the other.  But there is nothing he can do about it 

               Steve reaches down and grabs a few paper towels off a roll 
               of paper towels that sit on the ground near him.  Then he 
               stands up and walks over to the fire where he wipes his dinner 
               plate clean, throwing the dirty towels into the fire.

                         We lost a half a days light today, 
                         we'll be pushing it to get there by 
                              (looking at Jane)
                         Get some sleep, you'll need it 

               As Steve places his clean plate down inside a wooden box:

                         Where are we going?


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 45. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         I'll show you tomorrow.

               Then Steve disappears into the tent.  Leaving Jane to think 
               about the things he had said.

               ANGLE ON

               Jane who now stares into the fire, her eyes fixated on the 
               flames that dance around.  Obviously pondering the situation 
               at hand.  Dazed and confused at the new revelations.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          20   INT. JANE'S TENT -- MORNING

               - ESTABLISHING -

               Jane lyes asleep inside her tent.  Her back is turned to the 
               camera as she begins to move around.

               Rolling over onto her back, Jane suddenly sits up, eyes wide 

                         Do I smell eggs? 

               Then quickly Jane grabs for her clothes.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING -

               Steve squats at the edge of the campfire stirring eggs in a 
               pan, while Mac carries supplies to the Outback vehicle.

               Mac and Steve's tent has already been taken down, as has 
               every thing except Jane's tent.

               Steve is focused on the job at hand, but the rustling from 
               Jane's tent catches his attention.  Then suddenly Jane 
               appears, poking her head out. 

                         Do I smell Eggs?
                         I smell eggs.

               Steve smiles, it is very obvious from this first communication 
               between Jane and Steve that the tension is gone, and the 
               atmosphere is much more chordal.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 46. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

                         We had to cook these eggs up before 
                         they spoiled, would you like some?

                         Would I!

               Jane pops out of here tent like a gitty school girl.

               Steve takes the pan and scoops a giant portion onto one of 
               the plates that sits on the ground near him.

                         Help yourself.

               As Steve finished dishing up the eggs, Jane doesn't hesitate 
               digging in.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         We will be heading  west the rest of 
                         the day.
                         use the dungy before we go, there 
                         won't be any privacy once we leave 

               It is clear by the look on Jane's face that she understands 
               what he is referring to, but was hoping it wouldn't come up.

                                     STEVE (CONT'D)
                         You do know what a dungy is?

               Jane shyly looks at Steve, uneager to reply.

                         I was hoping I could hold it until 
                         we got back to civilization.

               Steve realizes that she is totally serious,

                         Well then, best of luck to ya.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               - ESTABLISHING -

               Again the Outback vehicle flies across the open plains.  Mac 
               drives, while Steve watches the beautiful scenery pass by.


                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 47. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment           

               Jane once again has her camera out catching pristine shots 
               of wildlife and the scenery.

               - Montage Begins -

               This montage cuts between the Wildlife, the Scenery and the 
               passangers inside the Outback Vehicle.

               It's purpose is to show a relationship begin to built between 
               Steve and Jane as they experience Kenya together.

               As Jane pulls the camera down from taking a picture, Steve 
               points to a family of Giraffe that gracefully run through 
               the tall grass.  Jane is quick to point her camera and shoot 
               a picture.


               through the lens of the camera the Mother and baby Giraffe 
               are perfectly frames.

               - SNAP - the shutter closing leaving a perfect picture. 

               ANGLE ON

               Steve who smiles as he watches Jane, this time with much 
               more compassion and tenderness.

               as Jane pulls the camera down she notices Steve looking at 
               her, but Steve is quick to just point back at the giraffe.  
               As Jane turns to look


               Jane sees what could not be seen before, a pack of lioness' 
               are in close persuit of the baby giraffe.

               ANGLE BACK ON

               Jane who looks at Steve with concern.  But Steve just smiles 
               and points back at the Giraffe.


               Jane see's the lioness' stop their persuit and let the 
               giraffe's escape.

               ANGLE BACK ON

               Steve and Jane, as she looks back at him with a look of 



                                       Written By J.Daniel Nell            PG 48. 
                                Copyright  2000 Envision Entertainment