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Day of Defense

"Day of Defense"

"Spec script"

                                         ACT ONE

                                        SCENE ONE

               FADE IN:

           1   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- AFTERNOON                         1   

               Lemmington courtroom is a stereotypical small town courtroom; 
               probably built in the early 40's, it is simple yet judicial.  
               The only real evidence as to it's modern setting, are the 
               microphones that sprout out from the councils desks.

               The bench is made of solid mahogany, as is the jury box and 
               cathedral seating.  The walls are lined with patriotic 
               paintings, except on particular picture which hangs directly 
               behind the Judge's seat, that being a picture of Jesus Christ 
               being baptized by John the Baptist.

               ANGLE ON

               Gavel slamming down on it's solid wooden base

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK (V.O.)
                         Lemmington County Court now in 
                         session, the Honorable Sandra W. 
                         Baker presiding.

                                                                    CUT TO:

           2   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                  2   

               This well established small town street is lined with giant 
               walnut trees and quaintly accented with 1940's street lamps.  

               This street is Quiet and Empty save two LSD Missionaries 
               walking down the sidewalk.

                                     JUDGE BAKER (V.O.)
                         Lemmington County VS John Richardson, 
                         how does the defendant plead?

                                                                    CUT TO:

           3   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- CONTINUOUS                        3   

               ANGLE ON

               JONATHAN CASEY the Public Defender, a handsome 34 year old 
               man who looks much younger than his appearance would lead us 
               to believe.  Professionally dressed our P.D. is very confident 
               in his appearance.  Although his well used 20 year old suit 
               case looks a little out of place.

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.2

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Your Honor, the Defendant pleads 
                         guilty with mitigating circumstances.

                                                                    CUT TO:

           4   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                  4   

               WIDE ANGLE

               Of Missionaries continuing down the street, while a CATHOLIC 
               CATHEDRAL looms in the background.

                                     JUDGE BAKER (V.O.)
                              (with hesitation)
                         We don't need to hear the 
                         circumstances though, do we Mr. 
                         Attorney 1?

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                              (upbeat, almost proud)
                         No your Honor, a plea bargain has 
                         been struck.

                                                                    CUT TO:

           5   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- CONTINUOUS                        5   

               ANGLE ON

               Judge Baker who begins to write on the file in front of her. 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Very well, we'll have the prosecutor 
                         read the terms of the plea bargain 
                         into record.

               ANGLE ON

               MARTY LYMAN the District Attorney, a 35 year old who knows 
               how to dress the part, although he obviously doesn't realize 
               he's not in New York, with his $3,000 suit and solid leather 

               The D.A. stands up and addresses Judge Baker. 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your Honor, the County has agreed to 
                         a Plea in Abeyance with two days 
                         public service and One month probation

                                                                    CUT TO:

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.3

           6   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                  6   

               A similar city street as previously seen, however, the church 
               in the background is much smaller and less decorative.

               A marque out front of the Church reads: First Episcopalian 
               Church of our Lord

               As our Missionaries walk past:

                                     JUDGE BAKER (V.O.)
                         Record is so noted and we will revisit 
                         this case one month from today,
                              (beat, writing)
                         Lemmington County VS Margaret Booth

                                                                    CUT TO:

           7   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- CONTINUOUS                        7   

               ANGLE ON

               OLD LADY BOOTH, a 74 year old grandma making her way to the 
               Defendants Table, she looks as fragile as any elderly person 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         How does the Defendant plead?

                                     LADY BOOTH
                              (angrily, with gusto)
                         INNOCENT!  I'M INNOCENT!

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Your Honor, Mrs. Booth Pleads No 
                         She is....


                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Mr. Casey,

                                                                    CUT TO:

           8   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                  8   

               Yet another street, or maybe it is the same as before, however 
               a different Church fills the background.

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.4

                                     JUDGE BAKER (V.O.)
                         Things would go much smoother if you 
                         and your client were on the same 
                         page in regards to her plea.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D. (V.O.)
                         Yes your Honor,
                              (beat, consoling to 
                         It's okay, it's just like we talked 
                              (back to Judge baker)
                         Mrs. Booth is pleading No Contest 
                         within the confines of a Plea Bargain

                                                                    CUT TO:

           9   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- CONTINUOUS                        9   

               ANGLE ON

               Judge Baker who doesn't look surprised

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Of course Mr. Casey,
                              (beat, writing on 
                         We'll have the prosecutor read the 
                         terms of the plea bargain into record.

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                              (reading off of paper)
                         Your Honor, the District Attorneys 
                         Office has agreed to a plea of No 
                         Contest on the charge of Trespassing, 
                         a plea of No contest on the charge 
                         of vandalism,and a plea of No Contest 
                         on the charge of assault, 
                         With the stipulation that Mrs. Booth 
                         fulfills the following covenants. 
                         First, Mrs. Booth has agreed to stay 
                         off of Parkers estate located at #55 
                         North Grant Street, she has also 
                         agreed that she will pay her grandson 
                         to replace and or replant all of the 
                         flowers that were torn out, and 
                         finally, she will fully cover all 
                         medical bills incurred by Mrs. Parker 
                         on July one, after being struck with 
                              (beat, hesitation)
                         Plastic garden troll.

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.5

               A slight laughter rolls through the court room.

               ANGLE ON

               the Judge who glares out over the court room, immediately 
               quieting the audience.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Mrs. Booth would you please tell me 
                         what happened
                              (looking at file)
                         On the first.
                         I'm sorry, nevermind I don't need to 
                         know, I'll agree to the Plea bargain 
                         with six months probation, we'll 
                         revisit this one in six months,
                              (writing on file)
                         Meanwhile you'll have 60 days to 
                         comply with the 2nd and 3rd 
                         stipulations, is that understood?

               ANGLE ON

               Mrs. Booth who meekly nods her head in the affirmative.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          10   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                 10   

               As the Missionaries continue to make their way through the 
               small town, they pass in front of another denominational 

                                     JUDGE BAKER (V.O.)
                         Thank You,
                         Next Case is Lemmington County VS 
                         Willard and Jeb Harris.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D. (V.O.)
                         Your Honor, The Harris boys failed 
                         to meet with us in our pre-trial 

                                                                    CUT TO:

          11   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- CONTINUOUS                       11   

               WIDE ANGLE

               of courtroom

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.6

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Very well,

               The Judge baker writes on a file. 

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         Would you contact the Sheriff and 
                         have him bring the Harris boys in 
                         Let him know that have issues a bench 
                         warrant for twenty-five hundred 
                         dollars for each defendant.

               The Judge baker stamps the a paper and hands it to the Bailiff 
               nods and leaves the courtroom.

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         Let's move on,
                         Lemmington County VS Robert Bishop

                                                                    CUT TO:

          12   EXT. CITY STREETS OF LEMMINGTON -- MOMENTS LATER              12   

               CAMERA DOLLIES

               Parallel to Missionaries who still walk along the sidewalk 
               in front of yet another local church.

               IFO CAMERA 

               Passes a squad car, inside sits:

               ANGLE ON

               the SHERIFF, a middle aged overweight Rosco Pico James type, 
               who is pigging out on a fast food hamburger and a Soda Pop.  

               While picking A.W.O.L condiments off of his uniform, he 
               noticed the Missionaries walking down the sidewalk across 
               the street.

               ANGLE THROUGH

               the squad car with Sheriff frame left, while our missionaries 
               continue on their way

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.7

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER (O.S.)
                         Dispatch to car one, we have a 10-36 
                         request from Judge baker ?, 
                         She would like to have you pick up 
                         the Harris boys, Over.

               Our Sheriff fumbles to pick up the microphone.

                         Margaret, I've got a 10-92 in 
                         progress, hold that 10-36 until I 
                         get back with you.

               As the missionaries exit camera right, the Sheriff shifts 
               the car into drive and the squad car slowly pulls out.

               TWO SHOT

               of Missionaries, ELDER SMITH & ELDER JONES, as they continue 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Then why a 14 year old boy from 
                         upstate New York,  and not someone 
                         who had devoted their entire life to 

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Maybe he was the only one humble 
                         enough to ask of God, Maybe everyone 
                         else had already closed there hearts 
                         to the truth and he was the only one 
                         willing to ask,
                         Which of the Churches should I join?

               Elders turn onto adjacent street. 

                                                                    CUT TO:

          13   EXT. MAIN STREET OF LEMMINGTON -- CONTINUOUS                  13   

               Quite small town main street. 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Yes!  There you go.  Why couldn't 
                         you of answered like that?  That 
                         would have stopped them in their 
                         You know what you need?  You need 

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.8

                                     ELDER JONES
                         I've got conviction

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Well, you need enthusiasm, excitement, 
                         you need Passion

                                     ELDER JONES
                         I'm passionate, in my own way.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         That's not passion, Brother Stailey 
                         has more passion than you.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Brother Stailey is comatose

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Exactly, but he's passionate about 
                         it.  He has gone all the way, no 
                         holds bared,
                         If you had half of the passion he 
                         has, you'd be unstoppable in the 
                         mission field, people wouldn't be 
                         able to help but pick up the Book of 
                         Mormon and read from cover to cover
                         We wouldn't have time in the day to 
                         baptize all of the converts,
                         So the question my friend is, where 
                         is your passion?

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Look I'm just a little shy, that's 
                         all.  It takes me a minute to warm 
                         up to people.

               Elder Smith stops dead in his tracks, directly in front of 
               the local convenience store. 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         A minute?  
                         No a minute is what it takes to cook 
                         Uncle Ben's rice, a minute is what 
                         it takes to brush your teeth, warming 
                         up to people takes you hours, days, 
                         sometimes even weeks,
                              (looking around)
                         What we need to do is break you out 
                         of your shell,

                      Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.9

                                     ELDER SMITH (CONT'D)
                         Street display

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Street display?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Of course, why didn't I think of it 
                         sooner.  My grandfather use to talk 
                         about it all of the time.  On his 
                         mission in England, that's what they 
                         would do starting from day one you 
                         would get up and get over any fear 
                         you might have of public speaking, 
                         and it takes passion.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         But there's no one around

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         That's the point, draw them in.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         This is stupid, let's just go do 
                         some tracting.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Come on, we've got to build passion,
                         Hop up on this and let's hear it.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         I'm not climbing up on that.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Come on, give it a try.
                         Trust me. 

               Elder Jones hesitantly climbs up on a cement planter box in 
               the middle of the sidewalk.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         What am I even suppose to say?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Folks 
                         and Friends, come on over and learn 
                         what every other religious faith 
                         can't teach you, find out all the 
                         answers of lives questions here.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.10

                                     ELDER SMITH (CONT'D)
                         Come one come all, I'm Elder jones 
                         from the Church of Jesus Christ of 
                         Latter Day Saints..."

               - SOUND - Police Siren Sounds briefly

                                     SHERIFF (O.S.)
                              (Over loud Speaker)
                         Son, Step Down off the Planter Box

               Elder Jones looks over his shoulder in surprise while Elder 
               Smith can't help but laugh

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         You'd better do what the officer 
                         says, climbing up on public property 
                         what were you thinking?

                                     SHERIFF (O.S.)
                         Please step over to the curb

               ANGLE ON

               the Sheriff who now stands behind his open squad car door, 
               with one hand on his gun and the other holding the microphone 
               to his mouth.

               WIDE ANGLE

               Both missionaries look questionably at each other.

                                     SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                         STEP OVER TO THE CURB!

               Without hesitation, the missionaries step over to the curb.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Is there a problem officer?

               ANGLE ON

                              (into mic)
                         Margaret I've apprehended the 10-92 
                         and will be headed to the courthouse 

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER
                         10-4 Sheriff

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.11

               As the Sheriff walks over to the young men,

                         I'm gonna need you boys to place 
                         your bags on the ground and have a 
                         seat in the back of the car.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         We haven't done anything wrong, what's 
                         going on?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Sir, would you please tell us what 
                         is going on?

               The Sheriff grabs the boys backpacks, opens the rear door 
               and looks firmly at the boys.

                         Get into the vehicle.

               Both boys get into the vehicle

               Meanwhile, the Sheriff places the backpacks into the trunk 
               of the squad car, then proceeds to climb into the car.

                                     SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                              (into mic)
                         Car one to dispatch

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER (O.S.)
                         Go ahead Sheriff

                         Call Father Flanigan and have him 
                         meet me at the court house

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER
                         10-4, he's already on his way

                                                                    CUT TO:

          14   INT. LEMMINGTON COURTROOM -- MOMENTS LATER                    14   

               Little has changed here, save the defendant that now sits at 
               the defendants table.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Mr. Bishop the court will accept 
                         this plea bargain as a matter of 
                         this counties policy, however, I can 
                         not ignore the probation which you

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.12

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         are currently under for the same 
                         I realize that all of this has been 
                         neatly rapped up in another plea 
                         bargain, still I must insist that no 
                         other plea bargain will be accepted 
                         if you violate this probation in any 
                         way shape or form, is that clear?

               ANGLE ON

               ROBERT BISHOP a very large farmer john type character, who 
               nods as if he understands, although his appearance tells us 

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         Very well,
                         If there is no further business before 
                         the court at this time, we will 

               The Judge taps the gavel down and begins to stand up, when 
               she notices the Sheriff entering the court room.

               ANGLE ON

               the Sheriff who holds the door open for our two missionaries.

               ANGLE ON

               The Judge baker who retreats to her chambers.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          15   INT. JUDGES CHAMBERS -- CONTINUOUS                            15   

               - ESTABLISHING -

               A small private office, lined with shelves of books.  Much 
               like the courtroom, the entire room is made of a dark Mahogany 

               Closing the door behind her, the Judge disrobes and heads 
               towards the adjoining bathroom, where she washes her hands.

               ANGLE ON

               the Judge who looks at herself in the mirror, softly squinting 
               she pears deeper into her own reflection.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.13

               Looking away she focuses on the washing of her hands, toweling 
               them off she returns to the desk in her chambers.

               Sitting down she puts a pair of reading glassed on begins to 
               read one of the many files on her desk.

               - SOUND - Knock on the door

               Not looking up from her file

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Come in.

               The door opens to reveal JANEY, the Court Clerk

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         The Sheriff the Marty lyman - d.a. 
                         and Father Flanigan are waiting to 
                         speak with you.

               Only now looking up:

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Which one was here first?

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         That's the thing, they are all wanting 
                         to see you together.

               Focusing back on the file:

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Send them in.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          16   INT. COURTHOUSE HALLWAY -- CONTINUOUS                         16   

               CAMERA FOLLOWS (Steadycam)

               Janey who closes the door and proceeds down the hall and 
               around the corner to where we find the D.A., Sheriff and 
               FATHER FLANIGAN, a 64 year old Catholic Clergyman standing 
               talking about yesterdays Noter Dame football game.

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         The Judge baker will see you now.

               CAMERA FOCUSES (Steadycam Cont.)

               On the three and their conversation

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.14

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         But you have to admit Father, it was 
                         a close game

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         It doesn't matter how close the game 
                         is, the only real concern is the 
                         outcome, its the same in life.

               It is clear that the D.A. understands the wisdom in Father 
               Flanigan's words, but our Sheriff is Clueless.

               The clerk knocks on the Judge baker's door

                                     JUDGE BAKER (O.S.)
                         Come in

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         You may go in 

               The Clerk then heads back down the hall, while the D.A. opens 
               the door to the Judge baker's chambers, they enter

                                                                    CUT TO:

          17   INT. JUDGES CHAMBERS -- CONTINUOUS                            17   

               All is as it was only a moment ago, save that the Judge now 
               has her robe on.

               Men file in, closing the door behind.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Sit down Gentlemen

               The men sit.

               The Judge continues about her business, while the men sit 

               A moment passes before

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         What can I do for you Gentlemen?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your honor, we have a situation that 
                         hasn't presented itself since before 
                         you took the bench here in Lemmington.  

                                     JUDGE BAKER

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.15

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         The Sheriff has picked up a couple 
                         of religious radicals and we would 
                         like to speak to you about their 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         What are the charges?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Well, vagrancy, malicious misconduct, 
                         vandalism, littering, disturbing the 
                         peace, proselyting without a license, 
                         harassment, resisting arr...

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Counsel, I get the point,
                         Where are the defendants now?

                         Ma'am, I got them boys in a holding 

               The Judge looks displeasingly at the Sheriff.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                              (to D.A.)
                         Have they had a chance to speak with 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         No your Honor, Mr. Attorney 1 had to 
                         run home, but I believe he will be 
                         meeting with them shortly.

               Focusing back on her files: 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Very well, we'll give council a few 
                         hours to prepare, we'll reconvene at 
                         four o'clock.

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         With all due respect your Honor, 
                         That's what we came to speak with 
                         you about, we were hoping that you 
                         would agree to delay arraignment 
                         until Friday.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.16

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         There is no reason to delay 
                         We will proceed.

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         Can I say something Your Honor?

               The Judge stops what she is doing and gives all of her 
               attention to Father Flanigan.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Father it is apparent that you are 
                         not strictly here for moral support, 
                         so by all means.

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         It's not our intentions to convict 
                         these misguided boys of all of the 
                         charges at hand, we just want them 
                         to take there misguidance somewhere 
                         else, and in the past, a few days in 
                         the sheriffs care has been enough to 
                         convince them of that,
                         We could save the court and council 
                         a lot of time by just getting the 
                         point across.

               The Judge pauses what she is doing for a moment. 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Mr. Lyman, do you agree with that?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Well Your Honor, in the past it has 
                         worked flawlessly, so I would have 
                         to say yes, I do agree with it.

               Pressing a button on the intercom:

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Janey, would you call down to the 
                         sheriffs office and have Mr. Casey 
                         bring his clients to my office as 
                         soon as he has had a chance to 
                         conference with them?

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         Yes Ma'am

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.17

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Gentlemen why don't you wait outside 
                         for Mr. Casey, we'll continue when 
                         he arrives.
                         That will be all, Thank you

               Dumbfounded the men look at each other as if the carpet had 
               been pulled out from underneath them.

               The men leave the room.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          18   INT. HOLDING CELL, SHERIFFS -- MOMENTS LATER                  18   

               - ESTABLISHING -

               A standard 10' x 10' cement room with one door and one 
               unidirectional window.

               Our two missionaries sit at one side of the table quietly 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         They usually don't keep me waiting 
                         this long,
                         But I don't usually keep the weapon 
                         in my backpack either.

               Elder Jones looks a little surprised as the Door opens, and 
               in walks Mr. Casey.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Good Afternoon boys, I'm Jonathan 
                         Casey and I'll be your Public 
                         Defender, how they treating you?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Like were guilty

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Not to worry, everyone just wants to 
                         get this taken care of as soon as 

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Get what taken care of?  We didn't 
                         do anything.

               Pulling out a yellow legal pad:

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.18

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Well there are a few charges at this 
                         Let me just a little information 
                         from each of you, then we'll go over 
                         Okay, I see by your name tags that 
                         your Elder Smith 
                         And your Elder Jones?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Yes sir

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         That's an interesting first name, 
                         and for both you to have it, that's 
                         kinda odd.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         It's not our name, it's our title, 
                         Were Elder's in the Church of Jesus 
                         Christ of Latter Day Saints.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay,  What are your given names 

                                     ELDER SMITH

                                     ELDER JONES
                         I'm Mark.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay Adam, where are you from?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         I'm from Boise Idaho, and would you 
                         please call us Elder?

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                              (beat, to Elder Jones)
                         Elder, where are you from?

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Bakersfield California

               - SOUND - KNOCK ON THE DOOR

               The door opens to reveal MARGARET the Sheriffs dispatcher.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.19

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER
                         Sorry to interrupt, but the Judge 
                         baker's office just called and they 
                         would like to meet with you as soon 
                         are you are done conferring with 
                         your clients.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay I'll be done here in a few 
                         minutes, let them know I'll be there 
                         as soon as the boys are returned to 
                         their cells

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER
                         Oh no, she wants you to bring your 

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Are you sure?

                                     SHERIFF DISPATCHER
                         Oh yes, Miss Laney made it a specific 

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Thank you Margaret.

               Margaret closes the door as she leaves.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D. (CONT'D)
                         Sorry about that,
                         So why are you boys here?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Both Elder Jones and I are serving a 
                         full time mission to spread the Gospel 
                         of Jesus Christ, we came here to 
                         share the good news.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         So your proselyting?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Of course.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Can you tell me what happened what 
                         happened when you came into town?

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.20

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Nothing, we walked into town and 
                         Elder Jones was going to do a street 
                         display when the Sheriff told us to 
                         get into his car, now here we are.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                              (to Elder Jones)
                         What Is a street display?

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Well, it's basically just talking to 
                         the people on the street, sharing 
                         our Lords gospel and trying to get 
                         people interested enough to let us 
                         come speak with them more about it.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Did you find anyone interested?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We hadn't even said anything before 
                         the Sheriff picked us up.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay, what did you do when the Sheriff 
                         told you to get in his car?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We got in his car

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         You didn't say anything?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We told him we didn't do anything 
                         wrong, and asked him what we did 

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         So you resisted then?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We didn't resist, we just wanted to 
                         know what we did wrong.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         The first time you he asked you, did 
                         you get in?

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.21

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         No, but we didn't refuse to get in, 
                         we just asked why.

               Writing frivolously:

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay, did you pick up a license before 
                         beginning your proselyting?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         License?  Your kidding right?

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         No License, wow, okay there really 
                         strict about licensing around here, 
                         but we'll figure that out later
                         Now this one has me a little confused, 
                         They have a witness stating that you 
                         tore out a tree and then threw it on 
                         the side of the road, over on Lincoln 

               The Elders look at each other in question.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         That's a lie

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Well they do have a witness.  Can 
                         you think of what they might be 
                         referring to?

                                     ELDER JONES
                              (to elder smith)
                         That stick, remember, the one that 
                         was sitting against that tree
                              (to P.D.)
                         We were walking down the side walk, 
                         and It's lined with giant trees, 
                         There was a stick about 3 feet long, 
                         it looked like an old branch from 
                         the tree, I used it as a walking 
                         stick for a couple of block and it 
                         broke, I just left it on the ground.

               Mr. Casey continues to scratch notes. 

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.22

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Okay that should be enough 
                              (putting away the pad 
                              and pen)
                         But I should tell you It doesn't 
                         look good, lets just hope that the 
                         Marty lyman give us a plea bargain.

               Puzzled both boys are speechless.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D. (CONT'D)
                         Come'on let's go see the Judge Baker.

               They leave the room

                                                                    CUT TO:

          19   INT. COURTHOUSE HALLWAY -- MOMENTS LATER                      19   

               - ESTABLISHING -

               A simple lobby area with a receptionist desk blocking the 
               hallway leading to the Judges Chambers.

               Janey sits at her desk, while the D.A., Sheriff, and Priest 
               stand in virtually the same place they did before.

               The D.A. and Father Flanigan are laughing about something 
               that went over the Sheriff's head, when the P.D. and the 
               Elders enter from an adjoining hallway.

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Jonathan come over here and tell 
                         Father Flanigan about your encounter 
                         with the late Mrs. Jackobsen.

               ANGLE ON

               Janey - court clerk who picks up the phone.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         No one wants to hear about that

                                     JANEY - COURT CLERK
                         Gentlemen, you can go on down, Judge 
                         Baker is waiting.

               The room suddenly turns quite 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Thank you Janey,

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.23

               Leading the way, Father Flanigan and the Sheriff disappear 
               down the hall.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         This way boys.

               As our D.A. & P.D. head down the hall

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D. (CONT'D)
                         What's going on?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                              (looking to see where 
                              the Elders are, 
                         Personally, I think she's going to 
                         give them the ultimatum.

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         They'll take it. 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         We'll see. 

                                                                    CUT TO:

          20   INT. JUDGES CHAMBERS -- MOMENTS LATER                         20   

               Nothing has changed

               - SOUND - Knock on the door

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Come in

               As Everyone enters the chambers, Father Flanigan and the 
               Sheriff immediately sit down.  Elder Smith closes the door.

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         Father, Sheriff, I'm gonna have to 
                         ask that if you insist on being a 
                         part of these proceeding that you 
                         stand in the back of the room and 
                         allow defendants and council to sit.
                              (to elders)
                         Please, have a seat

               Father Flanigan looks a little put out, While this is the 
               first kind gesture the boys have seen in this town.  

               The boys sit down in the chairs directly in front of the 
               Judges desk, while the council sit on the couch to the side 
               of the office.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.24

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         I realize Counselor that you have 
                         had very little time to confer with 
                         your clients, but have you had the 
                         chance to discuss the charges with 

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Yes, briefly, Your Honor.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Thank You,
                         Do you boys understand the charges?

               Both Elders look at each other in question,

               In Unison:

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Yes ma'am 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Yes ma'am

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Do deny any of the charges, in part 
                         or in whole?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We sure do!

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Okay, which charges? 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         All of them.

               Mr. Lyman and his cohorts mutter under their breaths and 
               laugh.  Judge Baker raises her eyebrows to them.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Well lets start at the top and work 
                         our way through some of these.
                         We've got a charge of Vagrancy, were 
                         you boys panhandling or in any way 
                         seeking help from others to further 
                         your situation?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         No Ma'am not at all.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.25

               The Judge looks at Elder Jones, who shakes his head in the 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Councilor, what's the basis of this 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your Honor, these young men have no 
                         transportation to take them out of 
                         town, no friend or relatives that 
                         can provide food or shelter, and 
                         have little or no money to pay for 
                         these things.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Is this true?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         No Ma'am, we will leave the same way 
                         we came in, we will walk, we had 
                         only planned to stay a few hours 
                         before returning back to our apartment 
                         in Clifton.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         What about food? 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         We brought lunch and some snacks 
                         that we made before leaving this 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                              (to council)
                         I'm sure you can see how I might 
                         rule on this charge,
                              (beat, looking at 
                         Malicious Misconduct, Council, what 
                         is your argument?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your Honor the county feels that 
                         these young men bring with them 
                         literature and ideas that go against 
                         the entirety of the population of 
                         Lemmington County and that their 
                         presence here is calculated and their 
                         actions are Malicious to the fabric 
                         of every resident in the County.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.26

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Councilor, what is your evidence to 
                         support your rambling?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your Honor, the sheriff has 
                         confiscated books and literature 
                         which we are prepared to present at 
                         the arraignment.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Have you read any of the evidence?  
                         Can you give me the nature of it's 

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         Your Honor, I have read parts of the 
                         book they claim to have come directly 
                         from God, It's blasphemy, It's an 
                         evil so well constructed that it has 
                         led millions of fine upstanding 
                         christians away from our Lord.  And 
                         it's a danger to our devout township.

               Both Elders are taken back by Father Flanigan's statements.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Very Well,
                         Here is something not quite so 
                         controversial in nature, 
                              (to D.A.)
                         Proselyting without a license.

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Yes Your Honor, Section 32.487.12c 
                         clearly states that no person, company 
                         or organization may proselyte inside 
                         Lemmington County without first 
                         obtaining a License.  And the 
                         Christian Coalition is the governing 
                         body over Licensing approvals, and 
                         we know they have not approved a 
                         license for these young men.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Did you attempt to get a license?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         No your honor, but we never even had 
                         the chance to proselytize, the Sheriff 
                         picked us up before we could get 

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.27

               Judge baker ? looks questionable at the P.D.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Do we have any witnesses on this 

                         I saw them, the little one got up on 
                         the planter box and was going to 
                         start preaching or something when I 
                         stopped them.

               The D.A. is obviously not happy with the Sheriffs words.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         So you didn't actually see them 
                         preaching, they were just preparing 

                         Yeah that's right.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         We'll since that section of law 
                         doesn't pertain to intent, let's 
                         move on.

               The D.A. just shakes his head

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                              (mouthing to Sheriff)
                         Just Be quiet

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         I see there are a few more charges 
                         of a similar nature, but to save 
                         time we are going to skip those for 

               Judge Baker shuffles some things around on her desk, as if 
               trying to buy some time.

                                     JUDGE BAKER (CONT'D)
                         Would you young men like to accompany 
                         me, I really need to get some fresh 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Of Course

                                     ELDER JONES
                         I guess.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.28

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                              (to council)
                         Me and these two young men are going 
                         to take a walk, now you gentlemen 
                         can come along if you'd like, however 
                         our meeting here is through.

                                                                    CUT TO:

          21   EXT. LEMMINGTON CITY PARK -- LATER                            21   

               Quaint small town city park.

               Judge Baker and the Elders are walking along a pathway inside 
               the park. 

               Not far behind, our D.A. and P.D. follow, and bringing up 
               the rear are the Sheriff and Father Flanigan.

               THREE SHOT

               of Judge Baker and the Elders, with the others in the 
               background outside of earshot. 

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         I have to say, I'm impressed by your 
                         manner, considering your ages, would 
                         one of you tell me why you came to 

               Elder Smith looks over at Elder Jones for approval

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Your Honor, we are from the Church 
                         of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 
                         my companion and I are both serving 
                         full time missions for our church,
                         We take two years of our lives to be 
                         in service and spread the Gospel of 
                         Jesus Christ.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Does your Church pay you to do this 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Not at all,
                         Like me for example, I began saving 
                         when I was 8 years old so that I 
                         could serve a mission, and that money 
                         goes to pay for my travel expenses,

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.29

                                     ELDER SMITH (CONT'D)
                         our housing, food, dry cleaning, 
                         pretty much everything.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         So your church asked you to come to 

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Well sort of,
                         We are assigned a particular mission, 
                         and our mission includes a small 
                         part of Lemmington.

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         What are you suppose to do in a town 
                         like this?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         Well, our purpose is to spread the 
                         gospel, but we usually try and find 
                         the best way to approach the people.
                         Sometimes it going door to door, 
                         sometimes we talk to people on the 
                         street, and oftentimes we'll go into 
                         a church and ask the pastor or rabbi 
                         if we can address his or her 
                         We really just try and follow the 

               ANGLE ON

               Mr. Casey and Mr. Lyman

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         What do you think they are talking 

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Who knows, but this is ridiculous

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                              (poking his head into 
                              the conversation)
                         What is going on?

                                     MARTY LYMAN - D.A.
                         Your guess is as good as ours Father.

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.30

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         Those boys shouldn't be walking free 
                         around here, isn't there something 
                         we can do?

                                     JOHNATHAN CASEY - P.D.
                         Father until the Judge rules, she's 
                         in charge, you don't have to stay 
                         here, I'll call you as soon as we 

                                     FATHER FLANIGAN
                         I'll stay our here all day if I have 
                         to, I'm not letting those boys out 
                         of my sight.

               Mr. Casey & Mr. Lyman just look at each other.

               ANGLE BACK ON

               the Judge and Elders

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         So what do you think of Lemmington?

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         It's nice from what we've seen.

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Yeah but we'd like to see more of 

               Judge Baker smiles at the boys

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Have either of you boys ever been in 
                         trouble before?

                                     ELDER SMITH

                                     ELDER JONES
                         Me neither.

               They continue to walk without conversing, until Elder Smith 
               gets the courage to speak up.

                                     ELDER SMITH
                         How is anyone suppose to know that 
                         they need a license to proselyte 

                     Written By Danno Nell   Copyright  2001         Pg.31

                                     JUDGE BAKER
                         Well like any law, the judicial system 
                         expects it's citizens to take a 
                         proactive approach and familiarize 
                         themselves with the laws.  And with 
                         a law of this nature, it is usually 
                         the policy to provide a warning first